Things to do in Cologne

Cologne a major cultural center in Germany

As one of the largest cities in Germany, Cologne houses plenty of holiday destinations for all types of tourists. The people of Cologne are very liberal, accommodating and will gladly help you if you happen to get lost on your way to the city’s sights. Cologne is known for its museums, galleries, and trade shows and whether you’re searching for cultural, historical, or natural attractions, there are always plenty of things to do in Cologne and the dynamic city will not fail you.


Things to do in Cologne


Cologne Cathedral

When on holiday in Cologne, you definitely don’t won’t to miss the Cologne Cathedral, the seat of the archbishop of Cologne and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its towering spires and sophisticated Gothic facade are a sight to behold.


Cologne Chocolate Museum

Another must-see holiday destination in the city is the Imhoff-Schokoladenmuseum or Imhoff Chocolate Museum.

This museum is one of the top German museums and showcases the entire history of chocolate. Because of the interesting and mouthwatering guided tours in the museum, more than half a million visitors go here every year.


Cologne Zoo

The Aktiengesellschaft Cologne Zoological Garden or simply Cologne Zoo is a world-renowned zoo in the city. It also has an aquarium and free-flight rainforest hall.


When to go to Cologne

Cologne is considered one of Germany’s warmest cities. January is typically the coldest month while July is usually the warmest.


Cologne Christmas Markets

If you’re visiting the city in December, you can explore Cologne’s many Christmas markets that can be found all around the city. The most recommended ones are the Markt der Engel at Neumarkt and the Christmas market near the Cathedral.


Cologne Carnival

Another huge winter event in Cologne is the Kölner Karneval or Cologne Carnival, one of the biggest and most colorful street fests in Europe. The carnival season officially starts in November but most of the culminating activities take place during the week before Ash Wednesday.


Things to do in Cologne

Cologne Facts

Population1 024 373
AirportKoln Bonn, Germany (CGN)

Cologne average temperatures

-1~4 °C -1~6 °C 10 °C 14 °C 14~19 °C 16~22 °C 18~23 °C 18~23 °C 14~19 °C 10~15 °C 4~9 °C 1~6 °C


UNESCO World Heritage Sites Cologne - Cologne Cathedral

With its construction lasting from 1248 until 1880, the Gothic Cathedral of Cologne is considered a masterpiece of cathedral architecture and a great proof of the power of Christianity in medieval and modern Europe. On 1996, it entered UNESCO’s World Heritage List. The details on the outside could keep you busy for hours, but the inside is just as majestic. Admire the stained glass windows and the immensity of the building. If you can take it, climb the 509 stone steps up the spiral staircase to see the bells and some amazing views!

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Cologne Opera House

Oper der Stadt Köln

Designed by German architect, Wilhelm Riphahn, Oper der Stadt Köln has been home to the opera company with the same name since its inauguration in 1957. It is located on the culturally oriented Offenbachplatz where you can also find the performance arts venue Theater am Dom. Oper der Stadt Köln has been closed for extensive renovations since 2010 and is scheduled to reopen in November 2015. It is exciting times for the culturally inclined German people who are anticipatingly awaiting the reopening.

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Schnurrke - Cat Café Cologne

At the cat cafe Schnurrke you can enjoy, in addition to the cats company, hot and cold drinks, cakes, vegetarian and vegan sandwiches, breakfast, and other goodies. The cats at the cafe were all rescued from an Spanish cat shelter and are now permanent residents at the cafe. On the cafe’s website, you can se pictures of the cats and read about their personalities and their life stories.

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Imhoff-Schokoladenmuseum, Cologne

The Imhoff Schokoladenmuseum is one of Germany's top ten museums with a yearly total of almost 700,000 visitors. The futuristic steel and glass complex tells the story of the 3000-year long culture of chocolate around the wolrd - from the Mayan's cacao based "drink of the gods" until today's chocolate commercials, and everything in between. There is a greenhouse with cocoa trees and also a mini-production unit where you can watch the cacao bean be turned into a chocolate bar. Go here to read more about Cologne.

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Cologne Marathon

The Cologne Marathon was established in 1997 and has since been an annual event in the month of October. There are several different categories of races at the event, some more unusual than others. For example, there is an inline skating race and a handcyclist race as well as a run & skate and the possibility to run both a marathon and a half-marathon consecutively. The course centers around the Rhine River as runners make their way around the inner city of Cologne seeing the Rudolfplatz, the Fernsehturm Colonius and Ottoplatz in the boroughs of Deutz, where runners start and finish the race.

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Golf in Cologne

Cologne is a great place to go if you are looking for quality golf. Golf Club Leverkusen offers a great 18 hole course with beautiful lakes in a woodland course. Kölner Golfclub offers two 18 hole courses, Championship Course and Links Course. They complement each other extremely well, where the Championship Course is tailored towards the advanced players and the Links Course is a little bit more relaxed. There are several more courses near Cologne, for example Golf- und Land-Club Köln, V-Golf Sankt Urbanus and Golf-Club Ford Köln just to name a few.

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