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Cat Cafe – Find a pet cafe for your next trip

Want a kitten with that coffee? If so, make your way to any of the fantastic, somewhat different, cat cafes around the world. Cat cafes, as the name suggests, are establishments where one can enjoy the company of a cat, while sipping along to one’s beverage of choice. Enjoying your coffee in the company of a sweet purring cat is definitely a very delightful, unique and excitingly cozy experience.


Started in Taiwan 

The concept of cat cafes, originated in Taiwan. It attracted a huge amount of Japanese visitors, and soon Japan opened up its very own cat cafe in Osaka, in 2004. Other countries have jumped on the chance to start their own purring cafes and so the trend for cat cafes continues to purr on with cat cafes opening up in many different parts of the world. Cat cafes are most common in bigger cities, where people tend to live in small apartments, not really suited for animals. Cat cafes are therefore perfect places for cat lovers who don’t really have the time or space to have their own pet cat, to come and get some purring love while having a nice cup of coffee.


 A soothing effect 

So next time you are on vacation and find yourself desperately missing your cat, or maybe your are simply in the need of some quiet, understanding company that only an animal can give you, head on over to a cat cafe and enjoy the purring creatures company over a nice cup of coffee and let the stress leave your body. You know that cats are said to have a soothing effect on humans right!

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Neko no Jikan - Cat Cafe Osaka

When entering the Neko no Jikans Cat Cafe you’ll be greeted with soothing music and friendly cats, ready to be played and cuddled with. Take off your shoes and step in to a peeeeeerfect paradise for cat lovers. This is a nice place that brings not only cat lovers and cats together, but also a perfect place for you to meet others that share your passion for the furry creatures.

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Cat Cafe Tokyo

In Tokyo you can choose between many cafés, Nyafe Melange being one of the most popular ones.  

Cat Cafe Nyafe Melange

Enjoy the nice and easy atmosphere at the Nyafe Melange Cat Cafe. If you want to get to know the cats at the café a little bit better, why not bound over some baby-pictures. The café actually keeps albums with pictures form when the cats were just little furry kittens and its a nice way of getting to know the purring friend, resting in your lap.

Cat Cafe Temari no Ouchi

Cat Cafe than Temari no Ouchi is the most adorable Cat cafe you’ll ever find. The interior of the café is inspired by traditional Japanese anime and it is big and spacious so both the cats and the visitors have a lot of space to play and to enjoy each others company.

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Ailuromania - Cat Cafe Dubai

Visit the Ailuromania Cat Cafe in Dubai if you want to spend some time with cute cats during your visit to the United Arab Emirates. Ailuromania is the first ever Cat Cafe in Dubai, as well as in the Middle East. The café strives to make the everyday life better for both the café's cats and its visitors. On Ailuromania website, you’ll find pictures and small presentations of all the cats.

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Cat Cafe Pusan

At the cat cafe in Pusan you are encouraged to integrate with the cats, however, with the cats' best in mind, there are clear rules of how to treat the cats while visiting. Except for playing with the cats and having a nice coffee, you can also make your own cat toys. A visit to the Cat Cafe Pusan is a real treat to any cat lover and the perfect way of unwinding after a hectic day. Sit down, have a cup of coffee and enjoy the company of the cats as well as other cat lovers.

Cat cafe Dalgo

In Busan’s old downtown neighborhood of Young-don you’ll find the hipp Dalgo cat cafe. Order the beverage of your choice, sit down wherever you like and enjoy the cats that are walking around free at the cafe.

Cat cafe Yang Yang

In Pusan, you can also visit the Yang Yang cat cafe. Have a seat and let the cats come and give you the love only a cat can give you.

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Cat Cafe Seoul

Norie Café

Norie Café will be a wonderful experience for any cat lover. The passionate owner of the café takes well care of the café's cats as well as its costumers. The café is nice and inspiringly decorated and filled with climbing towers and other fun toys for the cats to play with, to ensure the cat's well-being.  

Cat Attic

The cat Attic cafe is a cat cafe chain with locations all around Korea. The cafes are equipped with fun toys for the cats to play with as well as climbing towers, designed by the owners themselves. Come on over, have something to drink or eat and watch the cats play around in the cafe or why not join them in their games.

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Purrfect - Cat Cafe Penang

On the first floor of the Purrfect Cat Cafe, you’ll find a nice store with everything you'll ever need to spoil your cat rotten. When done shopping for you furry friend, make your way up to the second floor where you’ll find the Purrfect Cat Cafe. Sit down and treat yourself to a nice cup of coffee while you get acquainted with the cats. Who doesn’t want some animal love with their coffee, right!

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Purr Cat Cafe Club - Cat Cafe Bangkok

The owners of the Purr Cat Cafe Club is just as lovely as the cats. Treat yourself to a cup of coffee at this nicely decorated café and enjoy the friendly atmosphere as well as the friendly, cuddly and playful cats.

