Things to do in Osijek

Osijek is a panoramic city on the Drava River

Osijek is the main economic and cultural hub of Slavonia and eastern Croatia. The city’s ideal location near the confluence of the Drava and Danube rivers make it a prime transportation hub in the region. A plethora of architectural wonders can be found in the city, as well as numerous shopping destinations, nightlife venues, and historical attractions.


Things to do in Osijek



You can do some shopping practically anywhere in Osijek because the city is adorned with shopping malls and commercial centers like Ipercoop, Esseker Center, Kaufland, and Company Konzum. There are also several open-air markets throughout the city.


Osijek Zoo

Osijek Zoo is one of the most visited tourist attractions in the city. It is located on a wide expanse of land and contains plenty of animals, making it the largest zoo in Croatia.



You can watch various sports games at the Stadion Gradski vrt and the Dvorana Gradski vrt. Some of the most popular sports played in the city are football, tennis, handball, and basketball.



There are different nightlife venues across the city but the main nightlife hub is the Tvrda, an 18th-century fortress built by the Hapsburg dynasty. The fortress becomes alive at night, featuring an assortment of discos, bars, and restaurants.


When to go to Osijek

In Osijek, summers are mild and temperate while winters are cold and frosty. There is moderate rainfall throughout the year. Temperatures in the city range from an average January low of -4.2 °C (24.4 °F) to an average high of 28 °C (82.4 °F) in July.



Various cultural events are hosted in Osijek throughout the year. One of the biggest and most important is the Croatian Tambura Music Festival in May, wherein tambura orchestras from different parts of Croatia come to the city to share their music. For music lovers, this is a fantastic festival to attend with lots of musical events and other things to do in Osijek during the festival.
Another huge festival is the Osijek Summer Nights, a collection of open-air entertainment events, food expos, and fairs held in the summer months of June, July, and August.


Things to do in Osijek

Osijek Facts

Population108 048
CurrencyCroatian Kuna
AirportOsijek, Croatia (OSI)

Osijek average temperatures

2~3 °C 4~6 °C 12 °C 16 °C 21 °C 24~25 °C 26~27 °C 25~27 °C 22~23 °C 16~17 °C 8~9 °C 4~5 °C