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Enjoy one of the world’s greatest theme parks in the world during your holiday

Theme parks and amusement parks are popular destinations among families traveling together. The rollercoasters, shows, movies, buildings and disney characters attract people from all over the world. The greatest theme parks are located in the US and people travel from all over to spend time at the amazing theme parks. There is no risk you have already been to all of them, the theme parks in the US are thousands and one will never get tired of spending time at an amusement park with the family. Visit one today to get the most out of your family vacation!

Theme parks in the US

Orlando, the theme park capital of the world

Orlando is often called ”the theme park capital of the world. One of the absolute most attractive theme parks in Orlando is the Disney world. Disney world in Orlando is right at the top of many family’s must-go holiday destinations offering amazing shows, attractions and beautifully designed buildings to enjoy on the family holiday. Read more on Disney world here

Los Angeles theme parks

The theme parks in Los Angeles are amazing. One of the most popular among families is the world famous movie studio Universal studios, a must-visit for the movie geek. The Los Angeles Zoo is the place to go if you are feeling for hanging out with animals close to the Universal Studios, Los Angeles zoo is the place to visit. The Aquarium of the Pacific is a must-visit when choosing between theme parks in Los Angeles. Watch, touch and come face-to-face animals you didn’t know existed in the Aquarium theme park. Read more about Aquariums in the US here

Amusement parks in Ohio

Cedar Point in Ohio is said to be the roller coaster capital of the world, being home to 17 roller coasters. Go riding all day in Cedar Point, Ohio. When spending time in Ohio, do not miss out on the theme park King’s Island in Mason. With more than 3 millions visitors per year, King’s island is one of the most visited theme parks in the US. The tickets include admission to the near-by water park, Boomerang bay.

The highest roller coaster in the world in New Jersey

The adventure seeker will find the world’s highest roller coaster in New Jersey, USA. The theme park is also home to the world’s first floor less roller coaster – something for the daredevil! Combine theme parks and vacation and get the most perfect family holiday! Read more on New Jersey here

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Theme Parks in Seoul - Laser show at Seoul Land

If you’re looking for the first comprehensive theme park in Korea the place to go is Seoul. The city offers you Seoul Land, which consists out if five different themed areas. Stroll around between the many attractions in Future Land, Fantasy Land, Adventure Land, Samcheoli Land and World Plaza. The park is known for its laser shows in the evenings so round off your fun-filled day by watching one!

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Theme Parks in Anaheim - Classic rides at Adventure City

Adventure City in Anaheim isn’t that big when it comes to the surface, but it is big on the amusement! This is a good place for families to go when looking for an exciting day together. It offers all the classic rides and carousels and it is a great choice for those of you who want to keep it simple and avoid extremes. Simply fun!

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Theme Parks in Shanghai - Hello Kitty and Dinosaurs!

Shanghai is filled with thrilling and exciting amusement parks for you to pick and choose from. If you want one that is close Jinjiang Park is the easiest accessible. If you are a big fan of Hello Kitty you should definitely visit Hello Kitty Park. Dino Land, Happy Valley and Suzhou Amusement Land are other fun and popular parks worth a visit!

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Theme Parks in Paris - A cartoonish experience at Parc Astérix

Just a little bit north of Paris you find an amusement park with the name Parc Astérix. As the name somewhat reveals the park is based on the French cartoon Astérix. Here you can take a ride (or two) in Zeus, the longest roller coaster built in wood in Europe.

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Theme Parks in Hong Kong - Thrilling roller coasters and animal shows at Ocean Park

Ocean Park is located in the southern district of Hong Kong. It isn’t only an amusement park, but also an animal theme park, a marine mammal park and an oceanarium. Try the thrilling roller coasters, watch animal exhibits with different themes and experience the world’s biggest aquarium dome. Ocean Park is divided into two areas because of a large mountain in between. You reach the two areas easily, either by a cable car system or take the Ocean Express funicular railway!

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Theme Parks in Tokyo - Record setting rides at Fuji-Q Highland!

In Tokyo you will find one of the most popular theme parks in all of Japan, Fuji-Q Highland. It is located in the Fuji Five Lakes region and if you’re looking for some real thrill rides, this is where you should go. The park is known for its anime themed and record holding rides and attractions. Some of the roller coasters have even been included in to the Guinnes World Record! In some of the attractions you get beautiful views over Mt. Fuji. The park also has a lot of fun attractions more suitable for smaller children. For those of you who travel a long way to the park, or just don’t feel like one day is enough, there is a hotel just a few steps outside the main entrance, great for overnighters. If you’re looking for the best theme park for families and children Sanrio Puro Land, one of Japan's most popular attractions, is the one! Other than having a lot of exciting attractions, the park also hosts a lot of musicals. There are also a lot of known characters running around in the area for you to say hi to, such as Hello Kitty, My Melody and Cinnamoroll. A great place for families to spend a day with loads of fun! Yomiuri Land is a large, popular and well-known amusement park near Tokyo. This is a great place for thrill seekers to explore all of the exciting roller coasters. And as if loads of rides weren’t enough, the park also has an attached Water Park with the name Amusement Water Island!

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Theme Parks in Copenhagen - Wooden roller coasters at Tivoli and Bakken

The most popular amusement park in Copenhagen, and all of Scandinavia really, is the famous Tivoli Gardens (or just Tivoli). The wooden roller coaster Rutchebanen is what the park is most known for. It also offers the second tallest carousel in the world, The Star Flyer, which gives you panoramic views over the beautiful city. Just outside of Copenhagen there is another amusement park called Bakken. It combines history and a nostalgic venue with more modern rides and attractions.

