Things to do in Parga

Things to do in Parga – Beaches and Historical Sites

Parga is a resort town located in the northwestern part of Greece and the Parga beaches is known worldwide.


What to do in Parga – Vacation Ideas

This beautiful town has a lot to offer and there are many fun things to do in Parga for tourists visiting.
The town is also near several other unique and interesting cities that should be visited in that part of the region by travelers.


Parga Beaches

There are lots of beautiful beaches to visit while on holiday in Parga and  sun lovers doesn’t have to wonder about what to do in Parga. The Parga beaches have beautifully calm, warm water where tourists can play games, swim, and fish or get involved in water sports like skiing, wind surfing, or diving. Some of the best beaches include Valtos, Piso, Kryoneri, and Lichnos.



There are also several hotels nearby where tourists can stay during their trip, as well as visit other nearby beaches such as Sarakiniko, which is 19 kilometers away.



Another nearby attraction is a Byzantine architectural castle in Arta built in the 13th century. If you like castles, don’t miss the Castle of Parga either. It was built in the 11th century to protect the residents from Turkish pirates.



Speaking of battles from the sea, the Battle of Preveza occurred in September 1538 near the town of Preveza, which is also near to Parga. It was a fight between the Ottomans and a Christian coalition formed by Pope Paul the Third.



Another nearby place of interest is Ioannina, which was the center of Greek enlightenment between 1647 and 1830 when they started trade routes with Venice and other European cities. It was a time when many concepts like schools, theaters, and banking houses were established as well as the forming of several charities.


How to get to Parga

One could wonder how to get to Parga since there is no airport in Parga, but it is pretty easy to get to the beautiful town.

Many tourists fly to the Aktio National Airport close to Preveza and then take a taxi or a bus to Parga, about an hour’s drive.

Another option is to fly to Egnantia Highway Thessaloniki and take the chance to visit Thessaloniki on your trip, from Thessaloniki you only have 3 – 4 hours drive to Parga.


When to go to Parga

Parga is a great place to visit all year round because it has a warm, temperate climate with hot, dry summers.

The hottest month is in August, which averages 25°C (77°F), with the coldest in January, when it averages 9°C (48.2°F).

The water is best for swimming in August, as the water temperature averages about 26°C (78.8°F).


Parga Beaches, things to do in Parga, how to get to Parga - What to do in Parga?

Parga Facts

Population11 866
AirportAktio, Greece (PVK)

Parga average temperatures

10~14 °C 12~14 °C 16 °C 19 °C 22~24 °C 26~29 °C 28~33 °C 29~33 °C 25~29 °C 21~23 °C 16~19 °C 11~15 °C