Things to do in Wuhan

Wuhan is a major transportation hub on the Yangtze River

The city of Wuhan is the capital of the province of Hubei, China. It is an important port along the Yangtze River and a major tourist attraction in the region. Although now a heavily industrialized city, Wuhan still retains a lot of its historical, cultural, and natural treasures. It is a humble city where you can see, taste, and experience the rich culture of China.


Things to do in Wuhan


Wuhan Botanical Garden

One of the prime things to do in Wuhan, is to visit the Wuhan Botanical Garden, a topnotch plant research and conservation facility in the city. It is where you can escape from the hectic urban living and commune with nature.



Fun and entertainment await at the Wuhan Zoo, another world-class tourist attraction in the city. Aside from the typical zoo animals you can find anywhere else, there are also several amusement rides, animal shows, and an impressive bonsai garden featured at the zoo.



Nightlife venues are mostly concentrated in the Wuchang district, mainly because it is the city’s education center where a variety of universities and institutions are situated. There are also a limited number of bars and clubs in Hanyang and Hankou.


Getting out of the city

If you want to go out of the city and explore other destinations in China, you may take the Wuhan to Shanghai train or ride a plane to Beijing, Xian, and other cities.


When to go to Wuhan

Wuhan is known to be one of the Three Furnaces of China because of its oppressively hot and humid summer, with daily temperatures that can easily reach 35 °C (95 °F) and an even higher heat index. But aside from this, the other three seasons of Wuhan are mild and temperate.



One of the most visited festivals in Wuhan is the Dragon Boat Festival which is held on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month. The actual date varies each year, so better check the city’s events calendar before planning your holiday in Wuhan.




Things to do in Wuhan

Wuhan Facts

Population10 220 000
CurrencyChinese renminbi
AirportTianhe, China (WUH)

Wuhan average temperatures

7 °C 9 °C 14 °C 21 °C 26 °C 29~30 °C 32~33 °C 32~33 °C 27~28 °C 22 °C 16 °C 10 °C