Things to do in Agra & Taj Mahal

Agra – Home to the Majestic Taj Mahal

Agra, India is the former capital of Hindustan, which is what a portion of India was called during the time of the Mughals.
Agra is the origin of the Din-i Ilah, which was created by the Mughal Emperor Akbar the Great in 1582.


Things to do in Agra

Agra is a beautiful city, with several historical landmarks, the Taj Mahal and Agra Fort is the most famous.


Taj Mahal

One of the most famous sites in Agra is the marble palace, the Taj Mahal, which means ”Crown of Palaces.” Taj Mahal history shows it was built by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan for his third wife, Mumtaz Mahal. It is considered to be a masterpiece of the world and many tourists on holiday go on a Taj Mahal tour which can be visited all year long. In fact, on certain tours of the palace, night viewings are offered, something visitors won’t want to miss.

The night viewing of the Taj Mahal is open five days a month, on the night of the full moon, as well as two days prior and two days afterward, except for Friday nights and during the month of Ramadan. The Taj Mahal visiting hours for the night tour are from 8:30 pm to 12:30 am, and 50 people at a time are allowed to view it for 30 minutes. If you want to go on the night tour, you must buy your tickets and report to the Shilpagram complex a half hour ahead of the starting time. It is a worthwhile and stunning visit to one of the few true wonders of the world.


Agra Fort

Near the Taj Mahal is the Agra Fort, a 16th century Mughal monument made of red sandstone.
It includes the Jahangir Palace, the Khas Mahal, various audience halls like the Diwan-i-Khas, as well as two mosques.


When to go to Agra

Agra has a semi-arid climate with mild winters and hot summers making it a choice destination for much of the year.
The monsoon season is between June and September.


Things to do in Agra | Agra Fort & Taj Mahal

Agra & Taj Mahal Facts

Population1 746 467
LanguageHindi, English
CurrencyIndian rupee
AirportAgra, India (AGR)

Agra & Taj Mahal average temperatures

22~23 °C 25~26 °C 32 °C 38 °C 41~42 °C 41 °C 35~36 °C 33 °C 34 °C 34 °C 29 °C 23~24 °C


UNESCO World Heritage Sites Agra and Taj Mahal - Agra Fort

The Red Fort of Agra used to encompass the imperial city of the Mughal Emperors, with many palaces, two mosques and audience halls, and today it is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The walled city has many buildings made from pure marble, such as the balcony of the tower in the Musamman Burj or the Pearl Mosque. Although it is less crowded than the Taj Mahal, try to get there early to avoid the crowds.

Taj Mahal

Considered the greatest accomplishment in Indo-Islamic architecture, the Taj Mahal in Agra is a mausoleum made of white marble that the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan built for his favourite wife, Mumtaz Mahal. On 1983 it was first listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are some things to keep in mind before visiting the Taj Mahal, and you should investigate a little bit in advance: the tickets are bought about half a kilometre from the attraction itself, and that’s where you can find lockers. In the entry you will be going through a metal detector and your bags will be scanned, and you’ll be amazed by how many things are forbidden inside, including cell phones and chargers. If you have any of those, you’ll have them thrown away or you’ll have to go back to the lockers! On your way from the ticket office to the palace you’ll encounter many people trying to sell you souvenirs and tours that are overpriced and maybe scams, so try to avoid them.

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The Taj Mahal Marathon

The Taj Mahal Marathon has been held in Agra annually in June since 2013. The course runs from Taj Mahal to Gwalior Fort through a beautiful scenery of parks, landscapes and urban life. You might think it sounds like a tough marathon considering the weather conditions in the summer in India. The organizers are aware of this and have a guide for things to keep in mind while running in the heat. If you are considering participating, take a look at their website first and remember to drink a lot of water!

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Water Parks in Agra - Wave pools and rain dance at Dolphin the Water World

On the outskirts of Agra you’ll find the biggest water world in North of India, Dolphin the Water World. This place is filled with a variety of fun for the children, and adults too for that matter! Choose between the wave pool, multilane slides, the lazy river, rain dance zone, little kingdoms and much more!

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