Inside Tip: 4 Barcelona Dishes Not To Miss | Food Secrets

Love food? Well, check this out! Ana, a local chick from Barcelona, helps you avoid the tourist traps and guide you to the the true tasty treats of Barcelona as she reveals her Barcelona food secrets!


Ditch the rip-off sangria of the Barceloneta beach and the overpriced restaurants of Plaça Catalunya. Barcelona’s real cuisine won’t be brought to you by screaming waiters chasing you down the street, but in places that are hidden to the eyes of wandering tourists. We have gone into the deepest corners of Barcelona in order to present these four food secrets.

Buen provecho / Ana


Churros con Chocolate

If you have never tried them, you now know what you’re having as your first snack in Barcelona. Especially if it’s cold outside, sweet churros with the warm and thick chocolate will melt your heart. To get the best churros, go to the cozy cafés in the narrow street Petritxol or, better yet in my opinion, buy churros at the selling trucks found around the city and prepare your own chocolate at home if you have the opportunity.


Patatas Bravas, Bar Tomás

“Brave potatoes” is a dish served everywhere in the city, but it usually goes quite unnoticed. The potatoes are cut in thick pieces, fried and accompanied by a spicy sauce. El Bar Tomás is, in my opinion, a mandatory stop during your visit. With a slightly different recipe than the usual, these patatas bravas are considered the best in the city, and I completely agree. To get there, you’ll have to take the ferrocarrils (an ensemble of metro lines that you can take them from Plaça Catalunya) and get off at Sarrià. One thing to keep in mind about this bar is that you’re going to be treated as an insider since tourists don’t usually wander off all the way to Sarrià (not the finest manners you’ll encounter).


Café con Leche

Okay, this is not a dish, but it’s definitely worth mentioning. This is the real coffee, and not the huge Starbucks drinks you get for €5. Café con leche is served in a much smaller ceramic mug, but the flavour is a thousand times stronger and better. You can get it at any bar or café and should cost around €1,50 (more than €2,50 means you’re at a very touristic or fancy place or being ripped-off). Satan’s Coffee Corner in El Barri Gòtic is a modern-looking café with good music and cool, simple decoration, whose coffee lately has been considered to be one of the best in town. Here, you’ll also find some delicious simple food like sandwiches and soups.


La Boqueria – Breakfast of champions

You’ve probably seen the market La Boqueria while walking down las Ramblas. It has lots of stalls filled with fish, meat, fruit juices, sweets, and other things that look great on photos. This is not all there is to see in this market; some of these seafood kiosks offer meals made with fresh products and, believe me, if you like seafood you will cry tears of joy. Check the Kiosko Universal or El Quim and if the line is bearable – seriously, it is worth it – sit on their stools and order the dishes that attract you the most. Some mouth-watering dishes are the squid, the artichokes, and the clams, usually served with chips or fried eggs. Although these places are not cheap, the quality is definitely worth it.