Enjoy a trip to the zoo with your family during your vacation.


Looking for a great family attraction to visit during the vacation? A visit to a zoo during the trip will not disappoint you. There are a great number of animal parks around the world, we’ve listed some of the greatest zoo destinations in the world

Zoo Europe

Zoo Denmark

There are many great zoos to choose from while visiting Europe, about twenty animal parks are situated in Denmark. Copenhagen zoo in Frederiksberg is the zoo to visit to get the most out of the zoo experience on the trip.

Danish zoo in Copenhagen

There is no wonder the Copenhagen Zoo is visited by 1.2 million people every year and crowned the 4th most visited attraction in Denmark. It is one of the oldest animal parks in Europe, especially noted for the incredible elephant house. The zoo is divided into different sections, each section being home to animals from different parts of the world. One place is called ‘South America’ with South American animals, another place is home to African animals and the list goes on and on. There are some rare species living  here for example the Tasmanian devil, which is well worth a visit itself. Read more on what to do in Copenhagen here.

Zoo in Germany

There are many great zoos in Germany and there is a great discussion going on about which animal park to visit during the vacation.

Frankfurt Zoo – Best Zoo in Germany?

Frankfurt Zoological Garden is famous all over Germany for their 4500 different animals. The visitor does not have to travel far since the Zoo is located in the heart of the city. Frankfurt Zoo has the biggest home for nocturnal animals where day becomes night and the visitor can spot animals like bats and African aardvarks. The nocturnal house and the cat jungle are the top spots at this Zoo and is well worth a visit during the family vacation. Get more info on Frankfurt here
Zoo in UK

London Zoo

The London Zoo is a large zoo with over 700 different species of animals. The Zoo opened in 1828 which makes it the oldest scientific zoo in the world and it is a perfect tourist destination, especially if you are travelling with kids.

Zoo America

Zoo in Florida

The visitor is spoiled for choice when visiting America to get a great animal experience on the trip. Florida hosts one of the best animal parks in the country offering exotic animals and an educational experience for the whole family on the vacation. The Disney’s Kingdom Animal Theme Park in Orlando is one of the best animal parks in the country, known for their African savanna exhibit where one can spot all the African animals; Zebras, giraffes, antelopes and elks are just a few. Read more on Disney World theme parks here

Zoo in Detroit

Learn more about animals at the Detroit Zoo. The favorite spots among visitors are The Australian Outback Adventure and the Arctic Ring of Life’s.  The Arctic Ring of Life is North America’s largest polar bear home, which also houses seals and arctic foxes. Discover Australia and Arctic while visiting Detroit! Read more on Detroit here


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