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Theme Parks in Stockholm - Roller coasters and concerts at Gröna Lund

In the capital of Sweden you’ll find an amusement park called Gröna Lund. Apart from a lot of fun and exciting carousels the park also offers a theater and a stage. Every year both national and international entertainers and musicians come here to perform. The amusement park opens during the third weekend of May every year and stays open until the end of September.

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Theme Parks in Gothenburg - Rides, gambling and dance at Liseberg

Liseberg is an amusement park located in Gothenburg, Sweden. The park offers over 30 rides and as if that wasn’t enough, it also has a couple of scenes, an outdoor dance floor, restaurants and two gambling-houses. One of the rides, called Atmosphere, is situated in one of the highest buildings of Gothenburg with a height of about 380 feet (about 480 feet above sea level). Liseberg opens in the end of April every year and stays open until mid October. But the park also has a very appreciated Christmas fair every year that starts in mid November and continues on until Christmas.

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Theme Parks in Sydney - A cinematic experience at Luna Park

Located on the northern shore of Sydney Harbor you find the amusement park Luna Park Sydney. A fun thing, besides all the exciting roller coasters and attractions of course, is that this park is a popular location for filming movies and television shows. So maybe you’ve already seen the park, while sitting on your sofa at home.

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Theme Parks in Buenos Aires - More than 30 attractions at Parque de la Costa

In a northern suburb of Buenos Aires, called Tigre, you find Parque de la Costa. This is an amusement park with something for everyone, whether you are looking for blood rushing and heart pumping rides or some fun rides for the smaller children. Parque de la Costa offers you more than 30 different attractions to choose from.

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Theme Parks in Bangkok - Adventures and thrills for the entire family

About a 45-minute car ride away from Bangkok you have Siam Park City Bangkok. The park consists out of five different areas and these are the Siam Water Park, X-Zone, Family World, Fantasy World and Small World. This place works as a good option for families with both small kids as well as older thrill seeking children. Combine your visit in the amusement park with some water fun in the Water Park! Dream World is a large amusement park with lots of fun for the whole family to experience! The park consists out different zones where the Adventure Land is the biggest and most popular. Other than thrilling rides and family attractions the park is most known for Asia’s first hanging coaster attraction. As a part of their river rafting attraction Dream World also offers a model of the Grand Canyon. As an over all theme the Adventure Land area has a fun futuristic and a family friendly theme. Now take your chance to dare yourself in exciting rides!

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Theme Parks in Melbourne - Fun for all ages

The big city of Melbourne has not only one, but three different amusement parks for you to just pick and choose from. Luna Park Melbourne gives you a fun world full of carnival flair! Wonderland Fun Park, located in the harbor, is classical park filled the family favorite rides and attractions. The park also offers shows throughout the year. And last but not least, you have FunFields, which has a water park section as well. This is a park with rides for all ages, but there is a zone designed especially for the smaller children to loose some energy!

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Theme Parks in Mexico City - 44 roller coasters at Six Flags

Just southwest of Mexico City you’ll find the largest theme park in Latin America, Six Flags Mexico City. The park features 44 thrilling roller coasters where some of them will satisfy even the biggest daredevils. In addition to this you also have the opportunity to take a once-in-a-lifetime swim with dolphins at the Dolphins Discovery Six Flags. Great park to spend the day at, whether with your family or a group of friends.

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Theme Parks in Athens - Games and ice-skating at Fairyland Kingdom

When in Athens Allou Fun Park is definitely worth a visit! It is packed with fun and entertainment to cater all tastes and ages. Fairyland Kingdom is a perfect place for the younger kids and the older crowd will love the 3D games that transfer you into another dimension! During the winters you can go ice-skating on their rink and the park also offer lovely ice-skating shows as well.

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Theme Parks in Brasilia - Family friendly Nicolandia Center Park

The family friendly Nicolandia Center Park is definitely worth a visit when you are in Brasilia. It is filled with attractions and rides suitable for the smaller children, but also some wild roller coasters for the daredevils. The park aims to give you a magical day you will late forget.

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Theme Parks in Alicante - Adrenaline pumping Terra Mitica

All you adrenaline junkies and daredevils out there should definitely give Terra Mitica a visit! It is the most popular theme park in the Alicante region and a great place for a fun and exciting family day. The different areas in the park are themed after places like ancient Greece, Egypt, Rome and other.

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Theme Parks in Chicaco - The Famous Six Flags

In Chicago you find one of the world known Six Flags amusement parks. This large area offers you what may seem as a never-ending amount of choices. Everyone will have fun here, whether you are looking for some pulse-pounding, seriously thrilling roller coasters or gentler kids’ rides. Or why not something where moms, dads and kids can all go together? Take your chance to experience one of the most talked about amusement parks in the entire world.

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Theme Parks in London - A ride for every taste!

If you are looking for some activities for a fun family day in London you won’t be disappointed. The city offers a wide range of different theme parks! Head out to Shrek’s Adventure if you want to experience the Kingdom of Far Far Away. Take a tour in a real Harry Potter spirit at Warner Bros Studio Tour or try a roller coaster that goes from zero to 80mph in two seconds at Thorpe Park. Other fun theme parks in London are Chessington World of Adventures, Legoland Windsor, KidZania and Go Ape Trent Park.

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Theme Parks in New York City - Suspended looping coaster at Darien Lake

You wouldn’t expect anything less than that New York City was filled with amusement parks. Of course it is! One of the most popular of them is Darien Lake, this is a paradise for the adrenaline junkies out there. This park offers you the only suspended looping coaster in New York State. Other than Darien Lake you can also visit the exciting Luna Park, Sylvan Beach and many more while in New York. Just pick and choose your favorite one!

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Theme Parks in Prague - Traditional fun at Lunapark

Lunapark in Prague is an amusement park with all the classical roller coasters and attractions, Ferris wheel for example. A great place for families to visit when wishing for a day filled with fun for the kids, and parents of course!

