Things to do in Eilat

Eilat is a center for beach and desert activities

On any given day, there are more tourists than locals in Eilat. This attests that the city is a prime travel destination for people from all over the globe. Located in Israel, Eilat faces the Red Sea and has a desert landscape, which allows for different outdoor activities and adventures both on land and in water.


Things to do in Eilat



The tourism industry of Eilat is concentrated on its beaches along the Red Sea. You can choose from among a wide range of activities both on the beach and off the shore. Diving, swimming, and boating are wonderful things to do in Eilat almost every day of the year.


Coral World Underwater Observatory

One of the foremost attractions in the city is the Coral World Underwater Observatory which can be found at the southern end of Coral Beach. This attraction features a museum, an oceanarium simulator, and various tanks containing different kinds of sharks, rays, and fishes.



Adventures in Eilat doesn’t stop when the sun sets and the fun continues through the night because of the vibrant nightlife scene in the city. The Promenade and the main square are the main nightlife hubs in Eilat and you can find an assortment of bars and pubs across the town.


When to go to Eilat

Because of Eilat’s hot desert climate, summers are hot and dry while winters are warm and almost rainless. During the summer months of June to September, average temperatures usually range from 26 to 40 °C (79 to 104 °F). In the winter months of November to March, mean temperatures generally range from 11 to 23 °C (52 to 73 °F).


The city typically has 360 sunny days per year, so there is never a wrong time to spend your holiday in this place. Just make sure to bring sunscreen and sun-protective apparel, then you are all set to take on the city and all the fun things to do in Eilat!

Eilat Facts

Population47 719
LanguageHebrew, Arabic
CurrencyIsraeli Shekel
AirportEilat, Israel (ETH)

Eilat average temperatures

20 °C 22 °C 26 °C 31 °C 34 °C 38 °C 39 °C 39 °C 36 °C 33 °C 27 °C 22 °C


Eilat Desert Marathon

Held annually in November, the Eilat Desert Marathon is a challenging marathon in the Southern Negev Desert. The route features pretty high elevation, where you will both climb as high as 280 meters between the 4 and 11k marks and descend downhill during long stretches. For an experienced marathon runner, this makes it a very dynamic race, where you will have to plan the resources you spend. The runner who accepts the Eilat Desert challenge will be rewarded with amazing views and a sense of accomplishment that only a few other marathons can give!

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