Things to do in Guatemala City

Guatemala City – former home of the Mayans

Guatemala, also called Guatemala City, is the capital of the country of Guatemala.


Things to do in Guatemala City


Mayan Ruins

One of the most popular things to do in Guatemala City is to go visit Mayan ruins. The Ruins are all that is left of the great Mayan civilization, which thrived until 900 AD and then mysteriously disappeared. Some say a great drought occurred, but other theories exist. One of the areas to see is El Mirador in the Peten jungle, an example of one of the original large cities in that region and home of the biggest Mayan structure. Other areas of Mayan ruins are in Tikal, in the jungle, and Yaxha which is full of pyramids and temples.


Guatemala Beaches

A popular Guatemala beach is Monterrico, on the Pacific Coast, with beautiful black volcanic sand. It has a strong current though, so swimmers beware. If you would rather surf, go to El Paredon where there are surfing areas for beginners to experts.


Hiking in the Guatemala Mountains

Hikers can check out the mountains, including Sierra Madre range from southern Mexico south to west Guatemala, as well as the Cuchumatanes in the North, which include the Chuacus and Chama mountains.


Traditional Food

Be sure to enjoy some of the delicious traditional foods of Guatemala, such as dishes with corn, chilies and beans as main ingredients or special foods around certain holidays like paches, a sort of potato tamale in November for All Saints Day or regular tamales around Christmastime.


When to go to Guatemala City


Guatemala Festivals

There are many festivals to see throughout the year, including New Years and the pilgrimage to the Basilica of the Black Christ in of January. The Coffee Harvest Celebration is in February, with Easter Holy week in March and April following. Coban Folkloric Festival in late July, Assumption Day celebrations in August, Conmemoracion de la Revolucion de 1944 in October, and Christmas festivities in December are all worth checking out!


Things to do in Guatemala City

Guatemala City Facts

Population15 438 384
CurrencyGuatemalan Quetzal
AirportLa Aurora, Guatemala (GUA)

Guatemala City average temperatures

22 °C 24 °C 25 °C 26 °C 26 °C 24 °C 23 °C 23 °C 23 °C 23 °C 22 °C 22 °C


UNESCO World Heritage Sites Guatemala City - Antigua Guatemala

The city of Antigua Guatemala was founded in 1524 under the name Santiago de Guatemala as the capital city of Guatemala. However, after many reconstructions due to different causes such as the uprising of the indigenous population, earthquakes, an avalanche, floods and volcanic eruptions, the capital city was relocated to a safer location, Guatemala City, causing the former capital to be known as Antigua Guatemala (Ancient Guatemala). Antigua Guatemala’s urban grid plan and the preserved buildings make the city a great example of Latin American city planning and Barroco A ntigueño style. The city is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1979.

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Golf in Guatemala City

On each side of the city you will find the two best courses in Guatemala City, Club de Golf San Isidro to the east and Guatemala Country Club to the west. The course of the Guatemala Country Club is brilliantly designed in the forest on the edge of the city, with thick vegetation separating the parallel lines that shapes the course.

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Water Parks in Guatemala City - Mayan heritage at Xocomil

Located in the southwest of Guatemala you’ll find the water park Xocomil. This is the largest and most popular water park in the country. This place proudly represents its Mayan heritage, there are Mayan masks and items along the way in many of the water slides and in the middle of the park area there is a recreation of a Mayan Pyramid. Both children and adults will find amusing activities here, making it a great place to visit when you’re in the mood for a fun and lively family day!

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Theme Parks in Guatemala City - Architectural and fun Xetutul

When you are in Guatemala you can visit the third largest amusement park there is in Latin America, Xetutul. The park consists out of seven areas where everyone represents architecture from different countries as Italy, Germany and other. This place has a lot of fun amusement rides to offer but it is most known for its architecture. You’ll find landmarks in the park from around the world in shapes as architectural reproductions, for example Trevi Fountain and the Tikal Temple of the Great Jaguar.

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