Things to do in Gozo

Gozo – The Mediterranean gem

Gozo is one of the three Maltese islands situated in the Mediterranean Sea. It is smaller, more remote, and less developed than Malta Island, but its scenic hills and pretty countryside adds to the unique charm of the place. It is a very characterful island dotted with spectacular diving destinations and nightlife venues.


Things to do in Gozo

Great marine life and aqua sports, are just a few of the things to do in Gozo. You can also see the beaches and landscape from afar while going for a cruise from the Gozo Marina.


Aqua Sports and Diving in Gozo

Gozo is a premier diving destination in the Mediterranean because its surrounding waters are teeming with colorful fishes and diverse sea creatures. If you are looking for diving instructors or guides, you can check the Gozo Aqua Sports and other diving centers in Gozo.


Gozo Marina

Cruising is also a popular activity on the island. Cruise ships frequent Gozo’s marina, especially during summer, and you can hop aboard to see the beautiful coastline and landscape of Gozo from afar. The Gozo Marina has a great location and is close to plenty of bars and restaurants.


Gozo Beaches

Of course, the beaches are a must-visit when you spend your holiday in Gozo and your trip won’t be complete without getting a tan on the shore. Restaurants, spas, and nightlife venues litter the beaches of the island, so you will surely have an amazing time day in and day out.


Nightlife in Gozo

The inhabitants of Gozo are known for their love of celebrations, there is always something to celebrate on the island. Therefor the Gozo nightlife always has something to offer. There are also a lot of festivals during the year, enjoying the Gozo nightlife is a great addition to your stay.


When to go to Gozo

Gozo, like the rest of the Maltese archipelago, experiences a subtropical-Mediterranean climate. It has warm to hot summers and very mild winters. August is the warmest month, with average daytime highs of 28 to 34 °C (82 to 93 °F) and nighttime lows of 20 to 24 °C (68 to 75 °F). In January, the coldest month, maximum daytime temperatures range from 12 to 20 °C (54 to 68 °F) while minimum nighttime temperatures range from 7 to 12 °C (45 to 54 °F).
Summers are usually dry and winters are rainy. It is always a good time to visit the island because the summer heat is mitigated by the Mediterranean Sea and winter isn’t as cold and freezing as in other cities in mainland Europe.

Gozo Facts

Population31 053
CurrencyMaltese lira
AirportLuqa, Malta (MLA)

Gozo average temperatures

15 °C 16 °C 17 °C 19 °C 23 °C 28 °C 31 °C 31 °C 28 °C 24 °C 20 °C 17 °C


UNESCO World Heritage Sites Gozo - Megalithic Temples of Malta

The islands of Malta and Gozo contain seven megalithic temples of great archaeological importance thanks to their good preservation and diversity of decoration and form. Since 1980 they have been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Ġgantija temple complex in Gozo is an example. Older than the pyramids of Egypt, this ensemble is a very well preserved archaeological reference of the Maltese Bronze Age.

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