Things to do in Dresden

Dresden – an educational and cultural hotspot in Germany

Surrounded by mountains and rivers, Dresden makes a wonderfully relaxing destination for any holiday. Dresden has a unique historical story and hosts some of Germany’s oldest universities.The city has many museums, palaces, art galleries, and other enriching attractions like the Dresden Zoo and The Green Vault so you don’t have to worry about running ut of things to do in Dresden. Here are some great things to occupy your time while you are on holiday in this German city.


Things to do in Dresden


Dresden Museums and History

During World War 2, Dresden was targeted for Allied bombings and 75% of the city was destroyed. Because of this, Dresden has a rich history and unforgettable monuments regarding their role in the war. After reconstruction, Dresden has added all sorts of entertaining and cultural places of interest. Visit the Dresden City Museum to learn more about Dresden and how the city has changed during different times. Another popular museum is the Museum of Ethnology Dresden where one can enjoy a large collection of more then 90 000 artefacts. If you like art you will also enjoy a visit the art museum Albertinum or the Dresden City Art Gallery.


Dresden zoo

The Dresden zoo, one of Germany’s oldest zoos, houses about 3,000 animals and makes for a wonderful day trip. An day at the Dresden zoo is a perfect activity if you travel with kids.





Dresden Nightlife

Dresden also boasts a vibrant nightlife with brightly lit nightclubs and bars usually filled with a lively crowd.


The Old Town

Visitors can also frequent Old Town in Dresden, where you can find museums and attractions from the oldest parts of the city.


The Green Vault

The Green Vault is one of Europe’s largest treasure chambers, and tourists can see incredible gems and world famous diamonds.


Dresden’s Semper Opera House

Finally, don’t miss out on Dresden’s Semper Opera House, which is renowned for its splendor and historical performances from Wagner and Strauss.


When to go to Dresden

Dresden generally has a humid climate with hot summers and cold winters. The heat rarely reaches uncomfortable temperatures and the summers are usually mild and breezy. The average temperature in February is −1.7 °C (28.94 °F) and in July 18.1 °C (64.6 °F). Summer visits are highly recommend because that is when the city is in full bloom and the rivers and outdoors can be enjoyed to the fullest.



Things to do in Dresden

Dresden Facts

Population525 105
AirportDresden, Germany (DRS)

Dresden average temperatures

1 °C 2 °C 7 °C 12 °C 18 °C 21 °C 23 °C 22 °C 19 °C 13 °C 6 °C 3 °C


Dresden Opera House


Located on Theaterplatz 2 near the river of Elbe, Semperoper is a perfect place to visit when you are in need of a cultural boost when visiting the eastern parts of Germany. Standing tall in front of the Frederick Augustus statue, this lavish opera house, made by German architect Gottfried Semper, is quite the sight. The opera house was rebuilt in 1869 by Sempers son, Manfred since Gottfried was in exile following his involvement in an uprising in Dresden in may 1849. Performing in the opera house today is both local and international talents inspiring the audience with amazing opera and ballet performances.

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Dresden Marathon

The Dresden Marathon is an annual event in October in the valley town of Dresden. The event features a main marathon, a half-marathon, a 10k and a 4.2k for kids. The main marathon course will take you around the Great Garden and then up north to the River Elbe where most of the race happens. It is a scenic inner city marathon that has a track mainly consisting of asphalt, which makes for a fast and fun race. No matter if you are an elite runner or a happy enthusiast, this race is something you definitely can take part in!

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Golf in Dresden

There are two great courses in close vicinity of Dresden. To the east you will find Golf Club Dresden Ullersdorf, an 18 hole course featuring elaborate design in order to offer a sporting challenge no matter you skill level, though it should be said that it is a little bit harder than the usual golf course. It is however not as hard as Golfclub Dresden Elbflorenz, an 18 hole course located south of the city, even giving professionals moments of headache. There are several different tee spots so you can make it a little bit easier if you want, but for those looking for a challenge, the furthest back tees are sure to do just that!

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