Things to do in Czech Republic

Travel to Czech Republic

Czech Republic is surrounded by Germany, Austria, Poland and Slovakia and is rich in legends and history. It features a handful of photogenic cities that provide a huge draw to this European country, the most popular being Prague, which many describe as the most beautiful city in the world. The city conjures up images of oxidised cupolas and rooftops, bridges with old fashioned lamps to see travelers safely on their way. The best time weatherise to travel to Czech Republic is probably in the late spring or early fall, although it can be enjoyed year round (in winter it can get quite cold so dress accordingly.) Because many of the towns are covered in cobblestone you’d be wise to pack footwear that works well on such terrain. it’s never fun to wobble on the cobble. Read more about cities we appreciate in the Czech Republic including Brno and Ostrava.


Since the 14th century, Brno has been serving as the seat of the Moravian Region in Czech Republic. Because of its more than 1000 years of history, the city is filled with rich historical and cultural attractions. Some of the most famous holiday destinations in Brno even have their own legends, so take time to learn about the city’s colorful history and heritage. Read more about Brno…


Ostrava is the capital of the Moravian-Silesian Region in Czech Republic. It is a heavily industrialized city during country’s communist era but is now being transformed into a cleaner and more tourism-oriented metropolis. A holiday in Ostrava usually includes visits to historical attractions, amazing nightlife parties, and memorable cultural experiences. Read more about Ostrava…


Prague is a thousand year old city of magic, wonder and awesome architecture. The ancient city of Prague offers a myriad of sights to see. The country is full of majesty and ornate forms with its mix of ancient and modern architecture. The beautiful structures range from Gothic to modern and includes Baroque and Art nouveau. Read more about Prague…