Things to do in Cordoba

Cordoba, a World Heritage Site that contains a myriad of cultures

Cordoba has a unique history influenced by the array of cultures that have taken power in this ancient Spanish city. Cordoba contains architecture from both Christian and Muslim historical periods where great fortresses, cathedrals, and mosques were constructed. The city itself rests along Spanish waters and is small enough that it can be explored on foot. Take a stroll along the old streets and admire the old buildings with stunning architecture, take in the fantastic atmosphere of the city and make sure to enjoy all the wonderful things to do in Cordoba when on vacation in this historic city.


Things to do in Cordoba

Cordoba is the perfect place for a getaway full of rest and peace. The city offers winding streets and ancient history, while being the perfect size to entertain for a few weeks without being overwhelming.


Alcazar de los Reyes Cristianos

While in Cordoba, you can visit the Alcazar de los Reyes Cristianos, a fortress built for Spanish royalty.


Plaza del Potro

In one of the old squares, the Plaza del Potro, you can walk along the streets where Don Quixote adventured in the famous novel.


The Mezquita

One of the main destinations for visitors to Cordoba is The Mezquita, a massively elaborate and ornate building that originated as a mosque and was historically transformed into a cathedral. With Islamic decorated columns and a Christian bell tower, The Mezquita is a unique memorial to the clash of Christian and Muslim culture and religion.


When to go to Cordoba

Cordoba has some of the hottest summer temperatures within Europe. Winter months carry most of the precipitation and storms, which is why it’s nice to visit Cordoba during early spring and fall seasons. To get the most out of the walkable city and sunny streets, you will want to go when the weather is mild.


Calle de las Flores

One of the most wonderful things to do in Cordoba if you visit the city during the fall is to stroll down the Calle de las Flores, a narrow street that is full of local flowers and leads to a pleasant garden square.


Feria de Cordoba

If you visit in the Spring, you can take part in the Feria de Cordoba, which is a huge festival during the last week of May where everyone celebrates with drinking, dancing, eating, and musical entertainment.


Things to do in Cordoba

Cordoba Facts

Population1 493 000
AirportCordoba, Spain (ODB)

Cordoba average temperatures

24~30 °C 23~29 °C 27 °C 24 °C 15~21 °C 11~18 °C 11~18 °C 13~20 °C 15~22 °C 20~26 °C 22~27 °C 24~30 °C


UNESCO World Heritage Sites Cordoba - Historic Centre of Cordoba

With around 300 mosques and numerous palaces, the 8th-century city of Cordoba rivalled cities such as Constantinople or Damascus. Thanks to the spectacular Great Mosque of Cordoba and its importance as a witness of the Caliphate of Cordoba, the historic centre of the city is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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Golf in Cordoba

The premier place to play golf near Cordoba is at Cordoba Golf Club, a course that delivers on its message on the importance of connecting with nature. Its main facility is a magnificent golf course with 18 holes, par 72 with a unique design. The course shows of the natural trees, water streams, valleys, mountains and a central lake with many bunkers that hinder the entrances to the greens. If you are in Cordoba and feel like a round of golf, contact Cordoba Golf Club and book a tee time!

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Water Parks in Cordoba - Family Fun at Aquasierra Water Park

Just outside of Cordoba you have the fun Aquasierra Water Park. With all the exciting and thrilling water slides for all ages this becomes one of the most popular water parks in the state of Andalusia. While here you can even chill on a beach that is attached to one of the pools. The beach makes it possible for people with disabilities to access the water as well. Simply a great place for a fun family day!

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