Things to do in Saint George’s

Saint George’s provides a classic beach experience to tourists

Saint George’s, the capital city of Grenada, sits on a horseshoe-shaped harbor. It is popular among tourists and celebrities who want a unique Caribbean holiday. Even though the city is now modern and sophisticated, you can still feel the old-world charm and see the natural beauty of the place.


Things to do in Saint George’s



If you are planning to go to Saint George’s, don’t forget to pack your trunks or swimsuits because the splendid beaches of the city will be waiting for you. Grande Anse beach is the main beach in town and there are several inns, hotels, and other lodging options along the seaside area.


Cruise ships

There are also many cruise ships by the waters and you can spend a whole afternoon cruising, sightseeing, or dining al fresco on a cruise of your choice.


Mt. Qua Qua

You can also hike Mt. Qua Qua if you’re up to the challenge. Its height is 2,370 ft (722 m) and the peak has a commanding view of the entire city and the neighboring towns, if the weather is clear and sunny. The trail up the mountain also passes by Grand Etang Lake, another great holiday destination in Saint George’s.


Grenada National Museum

The Grenada National Museum is a great place to visit if you want to learn about the history of Saint George’s and Grenada. Many historical items will show you the culture, heritage, and past industries of the country.


When to go to Saint George’s

There are only two seasons in the city: the dry season which takes place from January to May and the wet season which occurs from June to December. There may also be small bouts of rain during the dry season but you can easily see it coming because of the gray clouds that hover on the mountains. The annual mean temperature is 30 °C (86 °F) and it remains quite constant all year round.


Saint George’s Carnival

If you want to see and join Saint George’s Carnival, plan your visit in August. The carnival commemorates the emancipation of slaves in Grenada. During the festival you’ll find many fun things to do in Saint George’s, and you can participate in pageants, parades, and other street celebrations.


Things to do in Saint George's

Saint George's Facts

Population33 734
CurrencyEast Caribbean dollar
AirportPoint Salines Intl, Grenada (GND)