Things to do in Bogota

Bogota – Land of Gold, Golf and Gourmet Foods

Bogota (Bogotá) is Columbia’s capital and the country’s biggest city. It’s also a city that is big on tourism and you will not have a problem finding things to do in Bogota during your time in the vibrant city.


Things to do in Bogota


Bogota Gold Museum

Part of its history is found in the Gold museum, which holds the biggest display of pre-Hispanic goods, as well as other displays of pottery, stone, shells, wood and textile items from its historic past.


Museo Botero

If you appreciate art, come to the Museo Botero, which opened in 2000, in a renovated colonial mansion. A famous painter, Fernando Botero, donated 120 sculptures, drawings, and paintings that he painted himself, as well as 80 other art items including ones by Matisse, Picasso, and Renoir.


Golf in Bogota

Don’t forget to try one of the most popular things to do in Bogota – Golfing! Holiday travelers that love golf will be in heaven in Bogota. The city has good weather conditions for playing golf all year round and is said to be the country’s nucleus of golfing activities with at least 50 golf courses available.


Bogota Nightlife

Do you love nightlife activities? Then go to the Zona Rosa area of Bogota where there is live music, places to eat, clubs and pubs to enjoy. The action starts after dark and lasts all night long. Good advice for traveling to any new place- be sure to travel in groups for better safety. The nightlife also brings Caribbean music and a great atmosphere to get rid of stress and have some fun.


When to go to Bogota

Bogota has a subtropical highland climate, which features an average temperature of 14.5 °C (58 °F), which can vary on non-rainy days 6 to 19 °C (43 to 66 °F) and on rainy season days, can go from 10 to 18 °C (50 to 64 °F). The driest months are December, January, August and July, with March being the hottest month. Spring is also a great time to come if you like theater, in order to go to the world’s biggest international theater festival.


Things to do in Bogota

Bogota Facts

Population7 674 366
CurrencyColumbian Peso
AirportEldorado Intl, Colombia (BOG)

Bogota average temperatures

19~33 °C 19~34 °C 34 °C 33 °C 18~32 °C 18~33 °C 18~34 °C 18~36 °C 18~36 °C 18~33 °C 18~32 °C 19~33 °C


Golf in Bogotá

There are about 25 different courses to choose from when you go to Bogotá. Each and everyone of them offers their unique designs making the savannah of Bogotá a challenging haven for golfers. Some of the best courses include Campo de Golf el Rancho north of the city and the beautiful Country Club De Bogotá which lies in the center of the city, making it the perfect place to go when you are looking for some city golf!

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Bogotà Opera House

Teatro de Cristóbal Colón (The Christopher Columbus Theatre)

Located on Calle 10 with many of Bogotà's best museums nearby, the Teatro de Cristóbal Colón has been giving the Colombian people amazing opera performances since its founding in 1892. Italian architect Pietro Cantini was responsible for the design and construction which is why the Opera House bear similarities to many Neoclassical European opera houses built at the same time. Make sure to pay them a visit when you are there and check out some of the most amazing South American opera that they have to offer.

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Theme Parks in Bogotá - Castle of Horror at Salitre Magico

Salitre Magico, located in Bogotá, is the largest amusement park in the city. This is a park with all the classic rides and attractions, suitable for all ages. There is also a Castle of Horror for those who dare. Overall a great place to go with your family when you’re looking for a day of fun! If you want to try another amusement park in the city you should definitely give Mundo Aventura a visit!

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Water Parks in Bogota - Volleyball action at Cici Aquapark

Cici Aquapark in Bogota may not be the biggest of water parks. But that doesn’t mean that a day here will be boring. On the contrary. Choose between the five heated swimming pools, a wave pool and seven water slides for both children and adults. If you’d like, take a break from the water and challenge your friends in a volleyball match!

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