Things to do in Tokyo

Tokyo – a blend of both the old and futuristic Japan

Tokyo, one of the most populous urban centers in the world, is literally jam-packed with fascinating sights and there are always a lot of fun things to do in Tokyo while on vacation in the city.

The Old and New Japan merge together in this metropolitan prefecture, with historic, cultural structures and new buildings standing side by side.


Things to do in Tokyo

Tokyo is the capital of Japan and the animé capital of the world – a great holiday destination for visiting tourists!


Tokyo Sky Tree

Visiting charming and charismatic Tokyo while on holiday makes for an exciting adventure. In order to see everything Tokyo has to offer, visit the amazing Tokyo Sky Tree restaurant and observation tower which is the tallest structure in Japan and will allow you to take in the breathtaking views of the city. It is not only the tallest building in Japan but also the second tallest building in the world after Burj Khalifa in Dubai.


Tokyo Disneyland

Kids and adults alike love visiting Tokyo Disneyland, the first Disneyland that was built outside the U.S. It features acres upon acres of pure fun and enjoyment for families and friends.


Tokyo Game Show

For game lovers, don’t miss the Tokyo Game Show, which is held annually in the fall. The Tokyo Game Show is a yearly video game convention attended by gaming enthusiasts from all over the globe.


Tokyo Motor Show

If you go to Tokyo in October-November, you might be able to witness the Tokyo Motor Show, an international motor show held every two years.


Tokyo Marathon

In you like running you can register to participate in the Tokyo Marathon, an annual foot race that is considered as one of the World Marathon Majors.


When to go to Tokyo

Typical summer temperatures range between 21-27°C (70-80°F) and winter temperatures can fall as low as 4°C (40°F) with chances of snow.

Although summer is a splendid season for tourists and holiday makers, Tokyo hosts a wide range of activities throughout the year and since there are always a lot of things to do in Tokyo it is quickly becoming a popular destination regardless of the season.

Spring is popular due to the city’s mild temperatures and the blooming of the cherry blossoms.


Things to do in Tokyo

Tokyo Facts

Population36 507 000
AirportTokyo All Airports, Japan (TYO)

Tokyo average temperatures

8~10 °C 9~11 °C 13 °C 18 °C 21~22 °C 23~25 °C 27~29 °C 29~31 °C 25~27 °C 19~21 °C 15~17 °C 11~13 °C


Disney World Vacation at Tokyo Disneyland and Resort

Tokyo Disneyland opened on April 15th,1983 and was the first Disneyland to be built outside the US. Come and enjoy the fantastic Fantasy Land where you’ll get to meet characters like Snow White, Peter Pan and Dumbo! The Disneyland in Tokyo is specially know for its open areas and Cinderella’s beautiful castle that rises magnificently over the park and has become iconic for Tokyo's Disneyland. The Tokyo Disney Resort is mainly divided into three sections; Tokyo Disneyland,Tokyo DisneySea and Ikspiari, which is a shopping, restaurant and entertainment complex. Just like all of the other fantastic disney Theme parks around the world, Tokyo Disney Resort offers a lot of exciting and magical experiences. In fact there’s so much to se and do, that it is almost impossible to fit it all into one day. If you want to make sure to check all that Tokyo's Disneyland has to offer off your list, make sure to check into anyone of the hotels you’ll find on the resort. That way, you will be able to continue your magical experience the next day, after a good night s sleep.

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Tokyo Opera House

The New National Theatre

Located in the Shibuya district in Tokyo, founded in 1997, this performance arts center has been the main venue in Tokyo for the finer arts since it was built. The building contains three auditoriums where the biggest is a purpose built opera house seating 1814 people. The venue is home to the New National Theatre Opera and the New National Theatre Ballet, both known for their conservative approach mostly performing classical pieces drawing inspiration from 20th century European masterpieces. If you are visiting the busy Shibuya district, this world class opera house might just be the perfect place to retreat to when you are in need of a break from the commerce driven shopping district.

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Theme Parks in Tokyo - Record setting rides at Fuji-Q Highland!

In Tokyo you will find one of the most popular theme parks in all of Japan, Fuji-Q Highland. It is located in the Fuji Five Lakes region and if you’re looking for some real thrill rides, this is where you should go. The park is known for its anime themed and record holding rides and attractions. Some of the roller coasters have even been included in to the Guinnes World Record! In some of the attractions you get beautiful views over Mt. Fuji. The park also has a lot of fun attractions more suitable for smaller children. For those of you who travel a long way to the park, or just don’t feel like one day is enough, there is a hotel just a few steps outside the main entrance, great for overnighters. If you’re looking for the best theme park for families and children Sanrio Puro Land, one of Japan's most popular attractions, is the one! Other than having a lot of exciting attractions, the park also hosts a lot of musicals. There are also a lot of known characters running around in the area for you to say hi to, such as Hello Kitty, My Melody and Cinnamoroll. A great place for families to spend a day with loads of fun! Yomiuri Land is a large, popular and well-known amusement park near Tokyo. This is a great place for thrill seekers to explore all of the exciting roller coasters. And as if loads of rides weren’t enough, the park also has an attached Water Park with the name Amusement Water Island!

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Water Parks in Tokyo - Swim with a robotic dolphin at Toshimaen

Tokyo has a lot to offer when it comes to water parks. Tokyo Summerland has both an indoors and outdoor section, making it a great place to visit even during rainy days. Play around in the Adventure Dome, slide down big or small waterslides, relax while floating down the lazy river on a tube or cool off under the manmade waterfalls. There is a lot to choose from and it is a great place for families to spend the day!The Water Amusement Island is a part of the amusement park Yomiuri Land. It offers a five pools and three fun waterslides where in one of them you ride down on a tube. There is also a kid’s pool, a diving pool that is five meters deep, a slow moving river pool and a wave pool! At Toshimaen, besides from swooshing down lots of fun waterslides, you have the opportunity to go swimming with a robotic dolphin. And at Tobu Super Pool you can mix some wet-and-wild fun in the water park with looking at lions, tapirs, penguins and some rare white tigers.

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Cat Cafe Tokyo

In Tokyo you can choose between many cafés, Nyafe Melange being one of the most popular ones.  

Cat Cafe Nyafe Melange

Enjoy the nice and easy atmosphere at the Nyafe Melange Cat Cafe. If you want to get to know the cats at the café a little bit better, why not bound over some baby-pictures. The café actually keeps albums with pictures form when the cats were just little furry kittens and its a nice way of getting to know the purring friend, resting in your lap.

Cat Cafe Temari no Ouchi

Cat Cafe than Temari no Ouchi is the most adorable Cat cafe you’ll ever find. The interior of the café is inspired by traditional Japanese anime and it is big and spacious so both the cats and the visitors have a lot of space to play and to enjoy each others company.

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Tokyo Marathon

Feel like running in the largest marathon in all of Asia? Then Tokyo Marathon is the one for you! The marathon is an annual event in Japan and also a part of the World Marathon Majors Series. You start at Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building and then continue through the city to finish at the Tokyo Big Sight.

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Golf in Tokyo

While Tokyo maybe is most known for the hectic inner city, there are a few golf courses quite near the city center. In the Tama District there are several clubs including the Yomiuri Golf Club, Sakuragaoka Country Club and Tokyoyomiuri Country Club. If you are looking for something more exclusive and if you are in the mood for a road trip, make your way towards Mt. Fiji and play on one of the most beautiful, luxurious courses in the world, Taiheiyo Club Gotemba.

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