Things to do in Sparta

Sparta – a legendary Greek city in both the ancient and modern times

Modern-day Sparta is a bustling city in Greece and situated upon the ancient site of legendary Sparta. It is filled with cultural and historic wonders like Mystras and museums that amaze visiting tourists and holiday makers.


Things to do in Sparta

Sparta is the capital of Laconia, Greece. It is located in the Evrotas River Valley and surrounded by scenic hills and mountains. History buffs will love all the sights and the history related things to do in Sparta while visiting this ancient city.


Mystras - UNESCO World Heritage Site

One of the most important historic sites in Greece, the Mystras, lies just west of Sparta. This fortified city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and includes an impressive palace and fortress along with a number of monasteries and churches.


Archaeological Museum of Sparta

When on holiday in Sparta, you may check out the city’s museums as well. The Archaeological Museum of Sparta exhibits many archeological finds from the old Acropolis of Sparta and the whole Laconia area, the dates of which range from the Neolithic period to the end of the Roman period.


Museum of Olive and Greek Olive Oil

Another popular attraction is the Museum of Olive and Greek Olive Oil. This museum showcases different aspects of the olive tree and its many uses, plus the technology by which olive oil is made.


Sanctuary of Artemis Orthia

One of the most important religious sites also lies just outside of Sparta. The Sanctuary of Artemis Orthia is an ancient cult venue where the followers of Artemis performed their rituals and offerings.


When to go to Sparta

The climate in Sparta is sunny and warm throughout the year; the summers are warm to scorching hot while winters are cool, mild, and still sun drenched. Because of Sparta’s excellent weather, outdoor activities are possible year round.

Spring, fall, and winter tend to have a milder and more pleasant weather and temperature than summer. You can even take a little hiking trip to the nearby hills and mountains during the best weather conditions in Sparta.




Things to do in Sparta

Sparta Facts

Population19 854
AirportKalamata, Greece (KLX)

Sparta average temperatures

10~15 °C 11~16 °C 17 °C 21 °C 23~26 °C 28~31 °C 30~34 °C 30~34 °C 26~30 °C 21~25 °C 16~21 °C 11~17 °C


UNESCO World Heritage Sites Sparta - Archaeological Site of Mystras

Built by the prince of Achaia, William of Villehardouin, in 1249, the city of Mystras was occupied by the Byzantines, the Turks and the Venetians before being finally abandoned in 1832. Today, the remains of the medieval city are all that is left, surrounded by a beautiful landscape. The ruins, considered a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, can be divided into an upper and a lower town with different gates. Although it isn’t a very intense climb, be ready to walk quite a lot to enjoy your visit. The views and the combination of some well-preserved buildings with other ruins will definitely fascinate you.

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