Things to do in Hamburg

Hamburg – Steeped in History and Culture

Germany’s second biggest city is ideal to visit if you like history and culture. Running out of things to do in Hamburg will not be a problem as you have over sixty museums to choose from as well as some really nice theatres, ballets or operas where you can enjoy world class performances.


Things to do in Hamburg


Museums in Hamburg

Museums you don’t want to miss include the Hamburg Museum, the Museum for Art and Crafts, and the Archeological Museum of Hamburg. The city also hosts two museum ships and the world’s largest model railway museum.


Culture in Hamburg

Hamburg has an excellent cultural scene, with many theaters to choose from, whether you are interested in catching a musical while on holiday, going to the ballet or seeing the opera.


Hamburg Opera

The Hamburg State Opera House was the first opera house in Germany when it opened in 1678 and is still going strong today. Even if you don’t speak German very well, you’ll want to see a show at the English Theatre of Hamburg.


Hamburg Ballet

The Hamburg Ballet is a ballet company that often hold performances at the Hamburg State Opera. Visit the official website for the Hamburg Ballet to read more about coming performances and how to get tickets to shows.


Tierpark Hagenbeck - Hamburg Zoo

Other things to do include a visit to Tierpark Hagenbeck, the Hamburg Zoo. Renowned as being the first zoo in the world to use open enclosures surrounded by moats rather than barred cages, it has many attractions including a four level tropical aquarium and a new arctic landscape to explore.


Hamburg Casino

If you fancy a roll of the dice, try out the Hamburg Casino for some fun gambling.


When to go to Hamburg

There are events in Hamburg throughout the year, so take note of what is happening before you go. One of the most popular things to do in Hamburg during spring time is to visit The Night of Museums. This event occur in April each year and is great if you want to visit a number of museums. Over 50 museums participate each year and they stay open until 2am. In May there is the Hafengeburstag and the Harbour Birthday which has many events and attracts millions of visitors. Summer offers lots of street parties and parades.


Sport Events in Hamburg

There are also plenty of sporting events to see, including the German Open Tennis tournament which takes place in Hamburg.


Things to do in Hamburg

Hamburg Facts

Population1 813 587
AirportHamburg, Germany (HAM)

Hamburg average temperatures

2~3 °C 2~4 °C 7 °C 12 °C 17~18 °C 19~21 °C 21~23 °C 22 °C 18 °C 13 °C 7 °C 4 °C


Hamburg Opera House

Hamburgische Staatsoper

Founded in 1678, the Hamburgische Staatsoper is one of the oldest active opera houses in the world. It was the first opera house in Germany, made possible by the art loving people of Hamburg. The building we see today is not the same as in 1678 as it has been rebuilt twice, once in 1827 and once in 1955, and was renovated between 2002 and 2005. The love for opera remains though, and the tradition of breaking new ground will continue as the city of Hamburg is planning a grand opera house that is expected to be complete in 2017.

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Hamburg Marathon

The Hamburg Marathon was established in 1986 and has since been a great tradition in the city. The race starts at Sievekingplatz and runs down to the river Nordereibe where you run along the river for about 15 kilometers. The race will then take you past the Aussenalster lake, past the Stadtpark up north to Ohlsdorg where the race turns south towards the finish line in Sievekingplatz. The race is fast with very little elevation and the marathon is known for being very friendly towards runners with a great organization making sure you are well hydrated along the run. The race is held in springtime, usually in late April. If you are in Hamburg during this time, challenge yourself in this great marathon!

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Golf in Hamburg

No matter in what direction you go from Hamburg you will run into a golf course. While the inner city doesn't have many options, the countryside sure does, and they are not more than 15 minutes from the city if you go by car. To the north, you will find Golf Club Hamburg Wendlohe, a great 18 hole course in the middle of the forest. If you go west you will find Hamburger Golf Club Falkenstein and if you go east you will find Golf Gut Glinde, both 18 hole championship courses. A bit further south, about 25 minutes from Hamburg, you can find the luxurious Golf & Country Club Am Hockenberg, a great alternative if you are looking for a complete package of activities.

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Theme Parks in Hamburg - Wooden and steep roller coasters

There are two impressive amusement parks to choose from when you are in Hamburg. The first one Heide Park Resort, is the biggest theme park in northern Germany and offers the highest wooden roller coaster in Europe along with other unique roller coasters. The other one, Hansa-Park, gives you a nice maritime atmosphere since it is uniquely located by the sea. Their special roller coaster “Curse of Novgorod” goes in the dark and features the steepest drop in the dark in the world. Both of these amusement parks are great for families, but Hansa-Park is a little bit more suitable for smaller children.

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