Cozy Christmas Cities – Part 1

Having a hard time deciding on where to spend Christmas this year? Don’t worry, we got you covered. Here’s a list on some of the best rated places to spend your holidays and work up those Christmas feelings to the fullest. Lets dive into the lovely Christmas fog! 


Tromso, Norway

Visit Tromso and catch amazing views of the northern lights during Christmas! In this place, only a couple of hours a day will actually be “day” with its blue twilight. To work up your holiday feelings to its max you definitely should try dog sledding, eat the great food and have a go at the mountaintop cable car!



Zurich, Switzerland

Entering the alpine city Zurich during the holidays will be like getting a hug from Christmas itself. Embrace all your holiday feelings whilst drinking hot chocolate and strolling around with 12 000 crystal lights around you. Catch the Conelli Christmas Circus, swing by a holiday concert in the Romanesque-style Grossmünster church or just enjoy walking into one gallery after another. The options are many, one thing you don’t want to miss out on if you are here during the eve of December 19 is to go watch when children light candles and let them float down the Limmat River.



Boston, USA

Spend you holiday in another century! Well, a Christmas in Boston kind of feels like it at least. The city boasts its strong American history and it is also very proud over its Old New England atmosphere. Get those lovely Christmas feelings out in the open as you walk among over 2 800 gas lamps and cobblestoned streets dusted with snow around town. Enjoy watching the gorgeous Christmas tree that you’ll find in front of Faneuil Hall and go to Harvard’s Sanders Theatre and celebrate the ghosts of Christmases past.



Edinburgh, Scotland

Go to the Scottish gem Edinburgh and celebrate a truly vivid Christmas. Switch the classic carolers for people playing the bagpipes, much more fun. The thing you definitely cannot miss whilst staying here is the holiday light show with fireworks enlightening the sky!



Vienna, Austria

Embrace all of the old-fashioned warmth that comes with spending your Christmas in Vienna. While here you definitely have to catch one of the awesome concerts by The Vienna Boys’ Choir! Other than that, simply just walk around and enjoy twinkling decorations and cozy Christmas markets where vendors sell crafts and ornaments. Oh, and not to forget, a must is to have a glass (or two) of spiced mulled wine of course.



Quebec City, Canada

Does a great amount of snow, cobblestone streets, 16th- and 17th- century stone houses combined with fun outdoors activities like hiking, snowshoeing and snowmobiling sound like something you would enjoy for Christmas? If so, Quebec City is your holiday destination! It doesn’t get any more European-like as spending your Christmas here. Add local celebrations and yummy food to that equation and your holidays will be complete.


Mactaquac Sledding

Paris, France

What better place to spend Christmas than in one of the most beautiful cities in the world and also the city of lights? A Christmas in Paris should be on everyone’s bucket list. Stroll around and enjoy the atmosphere and lights that literally are everywhere. While here you have to do as the Parisians, lace on some ice skates and skate on the temporary rink beneath the fabulous glow of the Eiffel Tower!



Aspen, USA

A Christmas in Aspen equals evenings where you cozy up in front of a fire in a lodge and drink hot chocolate whilst the days will be spent swooshing down snowy mountains. Although all of this sounds pretty amazing, the city offers more to up your Christmas feeling to the max. Watch one (or several) of the popular music events and stroll around in the shopping streets with holiday cheers in the background as you enjoy nice decorations.



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Which one was your favorite? Comment and let us know! :)

Elin Ingelsten
Chooses a hot, tropical and sunny holiday over a snowy one every day. Loves to stroll around in lively big cities just as much as charming small villages and dreams about experiencing the pulsating vibes of all the big cities in the world.