Things to do in Copenhagen

Copenhagen – from small fishing village to capital city of Denmark

Copenhagen started as a small Viking fishing village and is now the capital of Denmark.

It is home to cultural institutions like the Royal Theatre and the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, activities like the Copenhagen Jazz Festival and Copenhagen Fashion Week and the Copenhagen Cuisine is known worldwide.


Things to do in Copenhagen

The lively city attracts thousands of tourists every year and there are always many activities and things to do in Copenhagen!


Copenhagen Zoo

A Copenhagen zoo visit is always nice and is especially appropriate during spring with new births to enjoy and pleasant weather for an outing.


The Tivoli

At the amusement park in Copenhagen, also known as the Tivoli, you can enjoy both Roller Coasters, good food and concerts.
The Gardens’ annual opening happens in April and the Tivoli is open every day until around september and during the rest of the year on public holidays such as Christmas.


Copenhagen cuisine

The Copenhagen cuisine has become something special. Their dishes are unsurpassed by any in the world. Their organic ingredients which include organic apples, wild berries, mushrooms, and raw vegetables, along with fish and shellfish give their food a taste that cannot be replicated anywhere else. Unparalleled Copenhagen cuisine.

One of the most famous restaurants is Noma, a two Michelin Star restaurant that several times has been named as the world’s best restaurant.

Hotel Chocolat is a chocolate café that is a must visit for lovers of this rich taste.


Copenhagen Fashion Week and Shopping

Shopping is a special event in Copenhagen. With the oldest and longest high shopping street in Europe, they offer something for everyone. From special high designs on the main street, to bargain items on the off streets, they meet everyone’s tastes and budgets.

If you love fashion then visit the capital during the Copenhagen Fashion Week.


Copenhagen Marathon

The Copenhagen Marathon occurs in May. For more information about the Marathon visit the official Copenhagen Marathon Website.


Copenhagen Jazz Festival

If you love Jazz then make sure to visit Copenhagen during the Copenhagen Jazz Festival, one of the biggest jazz events in Europe that every year attracts more then 250 000 visitors.


When to go to Copenhagen

Whatever time of year you visit the Danish capital, you will find that there are a great variety of things to do in Copenhagen

Many tourists consider spring to be the ideal time to visit and go on holiday in Copenhagen.
In January it is a bit chilly there with temperatures as low as 11 °C (52 °F) but still very beautiful.
From March to May, people on holiday can witness everything coming to life and in the summer the temperatures in Copenhagen range up to 33 °C (91 °F).



How to get to CPH – Copenhagen Airport

When flying into the Copenhagen airport, it is obvious that bathing in the sea will be highly enjoyable due to the pristine cleanliness they strive for in their green living campaign.
They have erected over 5,000 wind turbines to supply energy and reduce their carbon footprint.


Things to do in Copenhagen

Copenhagen Facts

Population557 920
CurrencyDanish Krone
AirportKastrup, Denmark (CPH)

Copenhagen average temperatures

2~3 °C 2 °C 5 °C 9 °C 16 °C 19 °C 20~21 °C 21 °C 16 °C 12 °C 7 °C 3~4 °C


Theme Parks in Copenhagen - Wooden roller coasters at Tivoli and Bakken

The most popular amusement park in Copenhagen, and all of Scandinavia really, is the famous Tivoli Gardens (or just Tivoli). The wooden roller coaster Rutchebanen is what the park is most known for. It also offers the second tallest carousel in the world, The Star Flyer, which gives you panoramic views over the beautiful city. Just outside of Copenhagen there is another amusement park called Bakken. It combines history and a nostalgic venue with more modern rides and attractions.

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Copenhagen Opera House


Inaugurated in 2005, this Neo-futuristic opera house created by architect Henning Larsen is the national opera house of Denmark. It is quite the remarkable building and in 2008 it was recognized by the International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering's Outstanding Structure Award, mainly for its creative roof structure where the inspiration for the design came from that of modern bridges. Musically, the Royal Danish Opera has called this opera house home since its inauguration and continue to produce amazing shows for the Danish public.

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Cat Cafe Miao - Cat Cafe Copenhagen

Looking for the puuuurfect cup of coffee? Well you’ll find it at the Cat Cafe Miao. The ideology at this café is to be able to give the cats a nice and balanced life as well as a lot of love. This is where you come in. While drinking your coffee, take the opportunity to give some love to the purring and friendly cats, you’ll find they will give you lots of love in return. Also, don’t miss the café’s speciality, the Cat latte which is a large coffee where the steamed milk is shaped into a cats head.

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Copenhagen Marathon

The Copenhagen Marathon was first established in 1980 and has since been a great tradition in the Danish capital in the month of May. The race starts near the famous Tivoli where runners make their way up north passing through the Botanical Garden and the Rosenborg Castle towards Østerbro. The course makes a loop and goes down south past the inner city towards Vesterbro, then up north again towards Christianshavn where you can see the beautiful Royal Library and the Opera and the rest of the harbor. Make your way to their website to register for this scenic inner city marathon!

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Golf in Copenhagen

Copenhagen and its surrounding area has a lot to offer for the golfing enthusiast. If you don't want to stray too far away from the inner city, the Royal Golf Club is an amazingly designed golf course in the heart of Copenhagen. If you want an alternative outside of the hectic inner city, the Brøndby Golf Club or the Hjortespring Golf Club will be perfect for you. And don't forget that the bridge to Malmö opens the door to many beautiful courses as well!

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