Things to do in Toulouse

Toulouse is the primary hub of aerospace and aviation in Europe

One of the largest cities in France, Toulouse is one of the top tourist destinations in the country. Its primary industry lies in spaceflight and aviation, with several large aerospace companies having their headquarters in the city. There’s a great variety of things to do in Toulouse and a wonderful holiday here usually involves sightseeing, watching the opera, and going to popular sport games.


Things to do in Toulouse



World-class sports matches draw huge crowds, both tourist and local. The city’s rugby and football clubs are considered one of the best in Europe and both have won championships in their respective leagues.


Théâtre du Capitole

Opera and ballet shows are usually performed at the Théâtre du Capitole. If you are interested in watching the ballet or opera, simply check the theater’s events calendar and book a ticket in advance.



The city center provides a great learning experience for those who are willing to walk its streets and see its old architecture. The history of Toulouse is well preserved in its buildings, walls, bridges, and canals, making the city a huge open-air museum for international tourists.


Visit Carcassonne

If you want to explore past the city limits, you can head to Carcassonne and check out its famous medieval fortress.


When to go to Toulouse

Toulouse has a humid subtropical climate with warm to hot summers, mild winters, and rainfall that is spread evenly throughout the year. Average high temperatures in the hottest months of June through August range between 25.2 to 28 °C (77.4 to 82.4 °F). In the winter season, average low temperatures stay between 2.4 to 5.8 °C (36.3 to 42.4 °F).


A great time to visit Toulouse is during the summer and autumn seasons, when the weather is pleasant and chances of rain are lower than in winter or spring. There are also different outdoor activities and cultural celebrations taking place in the city in summer.




Things to do in Toulouse

Toulouse Facts

Population864 936
AirportBlagnac, France (TLS)

Toulouse average temperatures

8~10 °C 10~11 °C 15 °C 17 °C 20~21 °C 24~25 °C 27~28 °C 27~28 °C 23~25 °C 18~20 °C 13 °C 9~10 °C


Toulouse Opera House

Théâtre du Capitole

Located in between Square Charles de Gaulle, Place Du Capitole and Mairie de Toulouse museum, the Théâtre du Capitole is literally in the middle of a cultural center in Toulouse. Apart from being an opera house Théâtre du Capitole is also an opera company responsible for the fantastic opera music performed at the venue. It is part of a professional association of opera companies in France called Réunion des Opéras de France insuring the quality of opera in all of France. Don't forget to check out their schedule before your visit to see what is happening when you are there!

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UNESCO World Heritage Sites Toulouse - Canal du Midi

The Canal du Midi, going from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic, is considered one of the greatest achievements of civil engineering during modern times, combining technological innovation and aesthetics. For this reason, the Canal du Midi is included in UNESCO’s World Heritage List. Since the waters of the canal are navigable, a great option to see it is to rent a boat or take a cruise. Otherwise, biking or simply hiking along the canal are as much enjoyable.

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Marathon International Toulouse Métropole

Marathon International Toulouse Métropole is annually arranged in the Toulouse area in October. As a part of the event a relay and a wheelchair race are also organized.

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