Things to do in Cyprus

Travel to Cyprus

Cyprus is a travel destination that tops the list of many vacationers for good reason. One great reason: it is a gorgeous Mediterranean isle adorned with ancient ruins and photogenic beaches. The stuff good dreams are made of. Its earliest known human inhabitants date back to the tenth millennium. BC. That is old, and as such, there are some significant architectural sites to visit in-between visits to the Cyprus beaches which beckon all with their perfect sand, waves, palm tree umbrellas and shimmering turquoise vistas. The food is delectable, the hammams (turkish baths) are lofty and restorative, and the people are generally kind and helpful. Read on to discover some of the cities we recommend when you travel to Cyprus.


Larnaca is located on Cyprus’ southern coastline. It’s their third largest city and it’s the capital of the country’s eponymous district. Larnaca is famous for its palm trees and seafront. Read more about Larnaca…


Limassol is located on Cyprus’ southern coast and is an example of one of the area’s vital centers of tourism, trade, and services. Limassol is also renowned for its extensive cultural traditions. Read more about Limassol…


Nicosia is one of the richest cities in the world, as well as a financial hub and business powerhouse. The city’s modern landmarks and shopping centers make up for its apparent lack of ancient architecture and archeological finds. Read more about Nicosia…


Paphos is a vibrant ancient city that has activities and places of interests for tourists of all ages. When traveling to Paphos on a holiday, you can check out its many tourist attractions and experience its vivid nightlife. Read more about Paphos…


The Cyprus Marathon

Doesn't it sound lovely to run a marathon at a Mediterranean island with beautiful surroundings? The Cyprus Marathon offers you just that! It is a good marathon for clubs or teams wanting to run together because there is also a half-marathon and a 10k run available, making it possible to choose which one that suits you best. You run along the coast on quiet and calm roads, passing Aphrodite's beautiful rock among other scenic surroundings.

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