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Theme Parks in Rome - A Cinematic Experience at The Cinecitta World

There are two amusement parks in Rome. The first one, Rainbow MagicLand is packed with attractions. With its three differently themed areas a day at this park will guaranteed be a day filled with loads of fun! If you are interested in movies and cinemas you should definitely head out to The Cinecitta World. The park is inspired by the world of cinema and also consists out of different themed areas where you find a lot of thrilling and fun attractions!

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Theme Parks in Abu Dhabi - Ferraris and roller coasters!

Everyone who loves speed, action and Ferraris, look here! In Abu Dhabi you have access to the world’s first Ferrari-themed park! Ferrari World is also the largest indoor theme park in the world. This is a great place to spend the day with your family, it offers a lot of fun for all members of the family. And all daredevils out there can try Formula Rossa, it is the fastest roller coaster in the world!

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Theme Parks in Gran Canaria - Fun attractions and games at Holiday World

The biggest and most popular theme park in Gran Canaria, both among tourists and locals, is Holiday World. Take a ride in the 27 meter high Ferris wheel, go in the thrilling roller coaster or challenge each other in the bumper cars. This together with a lot of other fun attractions and games are available for you at Holiday World!

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Theme Parks in Vancouver - Wooden roller coaster at Playland

Playland in Vancouver is the oldest amusement park in Canada. What the park is most known for is its signature attraction, a wooden roller coaster with a great deal of speed! Smaller children have an area all to themselves with a lot of fun attractions, it is called the Kids Playce at Playland.

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Theme Parks in Bogotá - Castle of Horror at Salitre Magico

Salitre Magico, located in Bogotá, is the largest amusement park in the city. This is a park with all the classic rides and attractions, suitable for all ages. There is also a Castle of Horror for those who dare. Overall a great place to go with your family when you’re looking for a day of fun! If you want to try another amusement park in the city you should definitely give Mundo Aventura a visit!

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Theme Parks in Calgary - Fun for the entire family at Calaway Park

The largest outdoor family amusement park in western Canada, Calaway Park, is located in Calgary and has something to offer everyone! The park gives you and your family a total of 32 different fun rides to choose from. A great mix between attractions for the smaller children as well as thrilling and exciting rides for the older ones. It’s safe to say that a day at Calaway Park will be a day well spent!

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Theme Parks in Cannes - Antibes Land Theme Park

Antibes Land Theme Park is just as much fun for the adults as it is for the children. This is the ultimate place to go for a fun family day! Daredevils will love the crazy and adrenaline pumping rides this park offers. So what are you waiting for, take your family and friends and go spend an exciting day at Antibes Land Theme Park in Cannes!

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Theme Parks in Cape Town - The Cobra at Ratanga Junction

Ratanga Junction is an amusement park located in Cape Town. This place is filled with fun attractions and the most popular rides are “the Cobra”, “the Slingshot” and “the Tarantula” where “the Cobra” wins the fight in which of them is the most challenging. If you’re feeling hot and want to cool down just take a ride in their flume ride, one of the highest in the world.

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Theme Parks in Crete - A Jurassic Experience at Dinosauria

If you are in Crete and find dinosaurs interesting Dinosauria Park is a must! Walking into this park makes you feel like entering a whole other world, a world where dinosaures exist. Swing by the Dino Museum or the Dino Hospital. Catch a movie in the 5D or 7D cinemas and let loose of all your energy in the fun playground!

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Theme Parks in Dakar - A Children's Paradise at Magic Land

Go to Dakar and enter a fortress of fun at Magic Land! This is a paradise for the children. With a big variety of amusement rides and activities they won’t know where to start. If you feel like cooling down after running around between all the fun just swing by the pool that also have some water slides!

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Theme Parks in Guatemala City - Architectural and fun Xetutul

When you are in Guatemala you can visit the third largest amusement park there is in Latin America, Xetutul. The park consists out of seven areas where everyone represents architecture from different countries as Italy, Germany and other. This place has a lot of fun amusement rides to offer but it is most known for its architecture. You’ll find landmarks in the park from around the world in shapes as architectural reproductions, for example Trevi Fountain and the Tikal Temple of the Great Jaguar.

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Theme Parks in Hamburg - Wooden and steep roller coasters

There are two impressive amusement parks to choose from when you are in Hamburg. The first one Heide Park Resort, is the biggest theme park in northern Germany and offers the highest wooden roller coaster in Europe along with other unique roller coasters. The other one, Hansa-Park, gives you a nice maritime atmosphere since it is uniquely located by the sea. Their special roller coaster “Curse of Novgorod” goes in the dark and features the steepest drop in the dark in the world. Both of these amusement parks are great for families, but Hansa-Park is a little bit more suitable for smaller children.

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Theme Parks in Istanbul - Roller coasters and shopping at Vialand

In Istanbul you can go to the amusement park Vialand when you are looking for a day packed with thrilling and exciting fun. The park offers a good mix of rides and attractions suitable for all ages. If you feel like taking a break from the rides just take a turn in the shopping mall available on the area.

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Theme Parks in Jakarta - Travel the entire world at Dunia Fantasi

At Dunia Fantasi (Fantasy World) in Jakarta you can visit multiple continents in one day, the area consists out of eight parts such as Indonesia, America, Europe and other. The park offers you a lot of fun and thrilling rides, but some of the ones that are most popular are Niagara flume ride, Halilintar twisted roller coaster and Istana Boneka, which is a local version of Disney’s It’s a Small World.

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Theme Parks in Luxembourg City - Over 60 attractions at Walygator Park

Walygator Park is an amusement park located in Luxembourg City. This place consists out of 5 different areas, over 60 attractions and also hosts many shows and events. Bring whoever you want to experience the 5 areas with, all generations will enjoy a day at Walygator Park.

