Things to do in Ahmedabad

See the home of Mahatma Gandhi in Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad is a city in India that was originally founded in the 12th century. The city itself is rich with history and has several monuments and buildings to visit and learn about. Ahmedabad is a great place to spend your holiday in because of the charm and relaxing tempo in the city in addition to the plethora of important landmarks and interesting activities available.


Things to do in Ahmedabad


Gandhi Aashram

The main attraction in Ahmedabab is the Gandhi Aashram, which was the home of Mahatma Gandhi and continues as a handicrafts center and handmade paper factory.



There are several historical mosques, forts, and temples throughout the city so be sure to see as many as you can. There is also an array of modern and technological museums that have displays on everything from vintage cars to utensils.


The Zoo

If you are traveling with children, one of the more popular things to do in Ahmedabad is visiting the zoo. Spend the day here and see wild animals and beautiful plants from India and all over the world.


Local cuisine

Make sure to buy some of the delicious and cheap street food while walking through town. You won’t want to miss out on the spicy flavors and warm bread that is readily available at street-side vendors.



After a day of sightseeing, make sure to check out the nightlife and visit a few of the vibrant bars and lounges in the downtown area.


Travel to Surat

If you want to explore outside of the city, take the train to Surat and spend the day enjoying a fresh change of scenery.


When to go to Ahmedabad

The city is generally warm year round with summer temperatures surpassing 32 °C (100 °F). With the arrival of monsoon by mid-June, the city is a fun place and outdoor stalls open up with celebratory Monsoon meals such as roasted corn and Khichu.



Ahmedabad always has some sort of celebration or festival going on, with the most famous event being the Kite Festival in January. For this event, the city population crowds into the streets and fills the sky with kites during the day and lanterns during the evening, creating an unforgettable image of brightly-colored skies overhead.



Ahmedabad Facts

Population5 570 585
CurrencyIndian Rupee
AirportAhmedabad, India (AMD)

Ahmedabad average temperatures

28~29 °C 30~31 °C 36 °C 40 °C 41 °C 38~39 °C 33~34 °C 32~33 °C 34 °C 36 °C 32~33 °C 29~30 °C