Things to do in Genoa

Genoa – your quintessential Italian destination

Genoa, “the Proud One,” is clad with a range of impressive landmarks and awe-inspiring things to do and see. It is an old, thriving seaport where the past and present collide. When visiting Genoa, you can take in the sights of piazzas, ports, old-style buildings, and parks.


Things to do in Genoa

Genoa, the largest seaport in Italy, is a beautiful, romantic city with pretty seaside buildings and lush rolling hills.


Genoa Marina & Sailing

The city port is very busy and you can find many boats, yachts, ferries, cruisers, and cargo ships that are either moored or sailing on the waters. There are rental boats and yachts at the marina if you want to sail the Mediterranean.


Aquarium of Genoa

The Aquarium of Genoa is also a must-see tourist attraction in the city. It is one of the largest aquariums in Italy and in all of Europe. Over a million people visit this fascinating site every year.



When to go to Genoa

The climate in Genoa borders on mediterranean and humid subtropical climates. Almost evert month the city receives more than 1.6 inches (40 millimeters) of rain. The summers are warm and humid while the winters are windy and sporadically snowy. The coldest months are from December through February while the warmest are July and August.

Temperatures in Genoa are fairly mild throughout the year, so you can visit the city anytime you wish. Even the winter season is warmer in Genoa than in other cities in Europe. One of the best times to visit the city is during the spring season, when the amount of rain decreases and the hours of sunshine increases.


Genoa Boat Show

Annually, the city hosts the Genoa International Boat Show, a premier boat show that is recognized and lauded all over the world. This international event is typically held in the month of October and for boat lovers, there’s tons of things to see and things to do in Genoa during the boat festival.


Things to do in Genoa

Genoa Facts

Population604 848
AirportGenova Sestri, Italy (GOA)

Genoa average temperatures

3~12 °C 5~12 °C 15 °C 18 °C 17~21 °C 21~26 °C 24~29 °C 23~29 °C 20~26 °C 15~23 °C 8~16 °C 4~13 °C


Genoa Opera House

Teatro Carlo Felice

Jumping off at De Ferrari metro station, the Teatro Carlo Felice is a stunning sight. In front of Monumento a Garibaldi the over 100 years old opera house is still standing tall, albeit with some substantial renovations over the years. As with many other old opera houses in Europe, it was torn by war in the middle of the 20th century and was almost completely destroyed apart from the overlaying structure. After the war, the architect Aldo Rossi created what we see today, a beautiful combination of a classic and contemporary opera house.

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UNESCO World Heritage Sites Genoa - Le Strade Nuove and the system of the Palazzi dei Rolli

Genoa’s historic centre dates from the late 16th century, the times of splendour of the Republic of Genoa. This UNESCO World Heritage Site consists of an ensemble of palaces from the Renaissance and Baroque periods, situated along the Strade Nuove, meaning “new streets”.

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Golf in Genoa

There are two great 18 hole courses near Genoa. St. Anna Golf Club is located in the hills above Arenzano and uses the fantastic landscape both as scenery and as a natural part of the course. The elevation on the course can be difficult, where the greens are on top of small hills and where it can be hard to predict the length of your shots. This makes the course a rather challenging one, but also a very fun one! The other course is located on Golf Club Rapallo a short car ride east of Genoa. A great course with a beautiful view of the ocean and the surrounding mountains.

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