Things to do in Doha

Doha, a quickly growing city along the Persian Gulf

Doha is a hotspot for development in Qatar and is quickly adding skyscrapers, malls, and other attractions to its city streets. Bright lights, spicy and savory eats, and extravagant malls fill the city and for tourists there is always things to do in Doha. Along the coast, open beaches invite customers to relax or play a game of football in the sunshine.


Things to do in Doha

Doha is a wealthy city in the Middle East that combines cultural delicacies with modern luxuries. Like its neighbour, Dubai, Doha is experiencing a booming increase in tourist numbers, real estate prices, and urban development.


Doha Museum of Islamic Art

While visiting Doha, you can go to the Museum of Islamic Art which is visible along the skyline and contains almost 2000 years of Islamic historical art pieces.


Qatar and Doha Exhibition Center

For more places of historical and aesthetic interest, tourists can go to the Qatar Exhibition Center which is a tourist bureau full of information and places of interest.


Doha Tennis and Sports

Doha has many sports clubs where visitors can swim, play tennis, squash, racquetball, and many other leisure activities.


Doha Golf Club

The Doha golf club is the first golf club created in the Middle East and has excellent grounds for a game.


Doha Zoo

The Qatar Zoo in Doha hosts gorgeous animals including the Oryx, the country’s national animal.


When to go to Doha

Doha has a hot desert climate and consistently has temperatures over 37 degrees Celsius (100 degrees Fahrenheit) from May to September. Visitors are encouraged to come during the winter months to experience cooler temperatures. The month of Ramadan is the Islamic time of fasting. The entire country fasts during the daytime and feasts at night. For most tourists, it is more enjoyable to visit during other months where they may eat with the local people. Ramadan is based on the lunar calendar and shifts earlier in the year annually, so be sure to check when Ramadan occurs the year you wish to visit.


Things to do in Doha (Al-Dawhah)

Doha Facts

Population1 312 947
AirportDoha Intl, Qatar (DOH)

Doha average temperatures

21~22 °C 22~23 °C 27 °C 33 °C 37~39 °C 40~42 °C 40~42 °C 39~41 °C 37~38 °C 34~35 °C 28~30 °C 23~24 °C


Golf in Doha

The Doha Golf Club is the place to go if you are looking for a golfing experience in Doha. The course is beautiful and reflects the diverse landscape of Qatar and simultaneously presents a great challenge both for novices as well as professional golfers. You have to navigate past eight different lakes, 65 giant cacti, rock formations, natural sand bunkers and finely trimmed fairways and greens. It really does create quite a striking contrast to the surrounding desert areas. Don't miss it!

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UNESCO World Heritage Sites Doha - Al Zubarah Archaeological Site

The fortified merchant town of Al Zubarah was constructed around the 9th century, but it wasn’t until the 18th century that it flourished as a pearl trading centre. After a short period of around 50 years, the city lost its power and in the 20th century it was abandoned. However, this abandonment is the reason why Al Zubarah is the best preserved of that kind of merchant towns, since it has not changed too much for the last couple of centuries and the sand of the desert has protected it. For this reason, Al Zubarah is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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Water Parks in Doha - Thrilling water slides at Aqua Park Qatar

A little bit outside of Doha you have the water park called Aqua Park Qatar. This place provides you with all the things you need in order to have a great day filled with fun and excitement! Play in the mammoth area, try the thrilling water slides, challenge yourself in the large wave pool or just chill in the lazy river. Aqua Park Qatar caters to all tastes and ages!

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