Things to do in Skiathos

Skiathos – the greenest island in Greece

Skiathos is a lush, green island that boasts of crystal clear waters and untouched beaches. It’s no wonder that visitors choose to spend their holiday in Skiathos every year because it has so much natural beauty to offer. The city center of Skiathos has stone paths leading to wonderful bars, restaurants, and other vital ‘stops along the way’ for travelers and locals alike.


Things to do in Skiathos

Skiathos attracts scores of tourists every year, who comes to enjoy food, beach life and all the fun things to do in Skiathos, but the city retains its authenticity in the local nooks and crannies of the town. The island is home to several lovely ancient monasteries and churches, so make sure to visit these and learn more about the unique history of the island.


Skiathos Beaches

Skiathos is popular for its open beaches covered in soft sand. Dig your toes into the sparkling sandy shores and let hours of relaxation sink in. Work on your tan and breathe in the open, salty sweet air as you face an eternal view of bright blue waters.




Skiathos Restaurants

After a satisfying jaunt to the beach, you may want to amble back to the town center of Skiathos and try some local Greek or Italian fare, prepared with the upmost care in a firewood oven.


Skiathos Nightlife

There are several clubs, bars, and a classy tavern for the nightlife in Skiathos. Most bars are located along the seashore and have a good music and dance scene featuring both traditional and modern entertainment.


When to go to Skiathos

Skiathos has bright hot summers, so be sure to bring your bathing suit and sunscreen. The island is lovely at any time of year and will make your holiday memorable no matter when you choose to visit.


Skiathos Wedding

Many couples choose to celebrate their wedding at Skiathos, since it is such a beautiful and picturesque island. There are several venues that are used to creating the perfect wedding celebration, because the city is the ideal place to celebrate a festive party or ceremony.


Things to do in Skiathos

Skiathos Facts

Population6 088
AirportAlexandros Papadiamantis, Greece (JSI)

Skiathos average temperatures

9 °C 11 °C 13 °C 18 °C 23 °C 27 °C 29 °C 29 °C 26 °C 20 °C 16 °C 12 °C