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Theme Parks in Montreal - Double-tracked roller coaster at Le Monstre

In Montreal you’ll find La Ronde, which is owned and operated by the famous Six Flags. This is the largest amusement park in Quebec, Canada. When going here you’ll have lots and lots of different rides to choose from, both thrilling and calmer ones. The double-tracked roller coaster Le Monstre is one of the most popular attractions on the area and it can actually brag about being the highest double-tracked roller coaster in the entire world!

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Theme Parks in New Orleans - Antique carousels at Carousel Gardens

Everyone will have fun at Carousel Gardens in New Orleans! Whether you are an adult, teenager or child a day at this park will be a day well spent. The park is most known for its antique wooden carousel, but apart from that one you also have 16 other rides to pick from. Carousel Gardens make most people smile!

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Theme Parks in Toronto - 200 attractions at Canada's Wonderland

Find North Americas best variety of roller coasters among 69 thrilling rides and over 200 attractions at Canada's premier amusement park, Canada's Wonderland. You'll find it located just outside of Toronto. Here you can try one of the tallest and fastest roller coasters in the world, if you dare. But if you’re in the mood for some more calm rides there are plenty of them as well. If you get tired of carousels you can switch to Splash Works, the areas water park. This place has it all and it is definitely a great place to spend the day, everyone in your company will find something fun!

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Theme Parks in Barcelona - 8-looped roller coaster at Port Aventura

One of the symbols of Barcelona, Tibidado Amusement Park, is a great option when you are looking for a fun day with family, friends or both. Even though it is one of the oldest amusement parks in the world, it is still going strong. It offers you both the classic carousels and some of the latest ones on the market as well! Everyone will have fun here, running around between the different rides that cater to all ages and tastes. And as icing on the cake, while going on the rides you get stunning views over Barcelona! Another amusement park is Port Aventura, located just a little over an hour away from the city. This is also a great option while looking for fun and at this place you can try the only 8-looped roller coaster in the world.

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Theme Parks in Helsinki - Wooden roller coaster at Linnanmäki

Located just north of Helsinki's city center, up on a hill, you'll find the amusement park Linnanmäki. This place offers you a lot of fun rides in different thrilling degrees and you also get great views over the city as a bonus due to its location up on a hill. The park is most known for its wooden roller coaster, which was one of the first rides in the park. Take your family to Linnanmäki when you are in the mood for a day filled with fun and excitement!

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Theme Parks in Los Angeles - Dreams come true at Universal Studios

Los Angeles is said to be a place where your dreams will come true. It offers a never-ending list of things to experience and if you are a fan of theme parks Los Angeles you will not leave this city disappointed. Check out behind-the-scenes of many big movies and learn more about how movies are made at Universal Studios Hollywood. If you want to go on exciting and thrilling rides you should visit either Magic Mountain or Castle Park, which both offer great places to go for a fun family day!

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Theme Parks in Manila - Igloos and Dinos at Star City

Star City in Manila offers you a wide range of fun. You can visit the ice cold Snow World and try carved ice slides, check out ice castles, statues and igloos. There is also a Winter Funland available. If you feel like doing something a little less cold, you can swing by their Dino Island, Star Theater or meet some excitement in their roller coasters. End the day with some great views over the city by going up the really tall Ferris Wheel.

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Theme Parks in San Francisco - Animal attractions at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

The popular Six Flags Discovery Kingdom is an animal theme park where you can choose amongst a big variety of thrilling roller coasters and other attractions. It is located in Vallejo, California, and makes a great option for a fun family day or to hang out with a group of friends since it offers rides for everyone from tots to daredevils. What the park is especially known for is its animal attractions where you can get up and close with dolphins and other animals!

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Theme Parks in Kuala Lumpur - Modern LED attractions at i-City

Looking for an adventurous together with your family in Kuala Lumpur? The most popular options are the amusement park of Sunway Lagoon Theme Park, Genting Park and i-City. Sunway Lagoon Theme Park offers a wide variety of fun as you can choose between the five different zones in the area, start at the Scream Park and then move on over to the extreme park. Keep on in the Wildlife Park before you enter the Amusement Park and then finish by cooling down in the Water Park. Genting Theme Park is unique in the matter that it offers you both an indoor and outdoor area. So this place works just perfect even during rainy days. Because of its colorful display of LED-lit attractions i-City is a cool place to be at during the night.

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Theme Parks in Madrid - Thrilling rides at The Madrid Amusement Park

Just outside of the city centre of Madrid you'll find a whole world with fun and adventure at The Madrid Amusement Park. This place offers thrilling rides such as The Tornado and The Shuttle as well as a specially designed children's area with exciting attractions for the tots. A great place to go for a fun family day where every member will find something in their own thrill level.

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Theme Parks in Amsterdam - Magic at Efteling Fairytale Theme Park

About an hour south of Amsterdam you will find Efteling Fairytale Theme Park, a place where you can experience magic on earth. Enter a world inspired by Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, the Brothers Grimm fairy tales and many more. Almost the entire area consists out of magical forests, gardens and sand dunes. The fact that you can combine this magical feeling with some exciting and thrilling roller coasters makes this park a winning concept. Take your chance and step into a bubble of magic for a day!

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Theme Parks in São Paulo - A fictional world at Hopi Hari

In São Paulo you can find what is considered to be the second largest amusement park in Brazil, Hopi Hari. Going here is like stepping into a fictional country, the park has a president, a capital and even its own language! So if you feel like escaping the real world for a day, Hopi Hari is the place to go. Run back and forth between the five themed areas with their own rides for the theme all day!

