Things to do in Pereira

Take an amazing coffee tour in Pereira

Pereira is the capital of Risaralda department, Colombia. It is located in a lush valley that specializes in coffee production. A huge portion of Pereira’s population consists of students because there are plenty of universities in the city. This results in a much richer nightlife scene, youth-oriented landmarks, and various sports adventures that locals and tourists can engage in. Coffee processing is one of the main industries in the city because the climate condition is ideal for coffee growing. Other than going to coffee farms for a visit, you can visit other places like the Zoo Matecana and the Otun Lagoon or even indulge in orchestra music at the Centro Cultural Lucy Tejada.


Things to do in Pereira


Coffee tours

Different coffee tours are offered in the city to showcase the rich coffee industry of Pereira. It is a must-experience for tourists because it highlights the amazing coffee culture of the city. You will be treated to delicious and fresh coffee, fantastic views of the coffee plantations, and the extraordinary culture of Colombia. Touring around the farms at the mountains has been a great activity among holidaymakers and is one of the most interesting and fun things to do in Pereira. You can choose to take a car up the mountains, but if you love to sweat it out, you could opt a private cycling tour.




Zoologico Matecaña

Zoologico Matecaña, also called Zoo Matecaña or Zoo Pereira, is popular for its huge collection of some 800 animals that came from Africa, Asia, and the Americas. There is also a garden featuring a host of endemic and native Colombian flora.


Cultural attractions

You can also visit a range of cultural attractions like the Centro Cultural Lucy Tejada, Museum Gilberto Toro Garcia, and the Museum of Modern Art.


When to go to Pereira

Generally, Pereira experiences a warm and humid climate, with an average temperature of 22 °C (72 °F) and plenty of rainfall all year round. However, the city actually has 8 separate micro-climates, so the weather is variable depending on which barrio or elevation you are in. In just about 10 minutes, you can go from a place that is warm and balmy to one that is cool and foggy. Because of the city’s different micro-climates, you should pack versatile clothing that can be used in different weather conditions. There is never a bad time to visit the city, but you should prepare for a fickle weather when touring the entire.


Things to do in Pereira

Pereira Facts

Population576 329
CurrencyColumbian Peso
AirportMatecana, Colombia (PEI)

Pereira average temperatures

27~34 °C 27~34 °C 34 °C 33 °C 26~33 °C 26~33 °C 27~34 °C 27~35 °C 26~34 °C 26~33 °C 26~33 °C 26~33 °C