Things to do in Estonia

Travel to Estonia

Estonia is a European country that gained its independence from Soviet rule in 1991 and joined the European Union in 2004, injecting this Baltic land with a new directions and opportunities. Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, is its biggest city and one that commands a lot of attention especially from travelers looking to get off the beaten path of more typical European destinations. Tallinn is a beautiful medieval town with many points of interest. When arriving in Tallinn you’ll see lots of spires and domes and little streets that are fed by even tinier cobblestone alleys. Travel to Estonia and visit Parnu, on the coast and a big attraction in the summer. It is also quite easy to visit Helsinki, Finland by ferry. If you enjoy trains, there is a locomotive museum featuring those from the Baltic region. Read more about Estonia cities here…


Parnu is a seaside city in Estonia that is famous for its resort-like atmosphere. People flock to Parnu in the summer to spend their holidays relaxing on the sandy beaches, enjoying some popular spa services, and celebrating the summer festivals. The city is also rich with medieval history and features landmarks going back to the 17th century. Read more about Parnu…


Tallinn is like two sides of a coin – it preserves its Old City and develops its business district. Tourists can see the city’s valuable history through its architecture, culture, and economy. The shopping districts, nightlife venues, and other points of interest make Tallinn a global tourist hub and holiday destination. Read more about Tallinn…