Things to do in Guangzhou

You will never be hungry in Guangzhou

With a population of over 2 million, Guangzhou is definitely one of the largest and most populous cities in China. Although the city is now full of towering buildings and neon lights, there are still several tourist attractions that depict the rich Chinese history and tradition of Guangzhou. What’s more, there are plenty of restaurants wherever you go so you never have to worry about going hungry, or running out of things to do in Guangzhou for that matter!


Things to do in Guangzhou



Shopping is a very rewarding albeit sometimes stressful activity in Guangzhou. There are lots of shopping districts in the city and you can find an array of shopping venues everywhere, from a street-side stall to a gigantic mall. Some of the best shopping districts in the city are the Beijing Lu Pedestrian Street and the Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street.


Guangzhou Opera House

If you want to watch some authentic Chinese theatrical shows and performances, head to the Guangzhou Opera House and check its calendar of events.


The Zoological Garden and Zoo

If you want a momentary escape from the busy city life, you can spend a day exploring the Guangzhou Zoological Garden or Guangzhou Zoo. Aside from viewing the typical animal exhibits, you can also witness amazing animal performances.



Nightlife in the city is bright and vibrant. There are several nightspots in Guangzhou that are frequented by foreigners so you won’t have to feel out of place. Whatever your taste and budget are, you can surely find a bar or club of your preference.


Going to Hong Kong

If you are also planning to go to Hong Kong, the district of Tianhe is the place to be since it is a major transportation hub for Guangzhou to Hong Kong trains.


When to go to Guangzhou

The city of Guangzhou features a humid subtropical climate with a strong East Asian monsoon influence. Summers are generally rainy with high humidity, high heat index, and high temperatures. Winters are typically mild and relatively dry. The average temperature in the hottest month of July is 28.6 °C (83.5 °F) while the coolest month of January has an average temperature of 13.6 °C (56.5 °F).




Things to do in Guangzhou

Guangzhou Facts

Population11 070 654
AirportBaiyun Intl, China (CAN)

Guangzhou average temperatures

17~18 °C 17~18 °C 21 °C 25 °C 29 °C 31 °C 32~33 °C 32 °C 31 °C 28 °C 23~24 °C 19~20 °C


Guangzhou Opera House

Designed by Iraqi architect Zaha Hadid, this ultra modern opera house, completed in 2010, is as beautiful on the outside as it is on the inside. It is located near the Zhujiang River on one side and The Grand Theatre on the other. The Guangzhou Opera House is the biggest opera house in southern China and is one of the biggest in the nation, only being outdone by Beijing's National Centre for the Performing Arts and Shanghai Grand Theatre. Not only is it big but also stunning to look at with its erratically shaped walls creating a shape that almost resembles a science fiction-like spaceship. Inside you can listen to amazing opera performances both from local talents but also from touring opera artists. Don't miss this architectural gem while visiting Guangzhou.

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Golf in Guangzhou

In Guangzhou you can find some of the most lavish courses in the world, which accurately reflect the impact they can make on your wallet. While expensive, playing on Lotus Hill Golf Resort or Peach Garden Golf Club can be experiences of a lifetime if you are a golf fanatic. They are designed in the most spectacular ways, witch unique design and incredible artificial scenery combined with the natural beauty of the Chinese countryside.

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