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Theme Parks in Atlantic City - Family fun at Steel Pier

Located in on the boardwalk in New Jersey, Atlantic City, you have Steel Pier. At first sight you may recognize it even though you’ve never been there before since it has been a part of many movies throughout the years. This may not be the best place if you’re looking for a whole day packed with adrenaline pumping rides. Instead, it offers a variety of fun, family oriented rides and games. Definitely worth a visit if you are in the area!

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Theme Parks in Salt Lake City - Schwarzkopf Double Looping Roller Coaster at Lagoon

Located about 17 miles (27 km) north of Salt Lake City you’ll find an amusement park with the name Lagoon. This place offers you several unique roller coasters, such as the last Schwarzkopf Double Looping still operating in the USA. When you are in this park there are five different areas for you to stroll around in where each of them have their own main attractions. There is also a water park available on the premises if you feel like cooling down after running around between the thrilling rides!

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Theme Parks in San Antonio - Six Flags Fiesta Texas

In the large Texas city San Antonio you get served with a lot of amusement parks. The biggest and most popular ones are Six Flags Fiesta Texas, Morgan’s Wonderland, Kiddie Park and SeaWorld San Antonio. A visit at every park can assure you a day of fun. If you’re looking mostly for thrills and excitement you should had out to Six Flags Fiesta Texas, SeaWorld San Antonio or Morgan’s Wonderland. If on the other hand you’re after a park with all the classic attractions and attributes the place to go is Kiddie Park.

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Theme Parks in Seattle - Best of two worlds at Wild Waves Theme Park

Wild Waves Theme Park is as the name tells you a part of Wild Waves Water Park. So when going here you will have the opportunity to experience the best of two worlds. Run around between all the fun on the different areas such as Old West Territory, Northwest Territory, Kiddie Land and Celebration Square. And when you get tired of roller coasters (if ever!) you can just go and cool down at the water park.

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Theme Parks in Seville - El Jaguar at Isla Mágica

Take your chances when you are in Seville and experience a magical day at Isla Mágica (Magic Island). This is a theme park offers you lots of roller coasters and other types of attractions, some of the favorites are El Jaguar, Anaconda and Igauzú. When you feel like taking a break from the rides you can watch one of the many live or cinematic show, they offer a great variety of that!

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Theme Parks in Glasgow - Tropical rainforest at Amazonia

If you are looking for something fun to do for a day with your family you should definitely head out to M&D’s Theme Park that is located in Glasgow. It is a great place for families with kids at different ages since it caters to all tastes. It offers rides for the daredevils as well as a great variety of rides for smaller children. The park also Scotland’s only indoor tropical rainforest, Amazonia. This is a must when you are at M&D’s theme park!

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Theme Parks in Malaga - Beautiful Tivoli World Amusement Park

Visit Tivoli World Amusement Park in Malaga and you will feel like entering a paradise. Attractions like the “Roller coaster”, “Twister”, “Land of Terror” and the “Mystery Boat” are all surrounded by beautiful gardens and illuminated fountains. This may not be seen as a large amusement park compared to others, but the nicely looking surroundings outweigh that. The best time to visit this park is during the evenings, that is when the park also features local culture shows!

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Theme Parks in Venice - Gardaland on Lake Garda

Gardaland isn’t just fun for the children, teenagers and adults will love this place too! It isn’t only said to be Italy’s best and biggest theme park, it is also said to be the third best in Europe as well! Now that must be a good grade. The park is actually located on Italy’s largest lake, Lake Garda, which is a really popular tourist destination. So if you feel like taking a break from all the roller coasters you have a lot of other things you could do in the area as well!

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Theme Parks in Vienna - Ferris wheel Wiener Riesenrad at Wurstelprater

The amusement park in Vienna is called Wurstelprater and it is a part of the park Winer Prater. This place offers a variety of attractions such as bumper cars, roller coasters and carousels among others, but the most known attraction is the Ferris wheel “Wiener Riesenrad”. When, or if, you feel like taking a little break from the rides you can swing by the parks Madame Tussauds wax works cabinet.

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Theme Parks in Halifax - Bumper boats at Atlantic Playland

The whole family will have fun at Atlantic Playland in Halifax. Prepare yourselves for an exciting day with lots of running back and forth between the different attractions. Challenge each other in the bumper boats, watch over the city in the Ferris Wheel or take a couple of rounds in the carousel. And if you’re feeling hot the park offers a couple of water slides and a pool to cool down on hot summer days.

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Theme Parks in New Delhi - Thrilling rides at Adventure Island

The amusement park Adventure Island in New Dehli is and old amusement park that doesn’t offer lots and lots of thrilling rides. So if that is what you’re looking for Adventure Island may not be for you. On the other hand, if you’re searching for a classic amusement park with fun rides for the children this is a good place. Since some of the rides only are available during the evenings this will probably be the best time for a visit. So if an amusing evening together with your family is what you want, this could be a good option!

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Theme Parks in Osaka - Hello Kitty and Snoopy at Universal Studios Japan

The most popular and known theme park in Osaka is Universal Studios Japan. This place truly offers you never ending amounts of fun. Stroll around in Hollywood, New York, San Francisco, Jurassic Park, Waterworld, Amity Village, Universal Wonderland and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. All in one day! As if that wasn’t enough, there are also a lot of exciting roller coasters for all ages available. Remember to bring your camera because you don’t want to miss out on taking pictures together with well-known characters’ mascots such as Hello Kitty and Snoopy.

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Theme Parks in Oslo - Vikings and fairytales at Tusenfryd

Located a little bit south of Oslo you’ll find the amusement park Tusenfryd. Go around and explore all the fun stuff you will find in the park’s Fairy Tale Land, Vikingland and Morgan Kane Town and don’t forget to say hi when you see the park’s mascot Fryd. The park also offers a few water slides that works perfect when you feel like cooling down on a hot summer day. Put on some comfortable shoes for your day at Tusenfryd since it will contain a lot of uphill walking due to its location on a hilly area.

