Things to do in Xian (Xi’an)

Learn about Chinese history and culture in the city of Xian

The great history of Xian (Xi’an) spans more than three millennia. Because of this, most of the tourist attractions in the city are historic museums and archeological sites. The smaller but equally interesting part of your holiday in Xian is the nightlife scene and gastronomic delights that you can experience in the city.


Things to do in Xian

Xian is the capital city of Shaanxi, China. It is considered not just as a typical metropolis but as a megalopolis or megacity in the country.


Xian City Wall

You can start your sightseeing tour by going around the famous City Wall of Xian, the largest city wall in the world. You can either take a guided tour or personally go around the wall by bike or by foot.


Xian Pyramids

Don’t miss the chance to visit the Chinese pyramids just outside the city. These hill-like structures are ancient burial mounds and mausoleums where the remains of some of the greatest Chinese emperors are buried.


Terracotta Warriors

One of the most popular things to do in Xian, is to go and see the Terracotta Warriors, the Big Wild Goose Pagoda, and the Small Wild Goose Pagoda.


Nightlife and Cuisine

After seeing the most famous sites in Xian, end your day by tasting original Chinese cuisine and joining the pulsating nightlife scene of the city.


When to go to Xian

Summers in Xian are hot and humid while winters are cold and dry. Springs and autumns are dry as well. The rainiest months in the city are from July through October. Dust storms usually occur in March and April. Despite the dust storms in spring, this season along with autumn is the best time to visit Xian. Winter is also a good time to visit the city because there is little snow and the famous attractions are not crowded with tourists.



Things to do in Xian

Xian (Xi'an) Facts

Population8 467 837
AirportXianyang, China (XIY)

Xian (Xi'an) average temperatures

4 °C 7~8 °C 14 °C 20 °C 24~26 °C 29~32 °C 30~32 °C 29~31 °C 23~25 °C 18~19 °C 11~12 °C 5~6 °C


UNESCO World Heritage Sites Xian - Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor

You have probably heard about the famous terracotta warriors that are found in the mausoleum of the first Qin Emperor, the first unifier of China. Although these warriors are a fascinating part of the site, there is much more about it. The mausoleum consists on a replica of the emperor’s palace, his empire and the world, with the army of warriors serving as a garrison and treasures being safeguarded by traps and weapons (reality overcoming fiction!). Apart from the artistic importance of the site and all the objects found in it, the mausoleum has brought extraordinary information about military organization in China at that time and infinite examples of weapons, which has put the Mausoleum of the first Qin Emperor on UNESCO’s World Heritage List on 1987.

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Golf in Xian

In Xian you can play on the beautiful Xian international Golf Club, set in the hilly landscape that dominates the area surrounding Xian. The landscape is not only scenic, with great, vast views of the mountains and willows, but also contributes to a challenging round of golf as the course does its best to include the landscape in its design. The course can be played and enjoyed by both amateurs and professionals as there are many different tee distances to choose from.

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Theme Parks in Xian - Fun activities at Xi’an Weiyang Lake Amusement Park

A little bit northeast of Xian you’ll find an amusement park called Xi’an Weiyang Lake Amusement Park. This place is divided into five different areas where all of them have their own features, attractions and activities. Apart from all that fun this park also has a really big artificial lake on the premises. A good place for a fun family day filled with variation!

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