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Dogs are man’s best friend

…is a classic phrase referring to domestic dogs, highlighting their close relations, loyalty, and companionship with humans historically. A contemporary proof of this are the so called ”dog café’s” that started to appear quite recently.
Dog cafés are not to be confused with cat cafés (where you go for coffee and hang out with cats that are actually living at the establishment) as dog cafés are places you go together with your own dog, as a rule. Apart from the regular café menu you can also order fancy dishes for your furry friend or maybe even something dog-themed for yourself.
The dog café is a phenomena that originates from South East Asia but recently started appear in other parts of the world too. Since the trend definitely is set to continue it seems appropriate to take you on a tour around the globe – where we have a mixture of petting zoo’s, cafés, dog delis and dog friendly restaurants.

Dog Café Locations around the World


Dog Cafés in Asia


Howl’s Café is one of many dog friendly cafés in Tokyo. Don’t be surprised if it’s full at lunch time as this is one of the more popular ones where the pets can order from their own dog menu.

In Osaka you have the Dog Tail Café which actually is an exception to the rule as you get to meet dogs who actually ”live” here.


La Castle Café is a dog friendly place in Kuala Lumpur.

South Korea

바우하우스 Bau House Dog Cafe is a place to bring your dogs, or just hang out with other dogs in a coffeeshop in Seoul.


We Are The Fur Balls (WTF) is Singapore‘s first petting café that has a bunch of pooches that you can pet and and play with as well as a dog-free dining area.

Hong Kong

In densely populated Hong Kong people don’t have enough room to keep their own pets and cafés offering dogs and cats for guests to stroke have been very successful. Dog One Life is one of these places that offer almost everything pet related – shopping, grooming, a puppy room and of course a café.


Dog Cafés in Europe

United Kingdom

One of the first dog cafés in London seems to be Scooby’s Boutique Ltd that supply ”great coffees, scrummy cakes for humans alongside a woofilicious menu for our four-legged friends”.
In the same city you also have The Happiness of Hounds which is a hangout for dogs and dog lovers where you can eat, drink or shop at their dog friendly cafe and retail space.


Hilpeä Hauki is a popular pub in
Helsinki, in the area of Kallio. Dogs are allowed inside the pub, there’s a waterbowl for the dogs and the staff brings snacks.


In Berlin (of course, where else?) the Pets Deli could recently announce that they opened Germany’s first eatery specifically for picky cats and dogs.


“A place where kids, pets and bikes are welcome too.” Located in the city park in Budapest, Kertem offers rest and refreshing drinks for both humans and their four-legged friends. Budapest in general is said to be a very dog-friendly city!


In Sweden’s capital Stockholm you can find Himmelska Hundar, a place that offer both lunch and dinner and have separate menus for dogs and their owners.
The same city is also the home to the café & restaurant Under Kastanjen that is open to both two- and four legged creatures. Located in the cozy ‘Gamla Stan’ area.


Le Toutou Bar (the doggie bar) in Brussels is serving up dishes aimed at pleasing dogs with all tastes. There’s a choice of dishes from pasta or rice to vegetables, beef or chicken. All of them are high in fibre and low in salt.

Dog Cafés in other parts of the world

The U.S.

In New York you have the Barking Dog, a place that serves up tasty dogs in a family-friendly atmosphere where (canine) dogs are welcome!

The Dog Cafe recently opened its doors in Los Angeles with the mission to ”provide you with your dog and coffee fix – all in one location!”. They are partly a cafe and partly an animal shelter and want to ”put a spin on the way people adopt by totally reinventing the way we connect with homeless dogs”.

If you go to Miami in company of your dog you would probably want to visit Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink. If you and your dog enjoy a meal in the courtyard your pup will be pampered with a serving of organic doggie biscuits.


At Chew Chew in Sydney is a a cafe where only your dog will get served. The menu includes sausage with sauerkraut, bolognese, chicken risotto and salmon. Definitely the place to go to pamper your dog!

In Brisbane Canine Comfort seems to be the place to go. It’s half dog care/accessory shop and half dog cafe, that even hosts dog birthday parties where dogs sit in wire pens on the pavement and have their own menu, what about that!


Le Doggy Café in Montreal just recently opened its dog-friendly establishment. The menu includes homemade treats and biscuits for canine customers, and vegetarian and vegan snacks for their humans.

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