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Catmosphere - Cat Cafe Chiang Mai

  Catmosphere is actually the world's first global cat cafe franchise. If you visit the cafe’s website, you’ll can se every cat and also read a little about it, so when you visit, it feels like you already know the cats. There’s around 20 cats at the cafe to keep you company so you never have to worry about feeling alone when you drinking your coffee and enjoying the homemade food served at the Catmosphere.

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Neko no Niwa - Cat cafe Singapore

There are various cat cafes in Singapore but one of the most populare once is the Neko no Niwa. At the Cat Cafe Neko no Niwa you are welcome to come and pet, play and help to take care of the cats at the café. However, good to know is that the café charges you a small fee per hour. This, of course is to help making the life better for the cats. So you get the love from the cats and at the same time, you help them by paying the small fee. It's a win win, purrrrfect don’t you think!

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Neko - Cat Cafe Vienna

The Cat Cafe Neko invites you to spend a nice moment with their cuddly cat. the café has a nice and friendly atmosphere and is spacious so the cats have a lot of space to play around. So if you have an hour to spare during your visit to Vienna, you should definitely consider spending it here.

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Cat café Budapest

The Cat Café Budapest has a really nice atmosphere and you’ll probably enjoy the cozy interior just as much as the cats. Ok, maybe not, but it’s really nice. It’s a really cozy place to spend an afternoon at and the staff is nice and takes great care of the cats as well as the café's customers. They also have a great Facebook page where you can follow the small creatures and keep up with what's going on at the café.

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Katzentempel - Cat Cafe Munich

When visiting Munich you can visit Cafe Katzentempel. The café offer a menu of vegan, home made food and you can enjoy either breakfast the whole day, or come for coffee and cake as well as for lunch and dinner. Cafe Katzentempel also offer different merchandise items and toys for cats. They have around 6 cats and the cats can either be with the guest or relax in their "cat room“, which is not accessible for the guests.

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Pee Pees Katzencafé - Cat Cafe Berlin

At Pee Pees Katzencafé, cats with all types off background are given a new chance in life. At the café, that has a strong feminist atmosphere, real cat lovers come together to enjoy both the company of the cats, as well as one and other. Sink down into one of the comfortable chairs, have something to drink, maybe even eat something, and enjoy all the great company at the Pee Pees Katzencafé.

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Schnurrke - Cat Café Cologne

At the cat cafe Schnurrke you can enjoy, in addition to the cats company, hot and cold drinks, cakes, vegetarian and vegan sandwiches, breakfast, and other goodies. The cats at the cafe were all rescued from an Spanish cat shelter and are now permanent residents at the cafe. On the cafe’s website, you can se pictures of the cats and read about their personalities and their life stories.

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La Gatoteca - Cat Cafe Madrid

At the Cat Cafe La Gatoteca you are welcome to play as much as you like with the furry cats. All the money spent at the café, weather it is on drinks, food or souvenirs, go straight back to the cats. Win win for everyone.

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Le Café des Chats - Cat Cafe Paris

At the two charming Cat Cafes named Le Café des Chats, the main goal is to make sure the cats and the visitors have a great time together. The staff at the café are real cat enthusiasts, always with the cats best interest in mind. Also, some of the profit is donated to organisations that help and protect cats. These cafés are located in two different parts of Paris. Visit their website to find out more about the different locations.

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Lady Dinah´s Cat Emporium - Cat Cafe London

Let go of all the tension and stress as you sink into a nice sofa chair and surround yourself with the company of purring friends at London's first Cat Cafe, Lady Dinah´s Cat Emporium. The café is actually also a shelter for cats, aiming to make the cats life as harmonic as possible. If you want to cuddle up with a cat at Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium while in London, just make sure to make a reservation before you go.

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Kačių Kavinė - Cat Café Vilnius

At first look, the Kačių Kavinė Café looks just like an ordinary cafe. But don't be fooled. There’s nothing ordinary about this café. Here you can sip on your coffee while petting a purring cat. The atmosphere here, at Lithuania's first cat cafe, is soothing and relaxing, the perfect place to wind down at.

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Cat Cafe Miao - Cat Cafe Copenhagen

Looking for the puuuurfect cup of coffee? Well you’ll find it at the Cat Cafe Miao. The ideology at this café is to be able to give the cats a nice and balanced life as well as a lot of love. This is where you come in. While drinking your coffee, take the opportunity to give some love to the purring and friendly cats, you’ll find they will give you lots of love in return. Also, don’t miss the café’s speciality, the Cat latte which is a large coffee where the steamed milk is shaped into a cats head.

