Things to do in Tianjin

Tianjin is packed with culture and history

Tianjin is one of the largest cities in China and has incredible architecture throughout the city. The skyline shows brightly-lit skyscrapers and modern structures that make it look like a futuristic paradise. Not only is it impressive on the outside but also within the city because you’ll find incredible places to eat, stay, and visit. In addition to modernity, beautiful historical buildings and monuments that share the rich history and culture of China abound in the city. In every aspect, Tianjin is the perfect holiday location.


Things to do in Tianjin



There is always plenty things to do in Tianjin. You must visit the numerous monasteries, towers, and the famous city clock tower. Walk along or take a boat ride in the Hai River which is formed by five other large rivers in China. The Grand Bridge is the second longest in the world and is an incredible sight to see.


Museum of Modern History

The Tianjin Museum of Modern History has thousands of documents, photographs, and other materials sharing more than 400 years of the city’s history.


Travel to Beijing

If you would like to explore more of China, you can opt to take the bullet train to Beijing since it is one of the most famous technological advances in China.


Tianjin Zoo

Another popular activity is a visit to the Tianjin Zoo where thousands of species are on display.


Tianjin Water Park

You can also spend the day at the Tianjin Water Park where the highest Ferris wheel offers a spectacular view of the city. Visitors can also ride on the lakes on high-speed water boats. The water park changes its themes with the seasons, which also makes it an exciting visit during any time of the year.


When to go to Tianjin

Tianjin has four distinct seasons which are all beautiful and make it a popular city to visit throughout the year. There is a spring water festival which makes this particular season especially crowded with visitors. Don’t forget to check the city event calendar before you go to see if there’s something going on during your visit. You won’t want to miss out on the vibrant festivals of the city.



Tianjin Facts

Population14 131 500
AirportBinhai, China (TSN)

Tianjin average temperatures

1~2 °C 4 °C 11 °C 20 °C 25~27 °C 29~30 °C 30~31 °C 29~30 °C 26 °C 19~20 °C 10~11 °C 3 °C


Tianjin Opera House

The Tianjin Grand Theatre

The Grand Theatre in Tianjin is one of many examples of the cultural boom that is happening in China. Expensive, lavish and stunning opera houses seem to pop up every few years in tune to the growing economy of China, and this remarkably designed opera house is no different. What is different however is the way it is being run by opera enthusiasts creating a great environment for both international opera companies as well as the national great artists with a packed schedule every season. Make sure to not miss this design masterpiece when you are in Tianjin!

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Great Wall Marathon

In Tianjin you can run a marathon along one of the most known monuments in the world, the Great Wall of China. It is also noted to be one of the world’s most challenging marathons. Other than running along the Great Wall of China, runners will experience amazing surroundings and views passing the lower valley and village. Both start and finish is located at the Yin and Yang Square and apart from the full marathon the event also offers a half-marathon and a 8.5K fun run. So what do you say, are you ready for a challenge.

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Tianjin ski vacations - Experience man- made slopes

Close to Tianjin you have four skiing resorts to choose from. Yulong Ski Resort, Jizhou International Ski Resort, Panshan Ski Resort and Shuidi Ski Center. Yulong Ski Resort, the first large- scale ski resort in Tianjin, offers slopes for all skill levels and ages. You don’t even have to ski, if you like you can fly down the slopes with a rented inner tube. Jizhou International Ski Resort is the only ski resort in Tianjin to offer something in all difficulty levels, beginner, intermediate, advanced and circular ski slopes. Even though that is the case, the level of skiers is a little bit higher here if you compare with Yulong. So if you are completely new at the whole skiing thing we recommend you to learn the basics somewhere else before visiting Jizhou. For example, at Panshan Ski Resort that is located very close to Jizhou. You can find slopes in all skill levels here too, but the difference is how good Panshan is at separating their easy slopes with their advanced. So you don’t need to be scared of slowing someone down, or to be slowed down either for that matter. Shuidi Ski Center is also a good place for beginners and children. Shuidi also offers some rare slopes that are absolutely man-made.

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The Great Wall

Under continuous construction from the 3rd century BC to the 17th century AD, the 20,000km of the Great Wall of China are the only man-made structure visible from the moon. The implied knowledge of defence construction and organization in the wall has let the site into UNESCO’s World Heritage List since 1987. If there is one thing all the visitors of the Great Wall agree on it is that it’s far more than just a wall, and that the experience of being on top of it will take your breath away. As you can imagine, the length of the wall makes it possible for visitors to get on it from lots of different sections. Just from Beijing, you can choose between seven popular sections depending on whether you are interested in the sights, in avoiding crowds or in an easy path. Check the area from where you plan to visit the Great Wall and choose the section that best fits your interests!

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