Things to do in Shanghai

Shanghai – Largest international city in the world offers top tourist attractions

Shanghai is filled with attractions ranging from traditional and historical to modern and new that offers much for people on holiday. It is the largest city in the world in population, and the epitome of economics, trade, culture, science and technology in Eastern China.


Things to do in Shanghai


Shanghai Cuisine

Dining in Shanghai is exquisite with some of the finest restaurants in the country. Typical local cuisine is readily available, and if you crave western cuisine, you can find that too.


Shanghai Shopping

Shopping here is a mecca for shopaholics. The city has been called the “Oriental Paris.” There are shops for high-end designer goods, but also many spread throughout the city suitable for those with less expensive tastes and more petite wallets.


Shanghai Nightlife and Jazz

Nightclubs, discos, Shanghai Jazz clubs, and bars mean a delightful Shanghai nightlife for those so inclined. A tour down the Huangpu River after dark will delight the eyes with buildings dressed in colored lights.


Shanghai Museum

If you prefer the arts, try going to one of Shanghai museum locations like for example the Shanghai History Museum with lots of displays about the country’s background.


Shanghai Disneyland Park

Shanghai Disneyland Park is a theme park that is now being constructed. The park will attract families and provide excellent memories for those who visit. Read more about Disneyland here



When to go to Shanghai

The weather in Shanghai is mild and moist. The hottest months are July and August and in January and February one will experience the coldest months.
Many tourists choose to visit Shanghai in March or May to enjoy the spring, but regardless of when you visit the city you will be able to enjoy a pleasant climate and find that there are plenty of things to do in Shanghai.


Shanghai Tennis Tournament

October is the ideal month to visit and witness the Shanghai tennis matches like the Shanghai Rolex Masters tournament, part of the ATP World Tour. It is the one of nine Masters 1000 events held outside North America and Europe.


Shanghai Tourism Festival

Also, during September and October, the Shanghai Tourism Festival is held with its many celebrations and activities. Weather wise, tourists will want to know that it ranges from 4.2 °C (39.6 °F) in January to 27.9 °C (82.2 °F) in July, in order to plan their holiday travel schedules.


Things to do in Shanghai

Shanghai Facts

Population16 575 000
CurrencyRenminbi (yuan)
AirportPudong, China (PVG)

Shanghai average temperatures

7 °C 8 °C 13 °C 19 °C 23~24 °C 26~27 °C 31~32 °C 31~32 °C 27 °C 22~23 °C 16 °C 10~11 °C


Theme Parks in Shanghai - Hello Kitty and Dinosaurs!

Shanghai is filled with thrilling and exciting amusement parks for you to pick and choose from. If you want one that is close Jinjiang Park is the easiest accessible. If you are a big fan of Hello Kitty you should definitely visit Hello Kitty Park. Dino Land, Happy Valley and Suzhou Amusement Land are other fun and popular parks worth a visit!

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Shanghai Opera House

Shanghai Geju Yuan

While the Shanghai Opera House is called just that, opera house, it is not technically an opera house. However, technicalities aside, it is still the main venue for opera performances in Shanghai as the Shanghai Opera Company resides here. They are both performing European classic pieces as well as local Chinese operas. The building is a beautiful mix of modern design and traditional architecture as the roof is in the style of traditional Chinese roof tops but with a modern steel twist. If you are interested in enjoying some amazing opera in a beautiful venue, the Shanghai Opera House is a must visit!

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Shanghai International Marathon

Every autumn Shanghai attracts runners from all over the world while hosting the Shanghai International Marathon. Showing some of Shanghai’s most impressive highlights in a beautiful course makes it a very popular marathon, so hurry up to register! Other than the full marathon there is also a half- marathon, a 10k run and a mini marathon. So don’t worry, something for everyone is available!

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Golf in Shanghai

The most famous golf course in Shanghai is the Agile Binhai Golf Club Shanghai. Apart from the two tournament golf courses they also have a 5 star clubhouse, tennis courts and a boutique hotel. The Shanghai Dongzhuang Coast Golf Club is also a great alternative if you are looking for scenic golfing in Shanghai. It features a beautiful and challenging course along the shore of Shanghai with a lot of natural water standing in your way to reach the 18 holes.

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Cat Cafe Shanghai

Cat Cafe Bliss

Cat Cafe Bliss has a real nice homey feeling to it. It is said that cats have a calming effect on humans so if you are feeling stressed out, or just had a hectic day at work, this is the place to be. Play with the cats or just sit down with a purring kitten in your lap while you enjoy a nice cup of coffee. A real treat both for yourself, as well as for the cats.  

Cat Eyes Café

Tired form all the sightseeing and running around town? Why not take a break and cuddle up in a sofa with a purring cat and let go of all the stress. In the soothing environment at the Cat Eyes Café you can do just that. It is the perfect finish to a stressful day in Shanghai.

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Water Parks in Shanghai - High waves at Maya Beach Water Park

As a part of Happy Valley Theme Park you have the Maya Beach Water Park, which is the biggest one in eastern China. The most popular attractions in the water facility are “Big Hornet”, “Maya Water Stockade Villages” and last but not least “Waves World”, that challenges you with 3.5-meter-high waves! You also have one of the biggest open-air water parks in Asia located in Shanghai, Asia Dino Beach Water Park. This is a true hot spot in Shanghai during the summers.

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