Giethoorn – A Storybook Village

Ever get tired of the city life? Stressful people running around and noisy cars leaving combustion gases behind? If so, I have the perfect getaway for you, a hidden gem outside of Amsterdam, Holland. A village where the streets are made of water and the only way to get around is by boat.


Giethoorn is the name of the village and it is located in the Dutch province of Overjissel, it is often called the Venice of the North or Venice of the Netherlands. Giethoorn was once a totally auto-free zone, but some exceptions has been made today. Although, the way to get full access around the village is still only possible when going by boat.


Tourism hasn’t had a big influence on the old traditional town and you can kind of call it an untouched diamond. There are organized boat tours available in the village but the best way to experience the city is by renting a so-called “whisper boat”, a dinghy driven by an electric motor, to navigate yourself around.


Gliding along the small canals there is a big chance you’ll find yourself thinking “is this for real?” as you’ll pass old, charming and pretty thatched-roof houses. A lot of the houses aren’t reachable by road at all. Even the postman makes his way to deliver the mail by boat.



Enjoy the serenity as you putter down the narrow waterways, stop for a bite to eat or a cup of coffee on one of the canal-side restaurants and cafes before you continue on passing under gracefully arching bridges and maybe stop by one of the canal-side museums.



So what do you say, sounds like a pretty good idea huh? I mean, who wouldn’t want to visit a picturesque place like this? It feels like something taken out of a storybook!


Elin Ingelsten
Chooses a hot, tropical and sunny holiday over a snowy one every day. Loves to stroll around in lively big cities just as much as charming small villages and dreams about experiencing the pulsating vibes of all the big cities in the world.