Things to do in Kenya

Travel to Kenya

Kenya packs a punch when it comes to travel attractions. It is widely known for its safaris, in Nairobi you can see the big cats, zebras, elephants, buffalo, antelopes, giraffes up close and somewhat personally. Kenya is a country that is on the up and up, having gone through some rough times, it understands that tourism is a key factor in building the economy and its reputation and future. You can enjoy the beaches and water on the Indian coast. Travel to Kenya to enjoy local and cultural festivals that feature colourful costumes, the uplifting power of voice and music and power of community. Go birdwatching and climb Mount Kenya. There is whole lotta of amazing happening in Kenya. Travel with care and a bit planning and have the time of your life.


Kisumu is an important port city in Kenya and a great base for exploring Lake Victoria. It was awarded the title of “Millenium City” by the United Nations and is well on its way to development in terms of tourism, economy, and infrastructures. When you spend your holiday in Kisumu, you can go boating across the lake, sightseeing through the city, or taking a safari tour at the Impala Sanctuary. Read more about Kisumu…