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Cat Cafe Montreal

The Cat Cafe Montreal is North America's first official cat cafe. The amazing staff at this café shows a unconditional love for animals in general but cats in particular. The café aims to create a nice and relaxing place, where people can come and enjoy the cats, and at the same time, contributing to a good cause. The café is located at 3435 rue St-Denis and you’ll find more information about this cozy cat cafe at their website or at their Facebook-page.    

Café Chat L´Heureux

Enjoy a nice meal, or maybe just something to drink in the company of a cat. Café Chat L´Heureux offers a nice and cozy atmosphere as well as a cat therapeutic experience.

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Cat Cafe Melbourne

The Cat Cafe Melbourne is the purrrrrfect oasis for a break from the hectic city life. This cat cafe was actually the first of its kind in Australia, and was open with the ambition to show people the love and strong bonds that can be shared between cats and humans. The café's owner runs this place with a lot of love and a lot of passion and it is well worth a visit. However, make sure to book in advance if you want to hang out with the cats.

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The Cat Town Café - Oakland Cat Cafe

The Cat Town Café was the first one of its kind to open in the US. Today, the café is divided into two areas, one which serves as a café where you can enjoy a nice cup of coffee and something to eat, and the other called ”the Cat Zone”. In the ”Cat Zone” or the cattosphere which it is also called, the cats are running around free and you can play and cuddle with them as much as you like, and if you would happen to fall in love with one of the furrballs, and just can not imagine your life without the company of this cat, don’t worry. All the cats in the Cat Zone are up for adoption.

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Maison de Moggy - Cat Cafe Edinburg

Maison de Moggy is the first ever Cat Cafe in Scotland and it is the perfect place for anyone who are looking to spice up their coffee with some cat love. Order a cup of java, play or cuddle with the cats or just enjoy watching as the little furrballs play around, at the same time as you get the chance to meet other cat lovers.

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Meow Parlour - Cat Café New York

Meow Parlour is New York's first and only cat cafe. No matter if you come to play with the cats, to use the café’s free WiFi or to work, you are welcome to do so as long as you respect the cats, and give them the love they deserve. Whatever your reasons for visiting is, make sure to take a break to cuddle up with one or more of the cats at one point during your visit, you'll be surprised how much energy the purring creatures can give you.

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Cat Cafe Shanghai

Cat Cafe Bliss

Cat Cafe Bliss has a real nice homey feeling to it. It is said that cats have a calming effect on humans so if you are feeling stressed out, or just had a hectic day at work, this is the place to be. Play with the cats or just sit down with a purring kitten in your lap while you enjoy a nice cup of coffee. A real treat both for yourself, as well as for the cats.  

Cat Eyes Café

Tired form all the sightseeing and running around town? Why not take a break and cuddle up in a sofa with a purring cat and let go of all the stress. In the soothing environment at the Cat Eyes Café you can do just that. It is the perfect finish to a stressful day in Shanghai.

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Cat Company - Cat Cafe Denver

The concept of Denver Cat Company is easy; You pay a small entrance fee to enjoy the company of the café's cats while having a snack or some coffee. Play with them, pet them and love them as much as you want. It’s all for a good cause.

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Purrington´s Cat Lounge - Cat Café Portland

The Purrington´s Cat Lounge´s main priority is to create a nice atmosphere and a fun place for the cats to be at, while they are waiting to be adopted. So if you are a cat lover, you should definitely head over here, have some coffee and play with the cats, and if you should happen to fall in love with anyone of the furrballs, you can always adopt it.

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Cat Cafe Taipei

Cat Flower Garden

Cat Flower Garden in Taipei was actually the first cat cafe in the world when it opened in 1998. The concept was born both out of the urge to help stray cats but also from the yearning to be near animals. At this time, it was not allowed to keep pets in the apartments of Taipei, so the idea was also to create a place where people could come and enjoy the company of cats over a cup of coffee. The idea was not a CATastrophy, but turned out to be a real winning concept that slowly started to spread over the world.    

Minimal Café

At the Minimal Café, you can not only enjoy the fabulous company of the cats, but also, the café's excited hit chocolate. While sipping on your delicious hot coco, make sure to give the cats the love they deserve.

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iL Neko Café - Cat Cafe Turin

In April 2014, Italy's first cat cafe was opened in Turin - iL Neko Café. At the café, that is actually more of a bistro, both the cats, as well as the costumers, are spoiled rotten by the fabulous and loving staff.

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The Cat Cafe San Diego

This place is both a cat cafe as well as a cat adopting agency. Come on over and have a cup of coffee while you pet play and cuddle up with the cats running around in the café. If it just so happens you fall in love with one of the furrballs, and it will happen, why not adopt it and take it home with you. If you know in advance that you are looking to adopt a cat, you can call ahead and book a meeting with one of the staff and they will help you.

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