Cozy Christmas Cities – Part 2

In our post Cozy Christmas Cities - Part 1 we listed 8 great places for you to get in the right Christmas mood. All of them had one thing in common and that was the climate. A cold one to add. And who says snow and carves equals a truly authentic Christmas really? So this part 2 is dedicated to those of you who would like to go somewhere a little warmer. Here we go!


San Juan, Puerto Rico

The Caribbean island of Puerto Rico will most definitely hand you a tropical Christmas celebration! Enjoy great food and beautiful lights that you’ll find strung up in the palm trees. Also, there is a good chance that your stay here will involve some kind of partying, since the Christmas celebrations here includes a lot of that. And you know what they say, it’s important to embrace the cultures you meet in life!



Key West, USA

If you feel like mostly relaxing and not taking this whole Christmas celebration so seriously the place to go is Key West. It is super laid back with awesome and fun people, warm temperatures and beaches. And let’s face it, a combination like that doesn’t sound bad at all either.



Bali, Indonesia

Go to Bali for the holidays and get away from all the stress that comes with it. Switch the usual carolers for sounds from the gamelan gong and instead of sitting inside hiding from the cold on Christmas Eve, watch the sunset at the island temple of Tanah Lot. Try Indonesian green-tea noodles with seafood in bonito broth instead of eating the same Christmas food that you do every year and after, walk around and enjoy all of the islands ancient temples, wreaths of rice plants and flowers and wafts of incense. Not the ordinarily Christmas holidays, but sure enough a really good one.



I’ve added a little bonus location to this list as well. This one is for those of you who simply love Christmas so much that one celebration isn’t good enough! You have to do it again. In that case you celebrate it in one place at first, and then you…. Go to Barcelona in Spain and celebrate it once again! How you may wonder? Well, it just so happens that Christmas celebrations in Barcelona doesn’t take place before the 4th of January. So go and celebrate all over again with canons, fireworks and the fantastic parade of camels, elephants and giraffes.



* * * *

What do you prefer? A warm Christmas or a cold one? Comment below and tell us :)

Elin Ingelsten
Chooses a hot, tropical and sunny holiday over a snowy one every day. Loves to stroll around in lively big cities just as much as charming small villages and dreams about experiencing the pulsating vibes of all the big cities in the world.