Chocolate Museum

Enjoy going to a museum AND taste delicious chocolate at the same time

There are several museums all over the world covering the subject of chocolate, each with its own approach. Visit chocolate museum during your vacation, a tasty activity everyone in the family can enjoy!


At the chocolate museums around the world you get to learn all about the history of the tasty treats of chocolate and how the production has evolved over time. The interesting history of the cocoa stretches as far back as thousands of years. Today for example, we actually know much about how the Aztec and Mayan cultures used the cocoa beans way back in time. When the cocoa beans finally made it to Europe, the use of the cocoa bean evolved in many different ways, which you can learn more about at the chocolate museums.
Most of the museums offer guided tours. Many museums also have a chocolate factory that belongs to the museum where you, in most cases, will get to taste the heavenly sweetness of chocolate, made in the museums factory.


No matter if you are a foodie with an interest for the local food culture, or if you just can not resist sweets, a visit to a chocolate museum is always worth a visit, and in most cases, a very tasty one as well. And guess what, we know where you can find them. Below Owegoo will assist you with a guide, going through some of best chocolate museums there is, so you can find the perfect one for you!

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Museum of Cocoa and Chocolate, Brussels

If you're a fan of Belgian chocolate the Museum of Cocoa and Chocolate, located a stone throw from Brussel's main market square, La Grand-Place. The museum provides an opportunity to discover the world of chocolate, ranging from its origins in the Aztec and Maya cultures who used cocoa thousands of years ago, to the production process as well as how it ended up in Europe. The highlight of the visit to this museum is a demonstration given by a master chocolate maker showing how pralines are made in a traditional way. Go here to read more bout Brussels.

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Museo del Chocolate, Havana

If you are visiting Havana and happen to be a chocolate lover Museo del Chocolate is a must for you! You can actually smell the flavors already in the streets outside... The museum part displays the history of the cacao, production and commercialization and has a lot of items originating from Belgium and Holland, such as posters and packaging bags. The tasting-room café has marble tables and offers a great selection of different chocolate products, including chocolate "milk", which is not at all the same in Europe (liquid milk chocolate) - seeing this is made from real cacao and ordinary milk is a luxury in Cuba. Get more inspiration on what to do in Havana here!

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The Chocolate Museum, London

The Chocolate Museum, located in the cosmopolitan area of Brixton offers a wide range of chocolate related activities. They offer workshops for the whole family, monthly events, chocolate demonstrations, and of course have a cafe that offers chocolate-y beverages and cakes. They also have an in-house collection of a objects and artifacts dating back to the 18th century as well as a permanent exhibition about worldwide chocolate history and the processing of chocolate. Find more information about London here

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Planète Musée du Chocolat, Biarritz

The Basque country history and chocolate history are tightly related and to understand what binds them together the Planète Musée du Chocolat of Biarritz is definitely worth a visit. The visit starts with a welcome tasting, chocolate drops, and you will also learn about the history, heritage and transformation of the cocoa bean into a chocolate bar. At the end of the visit, you will enjoy a hot chocolate prepared in the traditional way, truly delicious! Find out more about Biarritz here.

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Imhoff-Schokoladenmuseum, Cologne

The Imhoff Schokoladenmuseum is one of Germany's top ten museums with a yearly total of almost 700,000 visitors. The futuristic steel and glass complex tells the story of the 3000-year long culture of chocolate around the wolrd - from the Mayan's cacao based "drink of the gods" until today's chocolate commercials, and everything in between. There is a greenhouse with cocoa trees and also a mini-production unit where you can watch the cacao bean be turned into a chocolate bar. Go here to read more about Cologne.

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Csokolade Muzeum, Budapest

The Csokolade Museum was founded in 2004 and is located in a renovated palace at the Bekecs Street. At this museum, you can taste free samples (delicious of course), learn the history of cocoa, see how chocolate is made, view historic production machines, and even learn how chocolate is packaged. There is also something called "The Praline Tour"... Go here to read more about Budapest.

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Perugina Chocolate Factory, Perugia

Casa Perugina (now owned by Nestlé) was founded in Perugia in 1907, but didn’t begin producing its signature “Bacio” (kiss) chocolates until 1922. It has been an institution in the chocolate manufacturing business since with no hint of slowing down. The production is still located here so a great part of the experience when visiting is of course taking in a guided tour in the factory! You learn both of the history of the cacao and chocolate in general and about the story of how an artisanal chocolate shop developed into Italy's most beloved chocolate maker. There are also tastings and a big gift shop. You can read more about Perugia here.

