Things to do in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv – Much more than Bauhaus buildings & Golden beaches

Tel Aviv, Israel, is located on Israel’s Mediterranean coast and has become a very popular destination for tourists in the last year which could be due to its perfect mix of the contemporary and the classic, there is something for everyone. Tel Aviv is the cultural and commercial headquarters of Israel and yet it has that relaxed seaside-city feel to it which makes it an ideal destination for those who want to visit museums, absorb the Israeli culture and walk along the busy side streets as well as those who prefer to rest on the accessible beautiful beaches after having enjoyed the vibrant nightlife. Famous for its 1930s Bauhaus buildings which are scattered allover the White City architectural area, it is clear that Tel Aviv has much more to offer to the curious mind.


Things to do in Tel Aviv



In Israel there is a saying which goes something along the line to ” You go to Haifa to work, Jerusalem to learn and Tel Aviv to play” and this saying does exist for a reason. If you like, Tel Aviv is the New York of the Middle East – the city which never sleeps and if you’re a night-owl you find plenty of things to do in Tel Aviv after dark and you will feel right at home in the exciting nightlife the city has to offer. Most nightclubs don’t open until 1am but there are plenty of bars around to keep you entertained until the doors to the nightclubs open.

In the popular bar, Beit Haamudim on Rambam 14, there is live jazz every night by some of Israels top musicians which you won’t want to miss if you’re a fan of live music. Their vegetarian menu is impressive too so you won’t be going hungry.


Are you more interested in dancing to underground live music, then Buxa Bar is the place to go to as they have a large dance floor, good music and cool art displayed on the walls all around the venue. It’s located on Rothschild 31.

The speakeasy-trend has hit Tel Aviv nearly as hard as it has in New York and one to add to the lists of bars to visit is Moonshine, a bar completely made to feel like something from the 1920s during prohibition. Dim lighting, old school music and full of hipsters, you will find this intriguing bar in the back of the restaurant called Mitbach Lyla, which translates to” Night Kitchen”.

Now all you have to learn is ”Le Haim!” , which means ”Cheers!” in Hebrew and you are good to go!






Shopaholics will not have a problem finding things to do in Tel Aviv. The city is a shopping hotspot with everything from designer digs to vintage bargains making room for some brilliant retail therapy. Locals like shop at the northern end of the city amongst the adjoining small streets, which are locally known as ”Mitcham Basel”. Here you will find a large numer of very well selected small and intimate high priced fashion shops. For trendy shopping, head to Sheinkin Street which is considered as a shopping haven by stylish young locals as well as non-Tel Avivians. A few minutes away from the well known Rabin Square you will find Kikar Masaryk which is an area filled with exclusive boutiques, cafes and restaurants but walk around there are plenty of fun and funky women’s clothing. If you would like a glimpse of an authentic showcase of local fashion, head over to Sharon Brunsher’s boutique.



Tel Aviv has a large amount of markets on during all days of the week, but some of the more popular ones is Carmel Market, known locally as Shuk HaCarmel which is the citys largest and busiest market. It’s specialized in fresh produce and clothing and you’ll find anything from fresh fish to cheap bargains on a pair of jeans, but something we suggest to keep a eye out for are the small deli-like stalls offering a fantastic range of quality cheese. This fabulous market is on from Sunday-Friday at 08:00- 17:00 and shouldn’t be missed.


Old Jaffa

A visit to Tel Aviv isn’t complete without a browse around Old Jaffa, also called Japho, which is one of the oldest cities in Israel and home to the oldest port in the world. In the last years this area of Tel Aviv has become a very attractive place for young designers, artists and so-called foodies to move to, which has resulted in a vast amount of delicious street food everywhere along the area. There are plenty of things to do and see in Old Jaffa but do not miss the Clock Tower, the local designer stores, all the art galleries and walking down to the Old Port.


When to go to Tel Aviv

Israel is characterised as a subtropical region between the temperate zone and the tropical zone where the northern and coastal regions of the country show Mediterranean climate characterized by very hot and dry summers, followed by cool and rainy winters. July is the hottest month in Tel Aviv with an average temperature of 26°C and the coldest would be in January at about 13°C. The best time to visit the city would be March-April and September through November, but you can expect inflated prices during the summer months even if it can be uncomfortably warm at times.

Tel Aviv Facts

Population414 600
LanguageHebrew, Arabic
AirportBen Gurion, Israel (TLV)

Tel Aviv average temperatures

4~17 °C 5~18 °C 21 °C 25 °C 14~27 °C 16~29 °C 18~31 °C 19~31 °C 17~30 °C 14~28 °C 9~24 °C 6~19 °C


UNESCO World Heritage Sites Tel Aviv - White City of Tel-Aviv, The Modern Movement

Funded in 1909, the city of Tel Aviv became Israel’s economic and cultural centre during the British Rule in Palestine. The White City of Tel Aviv is an area constructed between the 1930s and 1950s in Bauhaus style by architects trained in Europe, a great example of town planning from the 20th century that today is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The site includes, apart from the White City, the Bialik Area and Lev Hai and Rothschild Avenue. If you are into architecture and especially into the Modern Movement, a stroll around these areas is a great way to spend a morning!

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Tel Aviv - A gay sanctuary in the Middle East

Across the Middle East, gay relationships are mostly taboo, but in 2011, as a breath of fresh air, Tel Aviv were declared the most gay friendly place to travel to in the entire world. Tel Aviv has always been a gay friendly place to visit, but that the Israeli city of Tel Aviv would beat big gay-metropolitans such as New York and Berlin was a fun surprise and a refreshing novelty. Tel Aviv is one of the few places in the Middle East, where gays feel free to walk hand-in-hand and kiss in public.

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Tel Aviv Marathon

The Tel Aviv Marathon is the biggest sporting events in Isreal and one of the biggest marathons in the region, attracting 40.000 participants in 2014. The race was held annually between 1981 and 1994, and was revived in 2009 and has since been an annual event again held during the spring. The course will take you from the Charles Clore Park along the Yarkon River and the Mediterranean coast, creating a beautiful scene for you as you run in the historical quarters of Tel Aviv as well as the modern inner city. Make sure to not miss it if you are looking for a sporting festival in the spring time!

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