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Enjoy an amazing aquarium adventure during your vacation in America

An aquarium adventure when traveling is a top rated family attraction. One never gets too old to enjoy an aquarium adventure. Discover amazing secrets of the sea and enjoy the sight of animals you didn’t even know existed.

Some of the best Aquariums one can visit in the world are located in the US


Aquarium of the pacific, Long Beach

As expected in the “Aquatic Capital of America”, Long Beach has a topnotch aquarium named the Aquarium of the Pacific. Here, you can watch and see thousands of animals and sea creatures, particularly those living in the Pacific Ocean. Aquarium of the pacific is one of the must when visiting Long Beach for an aquarium adventure, offering an incredible sea adventure for the whole famiy. Read more about aquarium adventure in Long Beach here

Aquarium of the bay, San Francisco

Aquarium of the bay is one of the greatest aquariums there is to visit for an epic aquarium experience. This aquarium, located in San Franciscois well worth a visit when spending time in the city. The aquarium is widely considered one of the United States best aquariums, being fun and an educational experience for the whole family. Get more info on sea adventures in San Francisco here

Aquarium adventure in Miami

The seaquarium in Miami is home to the famous dolphin Flipper and if you are looking to give your family an aquarium experience to remember, this is the place to swim with dolphins. Find more information about what to do in Miami here

The stunning aquarium of Las Vegas

A visitor is spoilt for choice when arriving in Las Vegas. The aquarium is on of the many holiday destinations for the family in Vegas. Shark Reef Aquarium at Mandalay Bay is one place you shouldn’t miss when traveling to the city. Read more about it here

Boston Aquarium

The New England aquarium in Boston a top destination to visit when traveling to Boston. This is the perfect place to enjoy an aquarium adventure with the family in a beautiful city. The aquarium in Boston will give you an aquarium experience you will not forget. Find more information on Boston here

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