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Theme Parks in Antalya - Family fun at Antalya Luna Park

Antalya Luna Park is an amusement park that you will find on the Turkish Riviera. The park offers a variety of different rides and attractions where many of them are mostly exciting for the smaller children. Therefore Antalya Luna Park is a very good option for families looking for a fun day or evening together with their children. A visit works as a fun break from lying on the beach and splashing around in the ocean.

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Theme Parks in Beijing - Artificial beach at Crab Island

Beijing is a city where you have many amusement parks to choose from. Happy Valley is the biggest and the most popular one of them. It is known for having a big variety of thrilling rides. Shijingshan is much less crowded and doesn’t have as thrilling rides as Happy Valley. So if you’re looking for something a little more low-key this is the place. The last one is Crab Island and this park is known for its fake beach that works as a great place to pause between the rides.

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Theme Parks in Boston - Roller coasters in pretty Canobie Lake Park

A little bit outside of Boston, about an hour or so, you have the amusement park Canobie Lake Park. Here you will find lots of fun things to fill your day with, have a go at all the classic park rides and if you dare you can try their newer concepts of thrills. While doing all of this you will also have green landscaping surrounding you due to the park’s location by a lake. Swooshing in roller coasters with pretty surroundings sure sounds like a good combination!

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Theme Parks in Brussels - Classic rides at Walibi Park

The number one amusement park to visit if you are in Brussels is Walibi Park. Here you will find something for everyone, whether you are going with your family or a thrill seeking group of friends. Other than loads of roller coasters and attractions this park also offers a water park and a 4D theatre to explore. If you want to see what else Brussels has to offer when it comes to amusement parks you can visit one, or all, of the PlopsaLands that are spread out over three corners of the city. If none of the above feels right for you maybe a visit to the classic amusement park Bobbejaanland will work better. There is no doubt that Brussels is home to a great amount of fun!

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Theme Parks in Cha Am - Boutique shopping and amusement rides at Santorini Park

Can’t decide if you feel like going shopping or if you’re more in the mood for some thrilling fun? Don’t worry, in Cha Am you don’t need to choose. Simply visit Santorini Park, it is a place where you can combine boutique shopping with amusement rides. As the name may indicate the picturesque Greek island inspires the park, with its whitewashed buildings and colorful windows. So stroll around in the beautiful surroundings, enjoy exciting rides in the Park Zone area of the park and if you’re feeling hot just swing by the water park!

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Theme Parks in Dusseldorf - Hollywood feeling at Movie Park

Even though you’re in Düsseldorf, and not even close to being in Hollywood, you can still get a taste of it by visiting Movie Park. It is located a little bit outside of the city and it is usually called a German Universal Studios. Experience the feeling of being on a real movie set, if you’re lucky you may even get the chance to see some cool stunts being performed!

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Theme Parks in Kuwait City - Fun from all over the world at Kuwait Entertainment City

In the western outskirts of Kuwait City you’ll find an amusement park called Kuwait Entertainment City. The park consists out of five sections, The Arab World, International World, The Future World and Provincial Garden. Here you can try thrilling rides that are a lot like rides you’ll find at large-scale amusement parks in the United States. Have a go on the inverted roller coaster “Bolliger & Mabillard” or the “Narrow Gauge” railway.

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Theme Parks in Orlando - Universal Studios in Orlando

Orlando is packed with theme parks! If watching movies is your thing a visit to Universal Studios Islands of Adventure, Universal Studios Florida or Hollywood Studios should be high up on the to do list. If LEGO on the other hand is more interesting you’ll be glad to hear that the largest LEGOLAND park in the world is nearby. Disney fans will love Disney’s Magic Kingdom and for those who find the underwater life exciting Discovery Cove and SeaWorld Orlando are good options.

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Theme Parks in Las Vegas - Rides, arcade games and 4D movies at Adventure Dome

Adventure Dome and Stratosphere Tower are the two most popular theme parks in Las Vegas. Adventure Dome offers you a great variety of fun in forms of thrill rides, arcade games, 4D movies and shows. Stratosphere Tower is most known for its scream-inducting thrill rides and the amazing view you get at the top of the tower.

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Theme Parks in New Jersey - Six Flags Great Adventure

If theme parks are what you are out after during your stay in New Jersey you will not be disappointed, the state has plenty of them. The most popular of them is probably Six Flags Great Adventure, it is known for its award-winning roller coasters. Jenkinson’s Boardwalk is also popular and it offers you everything you would ever expect from a visit at a boardwalk. If you’re looking for an amusement park on a pier you can visit Casino Pier, Morey’s Piers or Steel Pier. Other fun amusement parks in the state is Fantasy Island Park, Bowcraft Amusement Park, Playland’s Castaway Cove and Gillian’s Wonderland Pier.

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Theme Parks in Auckland - Ride Stratosfear at Rainbow's End

Rainbow’s End is the most popular amusement park in Auckland and also the largest one in all of New Zealand. In this place you can try their ride Stratosfear, there are only four of its kind in the whole world. When here you can’t miss the main attraction of the park, which is a Corkscrew Roller Coaster, the only one in New Zealand. It’s safe to say that a day at Rainbow’s End will most likely be a fun-filled and well-spent day!

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Theme Parks in Mumbai - Dazzling Fantasy Land

The city of Mumbai is home to two great theme parks, Essel World and Fantasy Land. Essel World is the biggest out of the two, it is actually the largest theme park in all of India. This place offers you lots of fun and exciting rides and it is especially appreciated for its colossal infrastructure. Fantasy Land doesn’t only offer a great amount of fun and excitement for all ages, it will also dazzle you with all of its beautiful green landscapes. Surely a great combination!

