Things to do in Astana

Astana – A Flourishing Capital in the Making

The capital of Kazakhstan, Astana is undergoing some serious development and renovation to further modernize itself. Because of this, the city is an interesting mix of old Soviet buildings and modern architecture. Tourists flock the city because of its lively nightlife and fascinating cultural attractions and the curious traveler will find that there are many amazing things to do in Astana while visiting this exciting city under development.


Things to do in Astana



There are lots of new buildings and tourist spots to visit in Astana. One of them is the Palace of Peace and Reconciliation or Pyramid of Peace, an architectural representation of the harmony that the multicultural people of Kazakhstan lives in. It houses accommodations for various religions, plus an opera house, a national cultural museum, and a library.


Astana Opera House

The Astana Opera House is inside the Palace of Peace and Reconciliation. For the music lover The Astana Opera House is a great way to enjoy music. As the Astana Opera House is inside the Peache Pyramid you have many things to enjoy whilst listening to great music.


Astana Cycling

If you are a cycling enthusiast, you can catch some Astana cycling competitions in the Saryarka Velodrome. Besides the great Astana cycling this sporting arena also houses a swimming pool, ice rink, basketball court, fitness center, plus an assortment of conference halls. There is also a hotel and a restaurant inside the Saryarka Velodrome.


Astana Mall

Shopping malls also dot the city and you can take delight in your wide range of choices if you love shopping. If you want a shopping atmosphere that is different from an old-fashioned Astana mall, you can go to Artem or Shanghai which are huge bazaars and supermarkets.


Astana Nightlife

When it comes to Astana nightlife, there are at least 10 discos and nightclubs where you can enjoy the night. You can also ask the locals for their best recommendations of party venues and Astana nightlife hotspots.


When to visit Astana

The extreme continental climate of Astana is characterized by short, warm summers and long, dry, very cold winters. The city actually holds the record as the world’s second coldest capital. The coldest month is January, with an average temperature of −14.2°C (6°F) while the warmest month is July, with temperatures averaging at 20.8°C (69°F).

When you go to the city in summer, especially in July, you can watch the Astana International Action Film Festival. Action films and screenplays are entered into the competition and the best ones win titles from different categories.


Things to do in Astana

Astana Facts

Population814 401
LanguageKazakh, Russian
AirportAstana Intl, Kazakhstan (TSE)

Astana average temperatures

-12~-11 °C -11 °C -3 °C 11 °C 19~20 °C 25~26 °C 27 °C 24 °C 18~19 °C 8 °C -2 °C -9~-8 °C


Astana Opera House

Palace of Peace and Reconciliation

Opened in 2006, this highly modern pyramid shaped multi-purpose building is not only home of opera in Astana, it is also a center for humanitarianism and a tribute to diversity featuring museums, exhibitions and accommodations for all major religions. Located in the great Presidential Park, it is quite the spiritual place to visit and a great place to enjoy performance arts. Make sure to not miss this amazing venue when you are visiting the capital of Kazakhstan.

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