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Shiroi Koibito Park, Sapporo

Shiroi Koibito Park is a a theme park by Ishiya, a local chocolate company. The company's flagship product is the Shiroi Koibito cookie, which consists of two thin butter cookies and a layer of white chocolate in between. The park consists of a free area with a shop, cafe and restaurant and an area with various chocolate related exhibits a "Cookiecraft studio" and, which is probably the most interesting attraction, a few large windows through which visitors can observe the cookie production process in the factory. Another part of the Shiroi Koibito Park is a soccer field that serves as the practice ground for Consadole Sapporo, the local J-League soccer team. Find out more about Sapporo here.

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De Chocoladefabriek, Amsterdam

De Chocoladefabriek or The Chocolate Factory in English is a late 19th century adventure, the most exciting era of the cocoa- and chocolate industries, and a place where you can see, smell, taste and feel chocolate. Here you will be able to experience the entire process of creating chocolate (and all the shiny copper machines that are needed in the making), from cocoa bean till bonbon. The location seems very fitting since Amsterdam is the world's leading cocoa harbor. Read more about Amsterdam here.

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Museu de la Xocolata, Barcelona

Museu de la Xocolata is one of Barcelona's smaller museums but probably the one that will stimulate your senses the most. The museum covers the history of chocolate in Europe: its origins, how it got to us and how it was traded. It also shows the manufacturing of chocolate, from the cocoa bean up to industrial production processes. Many of the displays are chocolate sculptures, including various well-known Barcelona buildings. Read more about Barcelona here.

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Malmö Chokladfabrik, Malmö

Malmö Chokladfabrik was founded more than a century ago and has housed cacao and chocolate manufacturing facilities since (in the beginning of the 60's it was actually Europe's most modern factory!) - and you can also follow the historic development in the museum where a lot of memorabilia is displayed. Chokladfabriken also offers chocolate tastings and you are welcome to have a look into the chocolate kitchen. You can read more about Malmö here.

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The Gourmet Chocolate Museum - Paris

If you have a sweet tooth and are spending your holiday in Paris, a visit to the chocolate museum The Gourmet Chocolate Museum is a must. The museums covers an area of 850 square meters, divided on three floors with over 1000 different historical items, which makes it one of the most extensive chocolate museums in the world. During your visit to The Gourmet Chocolate Museum you will get a fantastik insight to history of chocolate, covering almost 4000 years. You’ll also get to learn different methods that are used today to produce the tasty sweets of chocolate. Of course, you will also get to try chocolates from all over the world during your visit. here you can read more about The Gourmet Chocolate Museum and how to get there.

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Museum of Russian Chocolate History, Moscow

Museum of Russian Chocolate History is a popular museum in central Moscow that covers a great variety of chocolate-related topics, such as "The divine beverage of ancient civilizations", "The Spread of chocolate in Europe and the invention of hot chocolate", "The leaders of the chocolate industry", "The October revolution and chocolate in the USSR" as well as chocolate production. There are workshops and tastings as well - in other words everything that a chocolate aficionado could wish for! More info about what to do in Moscow can be found here.

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Kalev Chocolate Shop, Tallin

Kalev is biggest and oldest confectionery company in Estonia, and its first predecessor started his activities in Tallinn in 1806. The main activities are manufacturing and sales of chocolate and sugar confectionery products. In the Kalev Chocolate Shop you have a wide selection of Kalev sweets and on the second floor the "Sweets Mastery" awaits you. Here, in the cosy and pleasant environment, you can view the work of chocolate masters, learn how to make sweets yourself. In this floor there is also an exhibition of old Kalev packagings. Find out more about what to do in Tallinn here.

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Cadbury World, Dunedin

Dunedin, New Zealand is one of the two sites for Cadbury World, a visitor attraction run by the international confectionary manufacturer Cadbury. It was opened in 2003 in the Cadbury factory site and has become very popular among tourists who visit Dunedin. There is a visitor's centre and guided tours around several areas of the operational Willy Wonka-like factory that fills you in about the history of the company and the chocolate making process. Needless to say you will get a lot of samples along the way. If you are in town with your kids this is not to be missed! Find out more about Dunedin here.

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