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Theme Parks in Quito - Fun and carefree day at Vulqano Park

As a part of the large entertainment complex with the name TelefériQo in Quito you can visit the amusement park Vulqano Park. It is a low-key park that offers you attractions and roller coaster where all age groups will find something fun. This is a great lace to go if you’re not looking for the biggest and baldest attractions, instead you want to spend a fun and carefree day together with your family!

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Theme Parks in Santiago de Chile - Fun for everyone at Fantasilandia

Santiago de Chile is home to the Chilean amusement park Fantasilandia. This is a good option if you are a family with a lot of different ages in it. It so happens that this park offers you rides in three different categories, “thrilling”, “childish” and for those in between “gentle”. Everyone will find their own favorites working for them!

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Theme Parks in St. Louis - Six Flags St. Louis

St. Louis is home to one of the famous Six Flags franchise amusement parks, Six Flags St. Louis. This is a roller coaster paradise where everyone in the company will have fun, whether you come here with a group of friends, a beloved one or your family. Alternate roller coaster after roller coaster and stroll around in the different areas of the park. A day here will fly by due to all the fun you’ll have!

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Theme Parks in Thessaloniki - A great evening at Magic Park

Thessaloniki offers you a great place to visit when you feel like doing something fun in the evening. This place is called Magic Park and it is a great place for families. If you look to the surface area it isn’t that big, but it is big when it comes to fun. Go on the roller coasters, challenge each other in the bumper cars and much more. A visit to Magic Park is a great way to spend your evening.

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Theme Parks in Xian - Fun activities at Xi’an Weiyang Lake Amusement Park

A little bit northeast of Xian you’ll find an amusement park called Xi’an Weiyang Lake Amusement Park. This place is divided into five different areas where all of them have their own features, attractions and activities. Apart from all that fun this park also has a really big artificial lake on the premises. A good place for a fun family day filled with variation!

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Theme Parks in Baltimore - Never ending fun at Six Flags America

Baltimore is home to many theme parks! You’ll find the most known of them a short car ride southeast of the city and the name of it is Six Flags America. This place simply has it all, a never ending amount of fun, rides and attractions and in addition to this the park also features its own water park, Hurricane Harbor. Other exciting theme parks in and around Baltimore include Adventure Park USA, Kings Dominion, Hersheypark and Busch Gardens Williamsburg.

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Theme Parks in Denver - Great rides and shows at Elitch Gardens

When you are looking for a fun place to spend your day together with family or a group of friends, the place to go is Elitch Gardens. It is a combined amusement and water park that offers you exciting rides for all ages tasted. There are thrill rides, family rides and kids rids spread over the area and everyone in the company will be pleased. Don’t forget to catch one of the entertaining shows while there!

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Theme Parks in Albuquerque - Fun for all ages at Cliff’s Amusement Park

If you are looking for a theme park in Albuquerque the place to go is Cliff’s Amusement Park. It caters to all ages as it offers you and your company both thrill rides, family rides and a kiddie land. If you feel like cooling down on a hot summer day the park also offers a couple of water slides and pools to splash around in. You can also visit this place during the winter since the park arranges Cliff’s Magical Christmas to offer you and your family some holiday fun!

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Theme Parks in Detroit - Fun for daredevils at Cedar Point

Detroit has a lot of theme parks nearby. Cedar Point is a combined amusement and water park and a favorite to many Detroiters. Simply a great place for a fun family day. Michigan’s Adventure is also a combined amusement and water park, it offers you a lot of big and scary rides that suits perfect for the daredevils. Other good parks you can find nearby are Marineland and King’s Island.

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Theme Parks in Dhaka - Family friendly Nandan Park

As Bangladesh’s largest family amusement park Nandan Park in Dhaka attracts a large amount of people every day. A visit here works perfect for a day together with your family since all the rides are made out so that no one will be scared. Other than fun and exciting rides this park also offers 5D Cinema Theater, Cable Car, Ica-Land and much more. And not to forget, the park is a combined amusement and water park, so a visit here will provide you with the best fun out of two worlds, just perfect. Another option if you’re on the hunt for a great amusement park in Dhaka is the popular Fantasy Kingdom! It is said to bring some of the famous Disneyland to Bangladesh and let’s face it, is there anyone who doesn’t like Disney?

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Theme Parks in Gabarone - Tallest roller coaster in Africa at Lion Park Resort

If you’re looking for some adventure during your stay in Gabarone the place to go is the Lion Park Resort! With a variety of exciting rides for both thrill seekers as well as families and younger ones everyone will have fun here. Try the tallest roller coaster in Africa if you dare and if you feel like doing something else rather than going on roller coasters you can try paintball and join the lion viewing. If you feel like taking a break from the rides just go over to the Wet n Wild Water Park that is a part of Lion Park Resort.

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Theme Parks in Bucharest - Over 30 attractions at Terra Park

Don’t miss out on the largest amusement park in all of Romania, Terra Park, while you are in Bucharest. Choose between over 30 different attractions, one of the most popular of them is a 310 m long roller coaster and if you dare, try the 53 meter high platform that just falls into the void. All of this if offered to you together with lots of other rides and games. A good option for a fun-filled day!

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Theme Parks in Charlotte - Fun and exciting rides at Carrowinds

Carrowinds is an amusement park that you’ll find on the border between North and South Carolina. Try the fun and exciting rides that are spread out over the park’s eight themed areas. If you get tired of roller coasters you can just go over to Carrowind’s water park called Boomerang Bay and vary with some water fun!

