Things to do in Nantes

Nantes: city of sports and music

Nantes is in the country of France. It is home to popular sports like football, rugby and handball, as well as offering several music and arts festivals every year.


Things to do in Nantes



HBC Nantes Handball is part of the European Handball Federation, which was formed in 1953 and handball is a popular sport in the area. Other popular sports are rugby and football. The Football Club de Nantes was created in 1943 and it has been very successful, and has won 8 Litgue 1 titles.


Camping in Nantes

If you like to go camping while on holiday, then there is much to offer in Nantes, as it has the Nantes Campground, with the option of parking in a camping site with your motorhome, or staying in a cabana on stilts or one of their charming chalets.


How to get to Nantes

Many tourists go from Nantes to Paris. It’s simple to get there via your choice of train, bus or plane. Paris is a little over 2,000 miles away from Nantes.


When to go to Nantes

Nantes features a Western European oceanic climate, which means that the fall and winter seasons can be rainy and cold, while the spring and summer has mild or hot temperatures, with the warmest being in July.


Festivals and events

There are many things to do in Nantes all year long. For instance, if you come in July you can see the Aux Heures D’ete, a summer festival or come to the Les Rendez-vous De l’erdre, a popular jazz festival in August.


If you love music, art and graphic design, come in September for the Scopitone or come in October for the Utopiales, an international Science Fiction festival for cinema, literature and cartoons. Another film festival is in November called the Festival of 3 Continents, which honors cinematography from Africa, Latin America and Asia.


Things to do in Nantes

Nantes Facts

Population580 502
AirportNantes Atlantique, France (NTE)

Nantes average temperatures

8 °C 9 °C 12 °C 14 °C 18 °C 22 °C 24 °C 24 °C 22 °C 17 °C 12 °C 9 °C


Nantes Opera House

Théâtre Graslin

Walking down the famous Jean Jacques Rousseau road from Jean-Baptiste Daviais park, you will find this 18th century opera house, named after Jean-Louis Graslin. Built in Italian style by French architect and urban planner Mathurin Crucy, who is also responsible for the architectural programme which helped shape Nantes into what we see today, the Théâtre Graslin is the main venue for opera in Nantes. It is also home of the Nantes Opera, and is a must visit if you are looking for a world class musical experience.

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Golf in Nantes

There are a couple of beautiful courses in close vicinity of Nantes. Golf de Carquefou is located about 15 minutes from the city. It is located in and around the Gardens of Epinay Castle and features a hilly course with some truly breathtaking sights. Golf de Nantes is another great course, albeit a little bit more challenging than Golf de Carquefou. You will find it in Château de Buron northwest of the city. Closest to the city center is Golf de Nantes Erdre, a hilly 18 hole course with undulating fairways and greens, making it a quite difficult course to play on.

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