Things to do in Athens

Athens – Exquisite Ancient Capital of Greece

Athens is the capital of Greece and one of the oldest and most famous cities in the entire world.


Things to do in Athens

Athens is a popular tourist destination – here you can experience Acropolis, Hellenic Parliament, Parthenon and all the other amazing things to do in Athens on your next trip to the capital of Greece.


Parthenon and Acropolis

There are lots of historic sites to see while on holiday in Athens. Just about everyone that goes there visits the Parthenon, which is a temple dedicated to the goddess Athena, which is located in the Acropolis region. It was built between 447 and 438 BC, and is one of the most important classical Greek structures that has survived till modern day. Due to its historical significance, Greeks are working to restore and reconstruct part of it so that it will remain stable for future visitors to marvel at.


Hellenic Parliament

If you are interested in politics, visit the Hellenic Parliament, the democratic institution representing its Greek citizens. A grand and imposing structure, today’s Parliament has 300 members.


Acropolis Museum

There are many different kinds of museums in Athens that you can visit on holiday. These include the museum of the Acropolis, which contains sculptures, statues and reliefs from the Acropolis. You can also go to the Historical Museum of Athens, the former sight of the old Parliament, and now holding exhibits from 1821 to World War II.


When to go to Athens

Head to Athens in April if you want to experience the Greek Orthodox Easter in all of its splendor. Easter is a very holy and celebrated time with special foods, church traditions and other activities.


Athens Marathon

If you enjoy running, come in November to see the famous Athens marathon. It begins in its namesake, then passes through the resort town of Nea Makri, and back on to Athens to finish in the Panathinaiko Stadium where ancient runners finished the course in the 1896 Olympics.


Things to do in Athens

Athens Facts

Population3 752 973
AirportEleftherios Venizelos Intl, Greece (ATH)

Athens average temperatures

14 °C 14 °C 16 °C 19 °C 24 °C 29 °C 32 °C 32 °C 28 °C 23 °C 19 °C 15 °C


UNESCO World Heritage Sites Athens - Acropolis, Athens

As all acropoles, the Acropolis of Athens was built on an elevated area and had the functions of defending the city and housing the main cultural sites. Since 1987 it has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Propylaea is the main entrance to the acropolis, and inside you will find among the most important monuments the Parthenon and the temple Athena Nike. You should wear comfortable shoes because you are going to walk quite a lot around the acropolis, and the weather can get really hot if you are visiting in summer. Avoid the crowds by visiting after four in the afternoon, and hire a guide or investigate before going to enjoy the site at its fullest!

Monasteries of Daphni, Hosios Loukas and Nea Moni of Chios

The three monasteries of Daphni in Attica, Hosios Loukas in Phocida and Nea Moni on the island of Chios share the same stylistic traits of the middle period of Byzantine religious architecture despite the geographical distance between each other. Together, they are listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1990. The Monastery of Daphni is currently being restored, which means that you’ll find some shut gates and covered parts. However, there is no better place to enjoy the mosaics, since you will be able to ascend the scaffolding and see them at eye level! The Monastery of Hosios Loukas is incredibly well preserved, calm and with excellent mosaics covering walls and ceilings. (Entry with shorts prohibited!) The Monastery of Nea Moni has also beautiful mosaics, but its history is what makes it specially different. Its construction is fully documented thanks to its role in a major historical event: the prediction made by two monks of Chios about a nobleman becoming Emperor. Another event that took place there was the massacre of 1821 by the Ottoman troops, with bones and skulls being kept in the church of the monastery in a glass case.

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Athen Opera House

After 150 years of a growing opera tradition, the company Greek National Opera was founded in 1940, right before Italy’s declaration of war to Greece. Today, the Greek National Opera holds performances in three different venues plus one under construction named Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Centre. The three stages actually used are the main location for opera and ballet Olympia Theatre, the Acropol Theatre presenting operetta and plays for children and the Lyric Stage, an experimental studio. Take a look at the programme offered during your visit!

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Athens Marathon

Running the Athens Marathon can be compared to returning to the roots for regular marathon runners. According to legend, after a great battle in the village of Marathon between Athens and the invading Persian army in 490 BC, the Athenian messenger Phidippides ran 24 miles to Athens with the message of victory. The annual Athens Marathon that you can participate in has the same route as that of Phidippides, so it is entirely possible for you to feel the tides of history when you are participating in the Athens Marathon. If you are traveling to Athens partly to see the historical sights, with the Athens Marathon, you can also be a part of them!

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Golf in Athens

The historic city of Athens has something to offer for everyone, and that includes golfing enthusiasts. Just outside the city to the north, you will find Athens Country Club, a 27 hole golf club with a course that dates back to 1925 and has been enjoyed everyday since. On the other side of town, to the south, you will find The University of Georgia Golf Course, originally meant for the university community to use as past time entertainment but is nowdays open to everyone for a reasonable price. If you decide to go, remember to bring a few extra balls in case you get stuck in the water on the 13 hole.

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Water Parks in Athens - Splash around at Copa Copana

Copa Copana is a water park near Athens in Greece. This place gives you a wide range of fun and thrilling water slides to choose from. The smaller ones can splash around and have lots of fun in the water at their own Magic Water Town. The hottest place to be during summers in Athens is at the heart of Copa Copana.

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Theme Parks in Athens - Games and ice-skating at Fairyland Kingdom

When in Athens Allou Fun Park is definitely worth a visit! It is packed with fun and entertainment to cater all tastes and ages. Fairyland Kingdom is a perfect place for the younger kids and the older crowd will love the 3D games that transfer you into another dimension! During the winters you can go ice-skating on their rink and the park also offer lovely ice-skating shows as well.

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