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Theme Parks in Long Beach - Fun for the entire family

Long Beach is home to Fantasy Island Amusement Park, known for its charming, timeless and Victorian appeal. It is a very family friendly place that offers you the classic rides and attractions that you would expect from an amusement park. While here don’t forget to try the park’s most popular roller coaster “Dragon”.

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Theme Parks in Houston - A grand selection

If theme parks are what you’re looking for, Houston won’t disappoint you. The city has lots of them. One of the most popular of them is Downtown Aquarium Houston where you can combine watching sharks and more than 200 species of sea life with carnival-style rides. You’ll find another popular theme park a little bit outside of the city center called Galveston Island Historic Please Pier. In this park you can enjoy lots of fun rides and attractions and at the same time overlook the Gulf of Mexico. Other noteworthy theme parks in the Houston area are Space Center Houston, Kemah Boardwalk and Houston Funplex.

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Theme Parks in Indianapolis - Experience some of the world’s most original rides

In and around Indianapolis you’ll find several theme parks and the two most popular of them are Indiana Beach and Holiday World. Indiana Beach has it all, thrilling rides where you’ll find the award-winning Cornball Express and a steel coaster with the steepest drop in the U.S. among them. This place also features a water park where you can cool down or simply enjoy all the crazy water attractions instead. If you go to Holiday World you have the chance to experience some of the world’s most original rides and also some award winning ones. This park is known for its celebration of four different holidays, 4th of July, Thanksgiving, Halloween and Christmas, all in one place.

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Theme Parks in Kampala - Experience East Africa’s leading recreation park

When in Kampala you cannot miss East Africa’s leading recreation park, The Wonder World Amusement Park. Try all of the thrilling rides that cater to all ages and tastes. You'll find kids rides, family rides and also some water slides available. Also, don’t miss out on Wonder Cinema where they show the latest blockbuster movies. A must when you are here is to see the largest auditorium in East Africa that is located inside Wonder World Amusement Park.

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Theme Parks in Oklahoma - A family day packed with fun

Frontier City is the largest theme park in Oklahoma, where you will find lots of fun for everyone, young or old. Join in on the many thrilling rides and family attractions available with only one mission, for you to enjoy yourself! The smaller children will have a half-dozen kiddie rides ready for them so this truly is a place for everyone. Bring your family and friends and prepare yourselves for a day packed with fun!

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Theme Parks in Portland - Excitement for the younger

Located a little bit south of the heart of Portland you have Oaks Amusement Park, known for its vintage charm. This park is actually the oldest continuously operating amusement park in America and it still offers a good variety of rides and fun. However, if the biggest, most daring and thrilling rides are what you’re out for this isn’t the place for you. Oaks Amusement Park offers a great deal of excitement for the younger children and a wonderful atmosphere for the adults.

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Theme Parks in Strasbourg - Enjoy the themed areas at Europa-Park

Located between Strasbourg in France and Freiburg in Germany you'll find the second most popular theme park in Europé, Europa-Park. The park consists out of themed areas such like the Enchanted Forest, Kingdom of the Invisibles and many more. There are also country themes so that you, for example, can stroll around in both Italy and France, all at the same day. And of course, there are lots of fun and thrilling rides and attractions waiting for you!

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Theme Parks in Stuttgart - Enjoy the “good old day” atmosphere

Tripsdrill is a theme park in Stuttgart. Known for its attention to detail and authenticity, the park has over 100 themed attractions depicting Swabia in the year 1880. Enjoy the “good old day” atmosphere at the same time as you try yourself through all the amusing attractions. Other than this, the park also feature a Wildlife Park, where you can meet animals like wild horses, raccoons and ferrets among others. Combine amusing rides with a feeling of wildlife for a great day at Tripsdrill!

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Theme Parks in Taipei - A paradise for children

To visit Taipei City New Children’s Amusement Park will be like visiting paradise for a day for the kids. Explore the parks three themed sections; Fantasy Forest and Dream Ocean, Magical Planet and Toy Soldier Kingdom, where all of them offer a lot of fun rides and other attractions. Other than those three, this place also has a large indoor playground and the largest sand-pit in Taiwan available in the park when you feel like taking a break from the exciting rides.

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Theme Parks in Naples - Cozy, small and simple

Near Naples in Italy there is a small theme park called Magic World, although it is small it is still one of the largest ones in the Campania region. The park is home to a nice selection of attractions with a couple of thrill rides as well as three somewhat smaller roller coasters. So if a really big park with adrenaline pumping rides is what you’re looking for this probably won’t be it. But if you want something small and simple, this place works just great. Don’t forget to try their famous Nutella crepes!

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Theme Parks in Muscat - Family fun at Riyam Amusement Park

Riyam Amusement Park in Muscat is a relatively small park. The attractions and rides that are available may address more to smaller children rather the older ones. So this is a good place for families with small children to visit when looking for a day with fun and excitement!

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Theme Parks in Dallas - Something for everyone

Dallas is home to several great amusement parks. The most popular is the famous Six Flags Over Texas with its big and bad roller coasters. Thrill seekers will love this place! Six Flags Over Texas also has a water park. Another popular place is the charming and relatively intimate Sandy Lake Amusement Park, compared to the big ones. Other than fun and exciting rides this park also offers you softball games, petting zoo, clowns and much more. Zero Gravity, Adventure Landing, Wonderland Park, Joyland Amusement Park and Kemah Boardwalk are other appreciated parks in the Dallas area.

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Theme Parks in Ulan Bator - Perfect for small children

National Amusement Park in Ulan Bator is mostly known to people as the ”Children’s Park”. This is a small and low-key amusement park where all the small kids will love the fun and exciting rides available! There are also games and paddle boats ready for them to enjoy. This simply is a good option if you are traveling with small children!

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