Things to do in Budapest

Explore and Indulge in the Beautiful City of Budapest

Budapest is the capital city of Hungary - a modern city with much to offer!


Things to do in Budapest

For someone who wants a peaceful holiday, Budapest fits the bill.

Peaceful does not however imply boring. There are loads of adventurous things to do in Budapest and party lovers will be happy that the Budapest nightlife is much talked about just like its charm and breathtaking beauty.


Budapest Baths

Budapest is known as the City of Spas, and you will find yourself deeply indulged in the thermal bath experience, a specialty here. As Some people even call the city the Thermal Water Capital of Europe. The thermal springs with healing qualities is something most tourists want to experience when in Budapest and on your holiday you can experience traditional baths. Veli Bej, Rudas Baths, Széchenyi Thrmal Bath and Király Baths are some of the most popular thermal baths in Budapest.


Budapest Marathon

The annual Budapest Marathon has been hosted since 1961 and is usually held in October or September. Even the annual Budapest marathon ends near the Széchenyi thermal baths so that athletes can immediately relax their feet after the race.


Budapest Zoo and Botanical Garden

The Budapest Zoo and Botanical Garden is located in the heart of Budapest that is a must-do when visiting. It is one of the oldest of its kind and was started back in 1866. Today around 1072 animal species can be seen in the zoo.


Budapest Opera - Hungarian State Opera House

The Budapest Opera, known as the Hungarian State Opera House, is located in the center of Budapest. The Neo-Renaissance opera house was designed by the famous architecture Miklós Ybl and the opera’s rich history and culture is worth experiencing.


Budapest Shopping

Shopping enthusiasts will enjoy Budapest shopping at the various stores, kiosks and shopping areas. On of the most popular areas for shopping is Pest which is located in the middle of the city.


Hungarian National Gallery

Hungarians are known for their art, creativity and their spas. To have a feel of it, you could visit the museums and the Hungarian National Gallery where you can enjoy some great art.


Budapest Nightlife

If you love partying there is a lot of places to enjoy and things do in Budapest. Some of the most popular places to enjoy the Budapest nightlife is around Liszt Ferenc Square, Raday street and Király street. District seven, an old jewish neighborhood, has become an popular area for bar visitors with its ruin bars. The old historical buildings has been transformed into cozy bars with a mix of old and second hand furniture.


Best Time to go to Budapest

In a modern city like Budapest which spreads different colors every season, there are plenty of optimal times to visit - and whatever the time of year you choose to make a trip to the capital, you will find that there are lots of places to discover and things to do in Budapest.

Winter is great time, preferably before Christmas. The city is in high spirits during cool weather months. Besides caroling, parties, shopping, city lightings, and all kinds of delicious holiday foods, people are very welcoming during this season.

Another good time to visit Budapest is during the month of August. St. Stephen’s day is celebrated as one of the biggest festivals on August 20th every year.


Things to do in Budapest

Budapest Facts

Population1 740 041
CurrencyHungarian forint
AirportFerihegy, Hungary (BUD)

Budapest average temperatures

2 °C 4 °C 11 °C 16 °C 21 °C 24 °C 26 °C 26 °C 22 °C 15 °C 7 °C 3 °C


UNESCO World Heritage Sites Budapest - Budapest, including the Banks of the Danube, the Buda Castle Quarter and Andrássy Avenue.

The stretch of the Danube River where the city of Budapest lies today has been occupied since the Palaeolithic. It was, for instance, the site of the Roman city of Aquincum whose remains are just a few minutes away from the inner city. The important roles of the settlement of this area have listed the city of Budapest as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. On the eastern bank of the river, the city of Pest was built in the 9th century, but it was destroyed by Mongol raids in the 13th century. On the other bank of the river, the castle of Buda was built a few years later, which observed the evolution of the Hungarian monarchy and was considered one of the main centres of Renaissance art in Europe. After attacks by the Turks and its final fall during the 16th century, the cities were not recovered until the 18th century and weren’t considered as one single Budapest until 1873.

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Budapest Opera House

Hungarian State Opera House

The Hungarian State Opera House, situated in central Budapest, is a neo-Renaissance opera house designed by Miklós Ybl and a major site of Hungarian architecture from the 19th century. The venue offers youth programs and guided tours in addition to its repertoire of opera performances, so check what’s going on during your visit to choose the activity that suits you best!

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Water Parks in Budapest - 17 different pools at Aquaworld Budapest

One of the biggest water parks in Europe is located in Budapest, Aquaworld Budapest. This family favorite is open all year around and offers you a total of 17 different pools and 11 slides. The smaller children have an area all to themselves, Kids’ World, to splash around and have fun. During the summers you can also go swimming in the outside pool and the park also add some additional outdoor facilities this time a year.

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Cat café Budapest

The Cat Café Budapest has a really nice atmosphere and you’ll probably enjoy the cozy interior just as much as the cats. Ok, maybe not, but it’s really nice. It’s a really cozy place to spend an afternoon at and the staff is nice and takes great care of the cats as well as the café's customers. They also have a great Facebook page where you can follow the small creatures and keep up with what's going on at the café.

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Csokolade Muzeum, Budapest

The Csokolade Museum was founded in 2004 and is located in a renovated palace at the Bekecs Street. At this museum, you can taste free samples (delicious of course), learn the history of cocoa, see how chocolate is made, view historic production machines, and even learn how chocolate is packaged. There is also something called "The Praline Tour"... Go here to read more about Budapest.

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Budapest Marathon Festival

This inner city marathon is annually held in October in the beautiful Hungarian capital Budapest. The marathon is a part of a festival that also features a marathon relay, a half-marathon and many shorter distances for kids, families, walkers and handicapped athletes. The main course starts in the Városliget park, does a tour in the city center and then heads out onto the Margaret Island and then follows the Danube river down south until it heads back again into the city center where it finishes back in the Városliget Park. You too can be a part of the Budapest Marathon Festival, just make your way to their website and register for the upcoming race!

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