Solomon Islands

Solomon Islands

Solomon Islands is a group of 922 islands east of Papua New Guinea and northwest of Vanuatu. Its capital is Honiara, in the island of Guadalcanal. During the World War II, the island of Guadalcanal was the scene of some major battles between the US and Japan.


Things to do in Solomon Islands

The Solomon Islands is a diving wonderland, as the ocean floor has several wrecks of ships from the World War II which are now artificial reefs for fish. Or, if you would rather surf, there are beaches to do so. The waters are clear and there are lots of fish, white sandy beaches and thatched huts to stay in by the lagoons.

Another activity popular in the Solomon Islands for people on holiday is watching the dolphins, as there are many in this area and some are used for shows or other activities.

The Solomon Islands are also famous for various kinds of art such as carvings, pearl shells, wicker war shields, pendants, chest ornaments, clam and turtle shell, etc. These can be seen on display.

There are also monuments to the war activities on Guadalcanal, as well as other activities on the islands of Solomon. Plus, if you get the chance, listen to the native music such as drums, panpipes, bamboo music, and solo singers.


When to go to Solomon Islands

Some of the best times to go on holiday to the Solomon Islands is between July and September, but actually the temperatures are about the same all year round and range from 23 to 31 Celsius (74-87 F).  The climate is a tropical one, and it does rain more between December and March, however, and there is a chance of cyclones during that timeframe. Sweaters are recommended as the evening may get cool.

Quick facts

Population523 000
CountrySolomon Islands
CurrencySolomon Islands Dollar
AirportHoniara International, Solomon Islands (HIR)