Things to do in Johannesburg

Johannesburg is one of the greenest cities in the world

As the largest South African city, Johannesburg is easily one of the most visited holiday destinations in the region. It is a landlocked city with plenty of trees and green spaces to provide you a relaxing time. There are a great variety of things to do in Johannesburg to fit all kinds of budgets and interests with everything from quiet art galleries to adventure-filled zoo or safari parks.


Things to do in Johannesburg

Johannesburg is a fantastic starting point if you want to travel to Cape Town and the Kruger National Park. Nonetheless, your brief stay in the city is very rewarding because the attractions that can be visited here are full of surprises.


Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens

Another place where you can unwind and relax is the Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens, a place where you can find native flora and lots of birds.


Johannesburg Art Gallery

If you want to check out the largest art gallery in the entire Africa, go to the Johannesburg Art Gallery and marvel at the hundreds of local and international paintings and works of art.


Zoo and Wildlife Safaris

The Johannesburg Zoo is an impressive area where you can see about 2000 animals representing 320 species. But if you want to see a more natural setting for wild animals, you can travel to the Kruger National Park and stay a night or two at its rest camps and safari lodges.


When to go to Johannesburg

The subtropical highland climate of Johannesburg is characterized by a wet, sunny summer season from October through April and a dry, sunny winter season from May through September. Average high temperatures range from 16 °C (61 °F) in June to 25.6 °C (78.1 °F) in January. The rainiest months are from November through February.


Coca-Cola Dome

If you are looking out for events in the city, check the events schedule at the Coca-Cola Dome because it is one of the top venues for expos, theater shows, and sports events.





Things to do in Johannesburg

Johannesburg Facts

Population957 441
CountrySouth Africa
LanguageAfrikaans, English
CurrencySouth African rand
AirportJohannesburg Intl, South Africa (JNB)

Johannesburg average temperatures

25~27 °C 24~26 °C 25 °C 23 °C 19~21 °C 16~18 °C 16~18 °C 18~21 °C 22~24 °C 23~25 °C 23~26 °C 24~27 °C


UNESCO World Heritage Sites Johannesburg - Fossil Hominid Sites of South Africa

The fossil hominid sites of South Africa contain elements that have been essential for the study of the origin and evolution of humanity, which is the reason why they are listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The site includes the spot where the Taung Skull Fossil was found in 1924, a piece belonging to a specimen of the species Australopithecus Africanus, and the Makapan Valley’s archaeological caves with traces of human occupation dating as back as 3.3 million years.

Vredefort Dome

Dating back 2,023 million years, the Vredefort Dome is the oldest and largest meteorite impact structure or astrobleme yet found on Earth. The area, situated about an hour away from Johannesburg, is considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2005.

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Big Five Marathon

If you welcome the extra tension of wild African animals watching you run, the Big Five Marathon on the savannahs of South Africa is definitely for you. The race runs through a game reserve outside Johannesburg and offers an indredible view of the African nature. Maybe a lion chasing you over the savannah is just the motivation you need to trim that personal record of yours!

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Golf in Johannesburg

There are 40 courses near Johannesburg, making it a great destination for a lengthy golf vacation. Linksfield Golf Club is one of the best with its three 18 hole courses, each with its own identity. You can also play on Houghton Golf Club, Royal Johannesburg and Kensington Golf Club and the most centrally located, Observatory Golf Club. These courses in Johannesburg are public and usually not very expensive to play on so you can fit in many courses during your stay.

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