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Mykonos - A classic favorite among gay travelers

There’s just something about the atmosphere of Mykonos. This island has been a favorite among gay- travelers for decades. The island is filled with gay/ lesbian hotels and fabulous and fun events for gay people. IN the ”gay world” the most famous of all of Mykonos accommodations is the legendary Elysium Hotel. This hotel is an exclusively gay boutique hotel, located about a 10-minute walk up the hill from the center of Mykonos Old Town. Although almost all the beaches on Mykonos would be considered gay friendly, the main gay beach is Elia Beach, Which you can reach by boat from anywhere on the island.

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Reykjavik - One of the worlds most inclusive places!

Reykjavik is often described as one of the friendliest places and most inclusive in the world, a title the city have proven to be more than deserving of. Every year this capital, that is the worlds most northern capital, host it’s own colorful LGBT Pride parade, a tradition that goes 17 years back in time, making it one of Europe’s oldest LGBT parades. The country of Iceland may be small, but there is nothing small about the way they think and act as they have some of the world’s most progressive laws and same-sex couples are granted equal rights with their heterosexual counterparts without limitation. In 2010, the Prime Minister of Iceland, Jóhanna Sigurðardóttir, who is not only a woman, but also openly gay, was one of the first to consummate the law when she married her long time girlfriend.

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Montevideo - “To Honor Diversity is to Honor Life”

Although Uruguay is the smallest of the South American nations, it is also the most progressive. This small country decriminalized homosexuality as far back as 1934 and in 2013 they became the first country in Latin American to legalize same-sex marriages. The relaxed attitude towards homosexuality is especially notable in the capital city of Montevideo and if you are passing through, visiting the world’s first homomonument is a must! Tucked in a little square called Plaza de la Diversidad Sexual, you’ll find the monument in the shape of a triangle and inscribed with the words: “To Honor Diversity is to Honor Life”

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Berlin - A never ending party

Berlin has a long ”gay history”, dating all the way back to the 1920’s. Every year you can join in and feel the love, as the vibrant city hosts its own, world known, LGBT Pride festival in the district of Schöneberg. However, you don’t have to be in town for the Pride Festival, to know this city is filled with unconditional love. Head on over to the districts of Schöneberg, Kreuzberg and/or Prenzlauerberg and you’ll find a diverse selection of gay clubs, bars and restaurants that never seem to close, so join the party!

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Tel Aviv - A gay sanctuary in the Middle East

Across the Middle East, gay relationships are mostly taboo, but in 2011, as a breath of fresh air, Tel Aviv were declared the most gay friendly place to travel to in the entire world. Tel Aviv has always been a gay friendly place to visit, but that the Israeli city of Tel Aviv would beat big gay-metropolitans such as New York and Berlin was a fun surprise and a refreshing novelty. Tel Aviv is one of the few places in the Middle East, where gays feel free to walk hand-in-hand and kiss in public.

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