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Enjoy one of the world’s best theme parks during your Disney world vacation

Visit some of the most magical places in the world, places where stories and fairytales come to life and make your vacation a Disney World vacation at one of the fantastic Walt Disney Parks and Resorts! Stroll among castles and palaces, meet fairies, princes, princesses and throw your arms around Minnie and Mickey Mouse in a wonderful embrace! Every year, the enormous and magical Walt Disney Theme Parks attract hundred of thousands of children, and adults for that matter, from all over the world, ready to add some magic into their vacation.


The ide for these magical places that later came to be the Disney World empire, was born after the grate Walt Disney himself was practically showered with letters where people expressed their wishes to come and visit his studio to get a glimpse of his magical world. Walt Disney realized that there it was not possible to invite all of these people to his studio and instead he came up with the idea of creating a world where all of his beloved characters could come to life and where everyone who wished to come meet them, were welcome.

And so, on June 17th, 1955 in Anaheim, California, the doors to the world’s first Disney World opened, and since then, an estimated number of over 500 million people have visited the park


Since 1955, the concept has grown into a world wide empire. Several other theme parks have opened and today you can hang out with Minnie and Mickey in cities like Paris, Tokyo, Orlando and Hong Kong on your Disney World vacation! With complexes that include theme parks, roller coasters, water parks, mighty castles, golf courses, shopping malls and entertainment centers, Walt Disney’s magical parks offer exciting experiences for everyone, regardless of age. Loose yourself in an enchanted world without comparison, and treat yourself to laughters, exciting encounters, adrenaline pumping rollercoasters, splashing waterslides and memories to cherish for a lifetime. So make sure to make your next vacation, a Disney World vacation!

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Disney World Vacation in Paris

April 12th, 1992, the gates to the worlds second international Disney Park opened in none other than the city of love, Paris. In the enormous and playful park, you’ll find a never ending range of attractions, restaurants, castles as well as princes and princesses, heroes and heroines from Disney’s magical stories. Disney World Paris has something for everyone, regardless of age. Go on the charming boat ride, It´s a Small World, that takes you on a fantastic journey around the park. Get your adrenaline pumping by going on the terrifying Space Mountain rollercoaster or get swept away in the magical atmosphere as the Once Upon A Dream parade takes over the streets - All in this fantastic place that is Disney World Paris!

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Disney World Vacation at Hong Kong Disneyland Resort

Right by Penny’s Bay on the Island of Lantau, you'll find the great and beautiful Hong Kong Disneyland resort. Hong Kong Disney Land was opened on September 12th 2005 and is the second expansion of the magical empire in Asia, after Tokyo Disney Resort. IN the impressive complex of Hong Kong Disneyland Resort, you’ll find the fantastic main street, Fantasyland, Adventure land, Tomorrowland, Grizzly Gulch, Mystic Point and Toy Story Land, among others. Come and experience Sleeping Beauty's beautiful castle, hug your favorite characters from Disney’s beloved stories and get swept away in the euphoric atmosphere that is Hong Kong Disneyland Resort. You never get to old for Disney!

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Disney World Vacation at Tokyo Disneyland and Resort

Tokyo Disneyland opened on April 15th,1983 and was the first Disneyland to be built outside the US. Come and enjoy the fantastic Fantasy Land where you’ll get to meet characters like Snow White, Peter Pan and Dumbo! The Disneyland in Tokyo is specially know for its open areas and Cinderella’s beautiful castle that rises magnificently over the park and has become iconic for Tokyo's Disneyland. The Tokyo Disney Resort is mainly divided into three sections; Tokyo Disneyland,Tokyo DisneySea and Ikspiari, which is a shopping, restaurant and entertainment complex. Just like all of the other fantastic disney Theme parks around the world, Tokyo Disney Resort offers a lot of exciting and magical experiences. In fact there’s so much to se and do, that it is almost impossible to fit it all into one day. If you want to make sure to check all that Tokyo's Disneyland has to offer off your list, make sure to check into anyone of the hotels you’ll find on the resort. That way, you will be able to continue your magical experience the next day, after a good night s sleep.

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Disney World Vacation at the original Disneyland Park in Anaheim 

“To all who come to this happy place: Welcome. Disneyland is your land.” This is a quote from Walter E. Disney speech in 1955, at the opening of whats was to become one of the worlds most iconic theme parks - Disneyland! With these words you are invited to take part of world class entertainment, magical surroundings and meet beloved characters such as cinderella, peter Pan and Mickey Mouse. The iconic park, nowadays known as Disneyland Park includes a fantastic complex called the Disneyland Resort,where you’ll find hotels, shopping malls, restaurants and and a variety of fun stuff to do, for all ages. So, pack up the family and friends and take a trip to one of the most magical places in the world, Disneyland Park, the place where everything once started.

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Disney World Vacation at the Walt Disney World Resort Orlando

About 34 kilometer outside of Orlando, you will find a magical place of castles and pinnacles rise before you. The place is none other than the flagship of the great Disney empire, The Walt Disney World Resort Orlando. The magical resort covers an area of 27,258 in which you'll find four different theme parks, cool down in one of the two fantastic and exciting waterparks, where you’ll find everything from relaxing jacuzzis to nerve tickling waterslides. Treat yourself to a good night sleep at one of the 20 different hotels the resort has to offer, or why not set up camp in one of the camping spots? On Oktober 1st, 1971, the brand new Walt Disney World Resort open its gates to the public for the first time and it has been a crowd-pleaser ever since. In 2010, the park was the worlds most visited amusement park with an unbelievable number of 17 million visitors. In the park’s early days it consisted of ”only” one theme park, Magic Kingdom. However, since then the park has grown and today visitors can enjoy four magical worlds inside the park, Epcot, Disney's Hollywood Studios, Disney’s Animal Kingdom and of course, the original Magic Kingdom, so make sure you have enough time to enjoy them all!

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