Things to do in Finland

Travel to Finland

Finland’s history contributes to the unique, modern and interesting place it is today. At one point it was under Swedish rule for 600 years. Following that it fell under the Russians and became a grand duchy in its empire. In the Tzar’s hands, grand plans were had for its capital city, Helsinki, and to reflect such majesty, an emperor-style city plan was created. Today in Helsinki, it is easy to see and appreciate the grand design throughout the spacious capital. Now, completely under Finnish rule since 6 December, 1917, Finland is a thriving country with a rich economy that attracts business internationally. Its education, healthcare and social security are unparalleled worldwide and all state financed.

Fun things to do Finland

Besides all that goodness, Finland is filled with fun things to see and do. If you travel to Finland in August you can win a prize for tossing a mobile as far and wide as possible at the annual Mobile Phone Throwing Competition in Savonlinna. It is few a man or woman who has never had that particular desire. If you travel to Lapland you’ll be in one of the best places on the planet to witness the Northern Lights.

The weather in Finland

Finland has cold winters and warm summers and is actually a bit warmer than people initially imagine it to be.

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Finland is a Nordic country known for its shifting clouds and frosty climate. Helsinki is the capital and largest city of Finland, and it is the world’s northernmost metropolitan city with over one million people. Everything the city has to offer combined with the proximity to nature means that there are a lot of things to do in Helsinki for people visiting. The city has been named the “Pearl of the Baltic” and it has the ability to melt your heart with its ever friendly citizens, awesome architecture and bustling markets. Read more about Helsinki…